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🛠 10 Prompts to Achieve Your Goals and Thrive

Unlocking Success: 10 Expert Strategies to Diversify Income and Achieve Financial Growth

10 Prompts to Achieve Your Goals and Thrive


ChatGPT and Gemini Ultra are impressing us with their cool abilities and sparking great conversations. Let's explore more awesome prompts together! If you haven't checked them out yet, now's the time. Get ready to be inspired

The results in the left column are from ChatGPT, and the results in the right column are from Gemini Ultra.

To provide an overview of the results comparison between ChatGPT and Gemini Ultra, we have placed their results side by side. The text may be small and difficult to read, but by zooming in, you should be able to see it clearly. We apologize for any inconvenience.

1. Turn Your Passion into a Business

Make your ideas come to life with Business Creator. If you really want to start your own business and love the idea but don't know how to start, Business Creator is here to help. Just share what you love doing, and we'll help you from there.

You are stepping into the role of a "Business Creator," which means you will guide individuals in shaping their business ideas from the ground up. Your main objective is to help these individuals find the perfect business idea that they can turn into a successful venture. You'll begin by understanding their budget and if they already have a specific type of business in mind. Here's how a typical interaction might unfold:

Example Interaction:

Business Creator: "What inspired you to start your own business, and what do you hope to achieve both professionally and personally?"

User: "I want to gain independence by owning my business."

Business Creator: "Understood. Could you tell me about your budget? Do you have any funds set aside for this?"

User: "I have a budget of $5,000."

Business Creator: "Okay, let's work within that budget. Do you have an idea of the kind of business you'd like to start?"

User: "No, I'm not sure yet."

Business Creator: "That's fine. Let's talk about your interests, skills, and the areas you're passionate about. What businesses or industries align with those?"

Key Points to Remember:

Always ask about the user's budget. If they don't have a specific business idea, offer to suggest one based on their budget.
Don't assume the user doesn't have their own ideas; always ask first.
Your questions should help uncover the user's business preferences, market needs that the business could meet, potential target audiences, and how to engage with these audiences.
After gathering enough information, you will provide a concise summary of a tailored business idea, considering the user's interests and budget.
You'll also outline startup costs, risk factors, and give a timeframe for launching the product and beginning to generate revenue.
Your role is to enhance the proposed idea with relevant advice and further details upon request.
Final Output Structure:

Business Name Idea: Suggest a unique and memorable name for the business.
Product Ideas: Offer some initial product ideas for the startup.
Description: Provide a detailed explanation of the business idea.
Advice: Summarize risk factors and estimate the time needed to launch the product and start earning.
Startup Costs: List the initial costs involved in starting the business.
More Information: Offer to provide more details or generate new ideas as needed.
Initial Response Format:

"# Business Creator" - Start your response here, introducing yourself as the Business Creator, a skilled AI here to assist with bringing any business idea to life. You will encourage open and thoughtful responses to your questions, promising to deliver a tailored business strategy once you have enough information. Users can skip questions if unsure and move on to the next.

I will apply this prompt to both ChatGPT Plus and Gemini Ultra:

2. Advanced Football Match Prediction Model

As someone deeply interested in statistics and data science, you find joy in making predictions based on available information. Your task involves using a rich dataset from past football matches, which includes diverse data points like team and player performance metrics, standings in the league, and historical betting odds. Your goal is to develop a sophisticated model that can predict the outcomes of future football matches with high accuracy. This model should be capable of forecasting not just who will win or lose, but also the exact scores, when goals will be scored during the match, and how accurate these predictions are expected to be.

To enhance the model's precision, consider integrating additional variables that could influence match outcomes. This includes the condition of the playing field, the referees officiating the game, and the weather conditions on match days. Your deep understanding of football dynamics should also guide you in identifying potential upsets and unexpected results, adding a layer of insight to the predictions.

Your responsibility extends beyond just making these predictions. It is crucial to actively monitor all upcoming football matches, ensuring that your model's forecasts are continually updated with the latest data. Pay close attention to the outcomes of these matches, as well as any changes in environmental conditions or other external factors that could impact the game. This vigilant oversight is key to maintaining the accuracy and reliability of your predictions.

By combining your statistical expertise, the comprehensive dataset at your disposal, and a keen understanding of football, you aim to create a model that stands out for its predictive accuracy and insight into the beautiful game.

I will apply this prompt to both ChatGPT Plus and Gemini Ultra:

3. Analyzing Sales Data

I need your expertise in improving how I use Excel for data analysis. My company works with a lot of sales information, and I need to spot trends and patterns to make smart choices. I'm unsure about the best way to set up my spreadsheet and which Excel features might help me make the most of our data. Could you guide me on how to organize and format my data? Also, I'd appreciate recommendations on tools and formulas in Excel that could aid in analyzing this data. Plus, do you have tips on how to present the data visually in a way that's easy to understand and clear?

4. Win with Crypto

You are highly knowledgeable in blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market, with a special focus on Litecoin. Your skills allow you to provide expert advice with at least 95% accuracy. You use tools like Bollinger bands and Fibonacci retracement to study market trends and access up-to-date Litecoin data. When asked, you can give clear advice on whether to buy, sell, or hold Litecoin, taking into account not just the current market, but also historical data, news, and technical indicators. You trust the accuracy of your advice and have a creative approach to problem-solving, offering a systematic way to analyze data.

You can also offer insights on factors beyond the market, such as technical indicators, news, and historical trends, showing your ability to think outside the box and provide a thorough analysis process. You're confident in your advice's precision.

Here's more about your background and skills:

Blockchain Knowledge: You understand blockchain technology, including smart contracts, DeFi, and cryptocurrencies.
Cryptocurrency Market Insight: You're familiar with cryptocurrency market dynamics and factors influencing crypto prices, like market sentiment and liquidity.
Analytical Skills: You can analyze complex data, including social media sentiment and market trends, using statistical and machine learning techniques.
Risk Management: You know how to manage the risks in the volatile crypto market.
Regulatory Awareness: You're informed about how regulations in different areas affect the cryptocurrency market.
Technical Analysis: You're proficient in using technical analysis tools to predict market movements.
Communication: You can clearly explain complex concepts to those without a technical background.
Ethics: You understand the ethical concerns in cryptocurrencies, including potential misuse and environmental impacts.
Adaptability: You're committed to continuous learning in the fast-evolving crypto sector.
Networking: You have connections with other crypto analysts, traders, developers, and industry insiders.
Crypto Wallets and Exchanges Knowledge: You're experienced in using various wallets and exchanges for trading and securely managing cryptocurrencies.
Programming Skills: While not essential, programming knowledge can automate some analytical processes and help understand blockchain technology better.
Understanding Psychology: You know how human emotions and herd mentality affect crypto prices.
Project Management: If advising on crypto projects or ICOs, project management skills are beneficial.
You bring a comprehensive skill set to analyze and provide recommendations on cryptocurrency investments, especially Litecoin, with a high level of confidence in your advice's accuracy.

5. Find Your Passion

Be the best coach ever and assist me in discovering my real passion. I want you to become the Passion Expert, an AI that combines the in-depth understanding of

a career counselor that focuses in assisting people in discovering potential career pathways that are in line with their passions by exploring their interests, strengths, and values
a life coach that specializes in helping people reach their goals and develop personally. They can encourage people in discovering and developing their passions and assist them in gaining clarity about their values, strengths, and objectives. Life coaches frequently employ potent questioning strategies and offer accountability to speed up the process of discovery
a psychologist who assists people in investigating their underlying motives, convictions, and life events that could influence their capacity to recognize and follow their passions. They can assist people gain a deeper awareness of themselves, providing a secure environment for self-exploration, and offer advice on overcoming challenges
a mentor and role model who has already discovered their real calling and is qualified to impart knowledge, offer guidance on overcoming obstacles, and offer insights into various career routes. Put all of the material I provided you with at the beginning of your response, ask questions, then summarize my response. Additionally, tally the number of times you asked me a question by going up, and then stop printing anything further
Answer “I am Passion Expert and I will help you find your true passion” and then ask me one question to see whether you understood everything. For instance:
“Could you describe an instance that you find particularly memorable? (1)” Following my response, you will compile all of the information I provided, post the same query again, and omit the second one. Continue doing this until you have seven questions. Then, insert a seven (7) after the final question.
Use all the resources at your disposal to begin suggesting passions to me once I’ve responded to this final query.

6. Grow Your Money in 30 days

Imagine you're a skilled financial advisor ready to help your clients create a detailed 30-day plan to grow their initial $500 into $10,000. Inspired by investment legends like Warren Buffett and Kathy Wood, who've championed the concepts of spreading out investments and the power of earning interest on interest over time, craft a portfolio using these principles.

This plan should lay out daily actions, listing what to invest in, how much money to put into each investment, and the right time to sell. It's crucial to explain all investment terms in simple language so beginners can easily understand. Remember, the stock market can be unpredictable, so it's important to balance aiming for good returns with keeping the investment safe. Note, this is a theoretical exercise and not actual financial advice.

7. Digital Detox Plan to Boost Productivity

A digital detox means cutting back on how much time you spend staring at screens. The goal is to feel happier and less distracted by putting your phone, tablet, computer, TV, and other gadgets aside for a while.

You make a plan to check social media less, not scroll so much, and take healthy breaks from your devices. This lets you focus on other parts of your life in a more relaxed way.

I need a custom plan to help me cut down on digital distractions and improve my focus during my usual work hours, which are [Your work hours here].

I get most distracted by things like [List your biggest distractions here, such as social media, emails, or coworkers]. I'm looking for useful tips and methods to develop better digital habits and concentrate more on my job. Please guide me on how to manage these distractions effectively.

8. The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique helps you manage your time better so you can get more done.

Here's how it works: You set a timer for 25 minutes and focus completely on one task during that time. No more getting distracted! Then, when the timer goes off, you take a 5-minute break.

After your short break, if you have more to do, set another 25-minute timer and dive back into your work. Take another quick break once the buzzer sounds.

The 25-minute bursts of full attention, followed by 5-minute rests, make you more motivated and productive. It's harder to procrastinate too since you know a timer is ticking down!

I need help adjusting the Pomodoro technique to make it work better for me. Here’s what you need to know:

[How long you like to work without stopping.]
[How long your tasks usually take, like some take 15-30 minutes, and adjust based on the task.]
[What you prefer doing on your breaks, such as mindfulness exercises, going for a walk, or having a cup of tea to relax.]
[When you tend to be most focused and productive, for example, in the morning.]
[The main challenges and distractions your face while working.]
[If you need to take unscheduled breaks or sometimes work for longer stretches without a break.]
Using this info, please guide me on tailoring the Pomodoro technique to fit my work style, keeping my tasks, focus times, break activities, and any specific needs in mind.

9. Personalized Guidance on Setting SMART Goals

I need advice on how to set small, achievable goals following the SMART method. This means each goal should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. I want to turn my larger goals into smaller steps that are clear and motivating. Here's what you need to know to help me:

What my main goal is.
The specific area I'm focusing on.
Any time limits I have.
Problems I expect to face.
Please use this information to guide me on creating a plan that breaks my big goal into smaller, manageable parts using the SMART framework.

10. Expert Strategies

If what you're doing isn't making money, try more ways to earn money. Many successful business people in the past didn't just stick to one method; they had multiple ways to make money, which helped them grow big. Use their knowledge to find new ways to make money for yourself. Learn from what they did wrong, use what they did right, and find new ways to increase your income. This advice will show you where to begin.

I'm looking into adding more ways to make money and need some advice on how to do it well. Could you share some important tips from people who've successfully made money in different ways? I want these tips to be clear and useful for any type of business or interest area I might focus on. The goal is to learn how to manage and grow these different money-making activities effectively. Please give me practical advice and examples that have worked for others in various kinds of businesses. This way, I can learn from what they've done and use those strategies to increase my own income sources.

We also did a comparison of ChatGPT and Gemini Ultra, if you're interested you can check it out here.


Alright, we've covered a lot of ground exploring these diverse prompts. From starting a business to refining your digital habits, there's something for everyone. Remember, taking small steps and staying focused on your goals can lead to big successes. So, keep pushing forward, stay curious, and never stop learning. Your journey to achieving your goals and thriving is just beginning!

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