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💻 AI's Role in Redefining Programming

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First up, we're exploring how new AI tools are making coding a whole lot easier and changing the game for developers. Plus, we're shining a spotlight on an exciting collaboration between Microsoft and Mistral AI, which is introducing something called Mistral Large on Azure. Stick with us to learn more!

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💻 Future Focus: Beyond Coding with AI

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang advocates for an AI-driven future where programming becomes obsolete, encouraging individuals to focus on diverse expertise.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nvidia CEO: Jensen Huang predicts AI's role in rendering coding skills obsolete, urging a shift towards diverse expertise.

  • Future Outlook: Huang envisions a future where AI automates coding tasks, reshaping skill requirements.

  • Coding's Evolution: With AI advancements, coding skills may become less essential, prompting a reevaluation of learning priorities.

  • Skill Diversification: Huang encourages exploring diverse fields like biology, education, and manufacturing.

Why it matters: AI's integration into software development is reshaping the industry, requiring a balance between leveraging AI's capabilities and maintaining high standards in code quality and ethical practices.

Our POV: 13 years ago, Marc Andreessen (a16z) famously stated that "Software Is Eating the World," signifying a shift in technological dominance. This evolution has led to the idea that "AI is eating software," indicating a new paradigm in technology. NVIDIA's CEO, Jensen Huang, predicts that AI will enable programming without coding, potentially diminishing the emphasis on certain subjects like biology.

Do you believe AI will render traditional coding skills obsolete, as advocated by Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang?

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang predicts a future where AI automates coding tasks, reshaping skill requirements. This raises questions about the future of software development and the importance of traditional coding skills. Share your perspective on this.

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💥 AI Breakthrough: Microsoft & Mistral AI Collaborate

Source: Mistral

The alliance between Microsoft and Mistral AI introduces the groundbreaking Mistral Large on Azure.

Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft and Mistral AI partnership accelerates AI innovation and application.

  • Mistral Large premieres on Azure, setting a new bar for language models.

  • Focus areas include supercomputing, market reach, AI R&D, and global expansion.

  • MaaS integration expands Azure's AI capabilities, offering diverse model options.

  • Schneider Electric, Doctolib, and CMA CGM share positive feedback, demonstrating practical impacts.

Why it matters: This collaboration is pivotal for AI's future, indicating how strategic partnerships can rapidly advance technology and its adoption across global markets, emphasizing the transformative potential of AI in business and beyond.




  • Microsoft, Google, and Meta face scrutiny for increasing AI-related water use.

  • AI could necessitate 6.6bn cubic meters of water by 2027, stressing global resources.

  • Increases in water usage: 34% (Microsoft), 22% (Google), and 3% (Meta) in 2022.

  • Goals to replenish aquifers by 2030 highlight a commitment to water sustainability.

  • An AI data center's consumption of 6% of local water underscores community effects.

  • The water footprint of ChatGPT operations points to the environmental cost of AI's computational demands.

  • Deutsche Telekom introduces the AI phone concept at MWC, aiming for a unified AI assistant.

  • The assistant leverages Brain.ai for seamless task execution, replacing conventional apps.

  • Showcased on T Phone, available in Europe, and Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Reference Design, signifying technical advancement.

  • Rivals Rabbit R1's app-replacing AI, indicating a trend towards integrated AI solutions.

  • Prototypes hint at future market expansion, despite current limited availability.

  • Jeff Bezos, Nvidia, Microsoft, and OpenAI back Figure AI, eyeing a future with human-like robots.

  • With a goal of $675 million, Figure AI seeks a $2 billion pre-money valuation.

  • Bezos leads with $100 million, followed by Microsoft's $95 million, showcasing the sector's growth potential.

  • The funding round also sees significant contributions from Nvidia, Amazon funds, and new entrants like Intel, Samsung, and LG Innotek.

  • The involvement of ARK Venture Fund, Aliya Capital, and Tamarack emphasizes the wide interest in AI's transformative potential.


A UK biotech startup, Baseimmune, got $14 million to make vaccines smarter with AI, aiming to stay ahead of virus changes like coronavirus and malaria.

FlowGPT, an AI app company, got $10 million to grow its platform where users can share and customize AI tools. With over 100,000 AI apps made by users, it lets people tailor AI's responses and style.


  1. 🤖 Iteration X*: The AI-native project management app - Fast and powerful issue tracking, with embedded AI co-pilots that learn from your team's knowledge, enabling you to blaze through your tasks and ship world-class products faster.

  2. 🧪 Larafast streamlines your SaaS app development with ready-to-go components for Payments, Admin, Blog, SEO, and more...

  3. 🎁 Persuva AI turns the art of ad-making into a piece of cake

  4. 🛡️ Saner.AI captures, finds & develops ideas without manual organizing

  5. 📥 Cabinet Design by Collov revolutionizes cabinet design with AI

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


1. 🦙 Meta's Llama 3 to Shape AI's Future Trajectory (Read more)

2. 🎥 Tyler Perry pauses $800M studio because of OpenAI Sora's launch (Read more)

3. 🖼️ Google delaying Gemini image AI relaunch after backlash (Read more)

4. 📲 Google planning advanced LLM features for Android in 2025 (Read more)

5. 🤖 AI may enable a four-day workweek trend (Read more)


Use Notion AI to Take Meeting Notes Automatically

  1. Open Notion or the Notion app.

  2. Create a meeting notes database. Add important details like the date, who was there, a brief overview, what you talked about, and any tasks given out.

  3. Turn on Notion AI to fill in parts automatically based on your notes.

  4. Here's how: Choose 'Property', click 'Edit Property', then 'AI Auto-fill', and put in your command or tags.

→ Extra advice: Switch on 'Auto Update on Page Edits' to keep your details current automatically!


A Prompt for LinkedIn Profile Enhancement Guide

Please analyze the LinkedIn profile provided in detail, offering comprehensive feedback for enhancements. Focus your assessment on the areas outlined below to refine and elevate the professional image of the profile:

Personal Brand Messaging:
- Determine the profile's core brand message. Is it clear and well-stated?
- Check if the messaging is consistent with the person's industry, target audience, and professional objectives. - Assess its authenticity.
- Review the profile's headline, summary, featured content, and experience sections for their effectiveness in communicating the brand message.

Content Presentation:
- Examine the profile's layout, including structure, formatting, visual elements, text density, and readability.
- Assess whether the content is organized to facilitate easy comprehension of key information.
- Offer suggestions for enhancing the profile's visual and textual hierarchy, layout, and the integration of relevant imagery.

Calls-To-Action (CTAs):
- Identify existing CTAs. Evaluate their prominence, clarity, and persuasiveness.
- Analyze whether the CTAs are in harmony with the profile's core message and audience expectations. Point out any discrepancies.
- Propose additional CTAs that could effectively motivate audience engagement.

Audience Engagement:
- Assess the impact of headlines, visuals, and text on attracting and retaining audience interest.
- Highlight elements that may fail to engage or resonate with the target audience.
- Recommend strategies to enhance the profile's ability to stand out and engage more effectively with the intended audience.
- For each category, acknowledge the profile's strengths before providing constructive suggestions. 

Aim to deliver 5-7 specific, feasible recommendations that focus on aligning the profile with a distinct personal brand, drawing the right audience, and encouraging engagement.

Your feedback should be considerate and nuanced, acknowledging potential limitations while encouraging innovative solutions. The objective is to guide the transformation of this LinkedIn profile into a compelling, result-oriented professional showcase.


  • HSBC: AI Research Scientist (Link)

  • Deloitte: Consultant, AI Engineer, Digital Innovation, Tax and Legal (Link)

  • Jam Management Consultancy Ltd: Software Developer, AI technologies (Link)

  • Bloomberg: News AI Product Manager (Link)

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