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💡 AI: Shaping Work, Not Ending It

OpenAI adds image editing

Plus: ChatGPT no longer requires an account

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Happy Tuesday!

Did you know as more businesses use AI, their data is at greater risk? How do we keep things tight and secure? Also, OpenAI's Voice Engine now clones voices in seconds—fascinating, right? We show more below!

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🚀 Nvidia Leads with AI: 2019-2024 Revenue Insights

Source: Visual Capitalist

With $22.1 billion in revenue, Nvidia's focus on AI and analytics processors reshapes its market position.

Key Takeaways:

  • Meta's massive investment in H100 graphics cards signifies the hardware's importance in AI.

  • The 409% growth in Nvidia's data center sector showcases the AI boom's direct impact.

  • Nvidia's revenues reached $22.1 billion, a testament to its dominance in the AI and analytics sector.

  • GPUs for computers and data center processors together make up 95.1% of Nvidia's revenue.

Why it matters: Nvidia's significant role in AI's advancement and its challenges in meeting demand highlight the sector's explosive growth and future potential.


🛡️ AI's Role in Ransomware Evolution

Source: Zscaler

The 2024 Zscaler report reveals a 600% AI usage increase and a 577% surge in security threats.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI/Machine learning usage in enterprises has soared by 600%.

  • Security threats have escalated by 577%.

  • ChatGPT is the most used yet most blocked AI tool.

  • The finance & insurance sector has the highest AI transaction block rate at 37.16%.

  • Manufacturing leads in AI traffic, accounting for 20.9% of AI/ML transactions.

Why it matters: Facing security challenges, the collaboration between leading cybersecurity firms underscores the urgency in protecting AI-driven processes.




  • OpenAI developed a Voice Engine to generate natural-sounding speech.

  • A single 15-second audio sample is used to create emotive voices.

  • The model powers ChatGPT Voice and Read Aloud.

  • Early applications include reading assistance and content translation.

  • Age of Learning and HeyGen are among the early adopters.

  • Concerns over AI often focus on extreme outcomes like AGI dominance.

  • Immediate AI threats include misinformation and job disruptions.

  • AI can supercharge productivity, with studies showing over 30% time savings.

  • High-value jobs face the most significant changes due to AI.

  • Companies integrating AI into work processes can lead in their industries.

  • AI could make April Fools' Day pranks highly personalized and creative.

  • Examples include smart devices playing pranks like fake weather reports.

  • Pranks could range from fake show revival notifications to endless Zoom in VR.

  • AI's deep learning enables shockingly personalized pranks.

  • The DALL-E editor lets you pick parts of a picture and ask for changes.

  • You can add, delete, or change things in that part of the picture.

  • You can use this editor on the website or the ChatGPT app on your phone, but how you edit might be a little different on each.


ValidMind, specializing in AI risk management for financial services, secured $8.1M. This funding supports faster, compliant AI solution deployment, easing model risk management for financial firms.


  1. ⚙️ Decision Mentor is your AI-powered decision-making compass

  2. 🎲 Glida is an AI sales assistant who showcases solutions, connects with customers, and qualifies leads.

  3. 📦 Bezi AI simplifies the design process, enhancing collaboration and efficiency for crafting captivating 3D apps and games.

  4. 🧢 Exactly is an advanced AI artwork creation platform for artist

  5. 🔮 ApiX-Drive automates tasks without coding


1.🔄 Sam Altman stops leading OpenAI's investment fund (Read more)

2.🏅 Google's Demis Hassabis knighted for AI work (Read more)

3.🎵 Beyoncé's 'Cowboy Carter' album opposes AI music (Read more)

4.🚫 Congress stops staff using Microsoft's AI Copilot (Read more)

5.💡 Microsoft and OpenAI plan $100B supercomputer (Read more)

6.🔐 ChatGPT no longer requires an account (Read more)

7.🎥 Google’s VLOGGER AI: Creating digital avatars from a photo (Read more)


New info from SimilarWeb shows top GPT apps are mainly for learning, like Consensus which summarizes academic papers. Apps for designing, translating, and CV help are also becoming popular. However, some may break OpenAI's rules by giving advice on money, law, or health without expert review.


Create a Mind Map with ChatGPT

  1. Create a mind map in text format
    First, choose the topic you want to create a mind map with this prompt
    "Make a mind map of [Your Topic]. Include central ideas, main branches, and smaller branches."

  2. Request ChatGPT to create a mind map in markdown format. Save the markdown text for later.

  3. Go to the Markmap website.
    → Enter your markdown text into the Markmap tool.
    → Now, you'll see your mind map come alive with colors.

  4. When you're done, you can download it. Choose HTML to share it online or SVG for an image.

Extra Tip: Try different ways of asking and organizing your mind map to get it just right.


A Prompt for Finding the Best SEO Keywords for Your Blog

As a seasoned SEO expert renowned for enhancing the online visibility of Fortune 500 companies, you're tasked with conducting thorough keyword research for a business. This research is crucial for crafting compelling blog content and optimizing the blog to boost website traffic effectively.

Your mission is to identify 40 high-performing keywords that resonate with the target audience's needs, challenges, and common inquiries. These keywords will serve as the foundation for blog posts, aiming to attract and engage the website's desired visitors.

Base your keyword research on the business's target audience, addressing their main concerns, pain points, frequently asked questions, and potential objections.
Include a mix of long-tail and medium-tail keywords, providing a diverse range of options.
Organize the keywords into clusters, with each cluster containing at least 7 related keywords. Clearly distinguish between long-tail and medium-tail keywords within these clusters.
Focus on identifying keywords that offer a balance between relevance to the audience and lower competition with other blogs.

Target audience: [Please specify your target audience here]
My business: [Please describe your business here]
My blog: Our approach involves publishing detailed guides and comprehensive analyses weekly, with each piece ranging between 1500-2000 words.

For each keyword cluster:
Keyword Cluster Name: [Name of the cluster]
Then, present a table featuring 4 columns:
- Keyword type (long tail/medium tail)
- Keyword
- Potential Title for a Blog Post
- LSI keywords (List at least 10 LSI keywords that are closely related to the main keyword)

Ensure the creation of at least 7 distinct keyword clusters, each in its own table.


  • ShareForce: Azure AI Engineer - Boutique AI Services Firm (Link)

  • Lancaster University: Project Manager: Mathematics and AI (MARS) (Link)

  • SoftServe: Director AI & Data Science (Link)

  • AT Talent: Principal Data and AI Consultant (Link)

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