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🏢 AI Changes Silicon Valley?

Business Schools Are All In on AI

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Plus: Business Schools Are Going All In on AI

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Happy Thursday!

As we navigate through 2024, the MAD landscape gives us 2,011 logos, that spoil major shifts in technology. We've got "10 Ways to Start" and "6 Steps to Leverage in AI" just for you. Let's explore together!

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🔄 The MAD Cycle: Data to AI Transformation
🚀 LLMs Face New Jailbreaking Method
📈 AI Stock Daily
🌟 AI Highlights
💸 Daily AI Fundraising
🏅 New Empowered AI Tools
⚡ 5 AI Quick Hits
✏️ AI Tutorials: Generate Images to Match the Style From an Existing Image
🎯 A Prompt for The Multi-Mind Technique
💼 4 AI Jobs


🔄 The MAD Cycle: Data to AI Transformation

2024's MAD landscape, with 2,011 logos, spotlights key tech shifts.

Key Takeaways:

  • The 2024 MAD landscape boasts 2,011 logos, a record high.

  • 578 new entrants in 2024 spotlight the sector's expansion.

  • The decade-long Big Data cycle and the nascent ML/AI cycle are major growth drivers.

  • Generative AI kickstarted the latest wave, while Big Data laid the foundation.

  • No significant consolidation has been observed yet, keeping the majority of companies active.

Why it matters: The addition of new categories and persistent innovation underlines the sector's dynamic nature, where adaptability and foresight are key to navigating the complex MAD ecosystem.


MaxAI.me - Do More Faster with 1-Click AI

Discover MaxAI.me, one of the top 50 GenAI apps of 2024!

Chat with the latest AI like GPT-4, Claude 3, and Gemini 1.5, all in one place. Perfect your writing anywhere with 1-click AI without copy-pasting. Save 90% of your reading & watching time with AI summaries. Reply 10x faster with AI on email, social media, and messaging web apps. Rapidly turn your visions into stunning images with AI art generators.


🚀 LLMs Face New Jailbreaking Method

Source: Anthropic

New 'many-shot jailbreaking' exploit discovered in LLMs raises security concerns.

Key Takeaways:

  • 'Many-shot jailbreaking' circumvents safety in LLMs, including Anthropic's.

  • Targets context windows of up to 1,000,000 tokens.

  • Challenges persist despite efforts to implement safety mitigations.

  • Anthropic has shared findings with peers, seeking wider solutions.

Why it matters: As LLMs evolve, so do the strategies to exploit them. Collaborative efforts among AI developers are essential to fortify defenses against such sophisticated attacks.




  • AI has become a staple in business schools.

  • Over $54,000 in scholarships from STAC Fund.

  • Cboe Clear Europe joins CCP Global as an Observer Member.

  • Allie K. Miller, an AI leader, shares practical advice on embracing AI.

  • Key platforms mentioned include ChatGPT and Perplexity AI.

  • Importance of staying informed through AI-focused newsletters.

  • Encourages finding an AI mentor and attending AI conferences.

  • Google contemplates paywall for AI-generated content.

  • Gemini, Google's AI tool, might be included in premium subscriptions.

  • Controversy arose with Gemini's image generation errors, challenging Google.

  • Martin Zwilling and Eric Siegel guide on AI/ML for business enhancement.

  • A focus on predictive analysis and machine learning goals for strategic growth.

  • Highlights the need for precise model metrics for effective AI implementation.

  • TSMC and Nvidia face operational hurdles due to the earthquake.

  • Taiwan's strategic importance in the chip industry is crucial.

  • Over 70% of TSMC's tools recovered quickly, indicating resilience.


HD has raised $5.6 million to develop a specialized AI for healthcare in Southeast Asia, aiming to enhance customer support with smart chatbots.



  1. 📂 Keywords AI makes it dead simple to build production-ready LLM applications.

  2. 🏠 AiHouse is an integrated tool for interior design and manufacturing.

  3. 🛒 Session AI is revolutionizing e-commerce within-session marketing.

  4. 💻 Impel’s automotive software solutions are the most advanced in the industry.

  5. 🎬 Grum is a collection of Instagram marketing resources and tools


1. 🗣️ Chatting with three AI friends, all thanks to Nomi AI (Read more)

2. 📱 Brave’s new AI assistant arrives on iPhone and iPad (Read more)

3. 🤖 Apple's Rumored AI Robots (Read more)

4. 🖼️ Meta’s AI struggles with diverse couple images (Read more)

5. 🌹 AI helps Chinese honor and ‘bring back’ memories of family (Read more)

6. 🌐 Opera lets people download LLMs for offline use (Read more)

7. 🔊 Stable Audio 2.0 is launched (Read more)

8. ✏️ Editing DALL·E images across the web, iOS, and Android (Read more)


Silicon Valley still gets the most patents in the U.S., but the growth of AI is making the government create new rules for patent requests.

Why it's important: AI tools like ChatGPT show that it's unclear what can be patented.


Generate Images to Match the Style From an Existing Image

Generate images to match the style from an existing image

  1. Open Adobe Firefly: Head to the Text-to-Image section.

  2. Set Your Reference: Upload an image on the left where it says ‘Structure’ to guide the tool.

  3. Customize Your Prompt: Change the text to describe your picture better. Play with settings like size, style, and effects.

  4. Make It Happen: Click ‘Generate’ to see a variety of images based on your description.


A Prompt for The Multi-Mind Technique

By kyegomez

With this 'Tree of Thoughts' prompt, you can divide your agent into different personalities or experts who discuss problems internally. It's useful for math, science, or even for trickier purposes.

Imagine three different experts are answering this question. All experts will write down 1 step of their thinking, then share it with the group. Then all experts will go on to the next step, etc. If any expert realises they're wrong at any point then they leave. The question is...

Simulate three brilliant, logical experts collaboratively answering a question. Each one verbosely explains their thought process in real-time, considering the prior explanations of others and openly acknowledging mistakes. At each step, whenever possible, each expert refines and builds upon the thoughts of others, acknowledging their contributions. They continue until there is a definitive answer to the question. For clarity, your entire response should be in a markdown table. The question is...

Imagine three highly intelligent experts working together to answer a question. They will follow a tree of thoughts approach, where each expert shares their thought process step by step. They will consider the input from others, refine their thoughts, and build upon the group's collective knowledge. If an expert realizes their thought is incorrect, they will acknowledge it and withdraw from the discussion. Continue this process until a definitive answer is reached. Present the entire response in a markdown table. The question is...

Three experts with exceptional logical thinking skills are collaboratively answering a question using a tree of thoughts method. Each expert will share their thought process in detail, taking into account the previous thoughts of others and admitting any errors. They will iteratively refine and expand upon each other's ideas, giving credit where it's due. The process continues until a conclusive answer is found. Organize the entire response in a markdown table format. The question is...

Envision a group of three experts working in unison to tackle a question by employing a tree of thoughts strategy. Each expert will thoroughly explain their line of thinking at every step, while also considering the insights provided by their peers. They will openly recognize any mistakes and build upon the group's shared understanding. This iterative process will continue until a definitive solution is reached. Structure the entire response as a markdown table. The question is ...


  • Nelsons Solicitors: Head of Innovation/AI (Link)

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers: Manager-Generative AI Lab-Audit SME (Link)

  • Twine: Freelance AI Engineer (Link)

  • Civil Service: Statistical and Evaluation Analyst (AI Safety Institute) (Link)

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