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  • 💵 From Struggle to $250K Salary with AI: The Uplifting Tale of Hassam Sheikh

💵 From Struggle to $250K Salary with AI: The Uplifting Tale of Hassam Sheikh

PLUS: A novel protein-generating AI by Microsoft

Plus: A novel protein-generating AI by Microsoft

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👾 Microsoft Unveils Magic Protein-Maker: EvoDiff!
💵 How Hassam Sheikh Turned AI into a $250K Success
🔖 Texas Universities Fuse Medicine & AI in Pioneering Program!
💸 Daily AI Fundraising
🛠️ Tutorial: Long-form video to shorts in a second with Klap
🕹️ 5 Alternative Tools to Midjourney in 2023 for AI Art Generation
🎯 Image-Generated: Currency of The Jungle
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👾 Microsoft Unveils Magic Protein-Maker: EvoDiff!

Source: Tech Crunch

Microsoft surprises the world with EvoDiff, a new tool that reshapes how we create and understand proteins. Say goodbye to the long hours and hello to quicker, smarter protein designing!

Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft's EvoDiff: A new groundbreaking tool that efficiently generates high-quality proteins from just a sequence.

  • Skip the hard part: Unlike other methods, EvoDiff doesn’t need detailed protein structures, making the process smoother.

  • Open Source Availability: EvoDiff is free for everyone. This innovation might revolutionize drug production and industrial chemical reactions.

  • AI-backed power: Built on a 640-million parameter AI model, it has learned from a massive variety of proteins across different species.

  • Beyond traditional thinking: EvoDiff operates in the "sequence space," allowing it to design unique proteins that don't necessarily fold into set 3D structures.

  • Research in early stages: Though promising, EvoDiff is yet to be peer-reviewed, and its team plans to test its outputs in the lab soon.

💵 How Hassam Sheikh Turned AI into a $250K Success

Source: CNBC

Immigrant Hassam Sheikh moved to the U.S. with just $2,000, lived frugally to pursue his Ph.D. in artificial intelligence, and now, as a research scientist at Intel Labs, earns around $250,000 annually. His journey from near poverty to prosperity is a blend of determination, education, and smart financial decisions.

Key takeaways:

  • Hassam Sheikh's Early Days: Arrived in Orlando in 2016 with $2,000, struggled financially, and earned $1,400/month as a teaching assistant.

  • Education Focus: Pursued a doctorate in computer science, specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  • Career Progression: Began an internship at Intel Labs in May 2020, which turned into a full-time position, now earning around $250,000 annually.

  • Financial Evolution: Managed to save $87,000 in 2023 alone and bought a 6-bedroom house in Orlando in 2021.

  • Personal Interests: Enjoys DIY home projects, recently creating a pathway with light fixtures in his yard and a mini-castle for his cats.

  • Future Goals: Aim to save $10 million for early retirement, dreams of touring the U.S. in an RV.

🔖 Texas Universities Fuse Medicine & AI in Pioneering Program!

Source: FreePik

UT Health San Antonio and UTSA join forces to launch a groundbreaking program blending medicine with artificial intelligence. Doctors of the future might just be AI pros too!

Key Takeaways:

  • UT Health San Antonio & UTSA Partnership: They've kick-started the first U.S. program that marries a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree with a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (M.S.A.I.) over five years.

  • AI in Medicine: AI mimics human cognitive tasks and is already enhancing patient experiences, from robotic surgeries to streamlined appointment check-ins.

  • Chancellor James B. Milliken: Highlights the program's potential for producing revolutionary health therapies and treatments.

  • Director Ronald Rodriguez, M.D., Ph.D.: Stresses the aim of preparing students for future healthcare leaps, blending medicine and AI knowledge.

  • UTSA M.S. in Artificial Intelligence: A versatile program with three specializations; students also collaborate with renowned MATRIX professors.

  • History & Creation: Conversations began in 2019, leading to the development of an innovative curriculum, with the pilot program launching in 2021 for UT Health San Antonio students.

💸 Daily AI Fundraising

LastMile AI has secured $10 million in seed funding - Aimed at enhancing app development with generative AI models. CEO Sarmad Qadri plans to channel these funds into product growth and team expansion.

Helsing, the "Defense AI" startup has now raised an impressive €209 million ($223 million) in its latest funding - Led by General Catalyst, the round welcomes Swedish defense giant Saab, strengthening their prior collaboration.

🛠️ Tutorial: Long-form video to shorts in a second with Klap

Klap is a groundbreaking tool, that simplifies the video creation process. For those looking to tap into the short video trend on platforms like TikTok, Shorts, and Reels, Klap seamlessly transforms any YouTube video link into a catchy short clip. With Klap, video editing becomes quick, efficient, and user-friendly for everyone.

1. Access klap.app
→ Create a free account to generate videos less than 30 minutes long

2. Paste the YouTube link 
→ Find a trending video that is related to your niche
→ Paste the YouTube link and click 'Generate Shorts'

3. Choose options
→ Choose the video language and translated title that's appropriate for your audience

4. Waiting for Klap generating

5. Generated videos
→ You will receive 10 generated shorts with each generation.
→ The virality score indicates the engagement rate.
→ A brief transcript is provided for you to craft the perfect caption.
→ Click 'Edit' for more detailed editing options.

6. Customize your shorts
→ The 'Video' section indicates the segment of the original video from which this short was extracted.
→ Here, you can modify the video content as desired.

→ Crop shorts if you want to change the content inside

→ Rewrite captions if needed

→ Change color, font, and animation according to your branding identity

7. Export your video

🕹️ 4 Alternative Tools to Midjourney in 2023 for AI Art Generation

Adobe introduced Firefly, a tool that uses AI to transform text into beautiful art. Instead of borrowing from artists like Midjourney does, Firefly only taps into Adobe’s Stock Library, guaranteeing that each created image is one-of-a-kind. From my experience, it's quicker than Midjourney in producing AI-generated images.

Salton Sea was created with Adobe Firefly. Credit: Thomas Hawk, CC BY NC 2.0, via Flickr

Stable Diffusion is a free AI tool that uses deep learning to craft detailed images from text or existing photos. Though it offers many benefits, it's more complicated than Midjourney, so it might take some time to get the hang of it. Also, it requires a GPU with a minimum of 8GB RAM to function smoothly.

Stable Diffusion screenshot. Credit: Ziko van Dijk, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Midjourney is a good tool, but it doesn't have all the features some other AI art generators offer. For a more creative experience, Leonardo.ai stands out. It gives users a range of AI models to customize their artistic images. Beyond this, Leonardo has many features, including image editing and adding elements to pictures.

Generated on Leonardo AI. Credit: Susan Cipriano (susan-lu4esm) via Pixabay

DALL-E 2 is a top AI image generator out there. Just type a few words, and it'll make four unique images based on your ideas. This lets artists pick their favorite from the options. Plus, when you create a photo with DALL-E 2, it's all yours. You can print it, change it, or even sell it. This is something even Midjourney doesn't offer.

DALL-E 2. Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

🎯 Image-Generated: Currency of The Jungle

📚 Top 101 Ultimate AI Cheat Sheets (Daily Updating...)

Top AI infographics and cheat sheets: Tools, Courses, ChatGPT, Midjourney, Prompts,…

💼 AI Jobs

  • LinkedIn: AI Engineer - Image Enhancement Specialist (Link)

  • LinkedIn: Principal AI Scientist (Link)

  • Indeed: Software Engineer - AI Specialist (m/f/d) (Link)

  • BeBee: Lead AI Programmer Console Studio AAA (Link)

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