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🔑 Key to AI Success: Strategy & Leadership

AI Absorbs Energy As Small Nation

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Plus: AI Absorbs Energy As Small Nation

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Happy Weekend!

Exciting news: the U.S. government is stepping up with comprehensive AI guidelines aimed at keeping our interests safe. In a similar vein of innovation, AI21 Labs introduces Jamba, setting new benchmarks in AI efficiency and understanding. Can't wait to share more with you.

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🔑 Key to AI Success: Strategy & Leadership
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Xembly – Give employees 400 hours extra annually

Meet your new AI executive assistant, Xena, who:

  • Schedules meetings in seconds

  • Takes meeting notes, automatically

  • Manages your tasks and time for you


🚀 AI21 Labs Breaks AI Context Limits

Source: AI21

With Jamba, AI21 Labs is setting new standards in AI model efficiency and context.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jamba can handle 140,000 tokens on a single GPU.

  • It combines transformers and state space models (SSMs) for efficiency.

  • Or Dagan leads the project, pushing AI beyond traditional limits.

  • Jamba outperforms others with three times the throughput on long contexts.

  • Released under Apache 2.0 license, highlighting an open-source approach.

Why it matters: Jamba signifies a move towards more adaptable and efficient AI technologies.


Web Intelligence, Unlocked

With Bright Data's cutting-edge proxy solutions, harness the full potential of web data for your business. Tap into our global proxy network to scale your data collection activities. Ecommerce platforms, travel agencies, financial institutions, and market researchers are all leveraging web data to gain a competitive edge.

Bright Data offers the scalability and flexibility necessary for gathering and analyzing web data. Take the first step towards data-driven excellence.


🔑 Key to AI Success: Strategy & Leadership

AI leadership is about blending strategy with technology, not just titles.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gartner emphasizes the importance of integrating AI with business strategy.

  • A holistic approach to AI strategy is vital for success.

  • The role can vary, but the focus is on business and technology leadership.

  • Diverse leaders are currently accountable for AI in organizations.

  • Critical to align AI initiatives with business strategy.

Why it matters: The right blend of leadership and strategy is crucial for effective AI integration.




  • The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) rolls out new AI regulations.

  • Vice President Kamala Harris emphasizes safe and responsible AI use.

  • New policies include mandatory risk reporting and transparency rules.

  • Agencies must appoint a chief AI officer for oversight.

  • Annual risk assessments of AI systems will be published online.

  • Shalanda Young, OMB Director, discusses independent AI evaluations.

  • Emphasis on AI tools not endangering the rights or safety of Americans.

  • The International Energy Agency (IEA) projects a significant rise in energy demand from AI.

  • Generative AI, like OpenAI’s GPT-3, requires extensive energy.

  • AI energy usage is likened to the electricity consumption of Japan.

  • A ChatGPT request consumes 2.9 watt-hours of electricity.

  • Generative AI is a major driver of increasing energy demands.

  • AI can significantly enhance early cancer diagnosis.

  • Machine learning and neural networks are key techniques.

  • Deep learning applications show promise in screening programs.

  • AI assists in screening asymptomatic patients at risk.

  • AI algorithms improve patient selection for cancer screening.

  • NYC will test Evolv's AI gu* detectors on subway turnstiles.

  • Evolv faces investigations by the FTC and SEC.

  • Scanners have been criticized for accuracy issues.

  • Evolv scanners sometimes misidentify items as threats.

  • The pilot aims to vet technologies for subway safety.


StealthMole, an AI dark web intelligence startup, raises $7M to expand and specialize in Asia-specific cybersecurity threats.

Skyflow raises $30M for AI data privacy growth, marking a key shift in its business towards addressing AI-related privacy needs.


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As promised, this is the first post in our 'AI Startup Funding Deals' series, featuring more than 20 AI deals.

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  1. 📦 Hoory AI is a conversational AI platform for streamlining customer support operations in businesses.

  2. 📥 RenderNet creates AI images with character consistency

  3. 🍀 Hume AI analyzes emotions in images, videos, audio, and text with AI, focusing on aligning technology with human well-being.

  4. 📍 Aqua Voice is a voice-driven document editor that transcribes your voice into written text accurately and efficiently.

  5. Faune is an AI-powered platform that brings advanced models like Mistral and GPT-4 to your devices, prioritizing privacy.


1. 🚀 Google.org starts $20M AI project (Read more)

2. 👓 Meta's Ray-Ban glasses get AI upgrade next month (Read more)

3. 🚫 AI scams use women's faces in ads, no legal aid (Read more)

4. 🎭 AI Replaces ‘Mamma Mia!’ Musical Star for BBC Show “Sobering”(Read more)

5. 💭 China’s AI mocks ‘American Dream’ in sharp propaganda (Read more)


This picture shows how crazy tech can be!

It's got a huge $3.58T market cap and a $257B net worth in one shot.

Meta is really into Artificial Intelligence (AI):

  • They bought 150,000 super-powerful Nvidia H100 GPUs (the best for AI) in 2023.

  • And Zuckerberg plans to buy 350,000 MORE by the end of 2024.

But here's the problem for new AI companies:

  • Meta's buying up all the best tech, so smaller companies are struggling.

  • They might not get the tech they need until 2025 – that's a long wait!

It's cool, but also kinda scary for the little guys in the AI world!


Design Any App or Website Interface within Minutes Using AI

  1. Go to Creatie

  2. Select "Create Wizard" to make any section you want using AI.

  3. Change your design on the right panel and use other buttons on the custom toolbar like “Audit Beta” and “Magicon Beta”.


A Claude 3 Prompt Generates Unit Tests Automatically (By Matt Shumer)

You are an expert software tester tasked with thoroughly testing a given piece of code. Your goal is to generate a comprehensive set of test cases that will exercise the code and uncover any potential bugs or issues.

First, carefully analyze the provided code. Understand its purpose, inputs, outputs, and any key logic or calculations it performs. Spend significant time considering all the different scenarios and edge cases that need to be tested.

Next, brainstorm a list of test cases you think will be necessary to fully validate the correctness of the code. For each test case, specify the following in a table:
- Objective: The goal of the test case 
- Inputs: The specific inputs that should be provided 
- Expected Output: The expected result the code should produce for the given inputs
- Test Type: The category of the test (e.g. positive test, negative test, edge case, etc.)

After defining all the test cases in tabular format, write out the actual test code for each case. Ensure the test code follows these steps:
1. Arrange: Set up any necessary preconditions and inputs 
2. Act: Execute the code being tested
3. Assert: Verify the actual output matches the expected output

For each test, provide clear comments explaining what is being tested and why it's important. 

Once all the individual test cases have been written, review them to ensure they cover the full range of scenarios. Consider if any additional tests are needed for completeness.

Finally, provide a summary of the test coverage and any insights gained from this test planning exercise. 

<header>Code Analysis:</header>

<header>Test Cases:</header>
<column3>Expected Output</column3>
<column4>Test Type</column4>

<header>Test Code:</header>

<header>Test Review:</header>

<header>Test Coverage Summary:</header>

Here is the code that you must generate test cases for:


  • Microsoft: Solution Sales Specialist - Data & AI (Link)

  • University of Kent: Senior Lecturer in Computing (AI) (Link)

  • The University of Sheffield: Postdoctoral Researcher with 'Public Voices in AI' (Link)

  • Lancaster University: Professor of Mathematics and AI (Link)

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