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  • ▶️ 1B views and 4.47M+ subscribers on YouTube after 3 Months: A Tutorial on How You Can Create Those Styles of YouTube Channels

▶️ 1B views and 4.47M+ subscribers on YouTube after 3 Months: A Tutorial on How You Can Create Those Styles of YouTube Channels

Quick Guide to YouTube Success: From Story to Share

1B views and 4.47M+ subscribers on YouTube after 3 months : A Tutorial on How You Can Create Those Styles of YouTube Channels


Look at this YouTube channel—it has reached 1B views and 4.47M+ subscribers  on YouTube in just three months! This is amazing! Join me in discovering how to create content videos like that, perfect for your upcoming million-view YouTube channel!

I. Research and Scripting

Step 1: Finding Awesome Stories

  • Where to Look: Check out "tanksgoodnews" on Instagram. Look for videos about “kindness” and “goodnews”!

  • What to Watch For: Pick videos that grab your attention right away and make you feel happy or surprised.

Step 2: Writing Your Script

  • The Hook: Start with something catchy that gets people interested (like a question or an exciting fact from the story; for example, “something unexpected happens“).

  • Keep it Short and Sweet: Tell the story in a simple way. Focus on the most important parts and the feelings it gives you.

  • Think Like a Movie: Plan your script so it will be easy to turn into a video later!

    I'm going to choose this video as an example for you:

    Here’s my script for that:

    “Something unexpected happened while a man was relaxing; his wife brought him a mysterious box. With a face full of doubt, he even shook the box to guess its contents. Hesitant at first, the man eventually opened the box, and as the gift was revealed, his emotions shifted dramatically to overwhelming excitement. It seemed the woman had gifted him exactly what he had been longing for. Immediately trying on the sandals, he resembled a child whose mother had just bought him his favorite toy, jumping and running around the house with joy. Subscribe if you find this video adorable.”

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II. Voice Narration

Step 1: Choosing the Perfect Voice

  • Find the Right Fit: Use a tool like ElevenLabs to pick a voice that sounds just right for your story. Voices like "Brian" or "Adam" are great because they’re clear and can really make your story feel more alive.

  • Match the Mood: Make sure the voice you pick fits with your story's feeling. A good voice can make happy stories brighter and touching stories more heartfelt.

Step 2: Making Your Story Sound Great

  • Type It Out: Put your written story into the tool you’re using for the voice.

  • Listen and Adjust: When you hear the voice reading your story, check if it sounds natural. Pay attention to how fast it talks, which words it stresses, and the tone it uses. It should feel like it fits perfectly with your video’s scenes and feelings.

III. Video Editing

Step 1: Editing with CapCut

  • Mix It Together: First, take the video you got from Instagram and the voiceover you made. Put them into CapCut or another video editing app. This lets you make sure the voice matches up with what's happening in the video.

  • Add Some Flair: Use cool effects and transitions in CapCut to make your video more interesting. This helps keep people watching and feeling the emotions of your story. Just remember, the goal is to add to the story, not distract from it.

Here’s my video:

Step 2: Making Your Video Stand Out

  • Learn from the Best: Take a look at what popular video makers, like Dylan Anderson, are doing. Notice any cool tricks or styles they use that make their videos really good.

  • Be Unique: Try to add something special to your video that you haven't seen much of before. This could be a different kind of effect, a new way to transition between scenes, or a unique angle on telling your story. This is your chance to be creative and make your video one that people remember and want to watch.

IV. Final Touches and Publication

Step 1: Check and Re-Check

  • Watch it Again: Watch your video a few times. Make sure the voice matches the picture and everything flows nicely.

  • Fix What's Needed: If anything feels off, change it! You want the video to be perfect.

Step 2: Share it With the World!

  • Upload Time: Put your video on your social media pages.

  • Use Hashtags and Descriptions: Add hashtags (#) and a short description to help people find your video.

  • Tell People to Share: Ask your friends to like and share your amazing work!

V. Always Getting Better: Learning From Your Videos

Step 1: Listening to Your Viewers

  • What People Say Matters: After you share your video, see what people are commenting on. Are they loving it? Do they have suggestions? This feedback is like gold—it helps you know what's hitting the mark and what might need a bit of tweaking.

  • Adjust and Grow: Use what you learn from the comments to make your next video even better. If something really works, do more of it. If something doesn't work, it's okay to try a new approach.

Step 2: Keeping Up with What's Hot

  • Stay in the Know: Trends can change fast, especially in areas like "kindness" and "good news." Keep an eye on what stories or styles are becoming popular so your videos stay relevant and interesting.

  • Never Stop Learning: Always be on the lookout for new ideas or ways to make your videos. This could mean trying out a new video tool, learning a new editing trick, or telling stories in a way you haven't tried before.

By always listening, learning, and improving, you'll keep making videos that people want to watch and share. It's all about taking small steps to get better and better over time.

Based on our experience across various niches, you need to post for at least one consecutive month within the same time frame for this method to be effective.


To succeed on YouTube, like getting 1 billion views and millions of subscribers quickly, focus on a few important steps. Find interesting stories and write a clear, engaging script. Choose a voice that fits your story, and edit your video to match the narration with engaging visuals. Make your content unique, and always look for ways to stand out.

After posting your video, listen to what your viewers say and use their feedback to improve. Keep up with trends, and always look for new ideas to enhance your videos. The key is to learn from each video, stay creative, and always aim to get better. This approach will help you create popular content that people want to watch and share.

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