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🎯 Your Gemini's Prompt Guide 101

Nvidia Is Not in a Bubble

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Plus: Nvidia Is Not in a Bubble

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Let’s kick off the week!

Welcome to a new week filled with exciting updates! The AI Index 2024 report is out, exploring key trends in AI development, funding, benchmarks, global views, and new rules. It's vital reading for anyone interested in AI. Also, Gemini for Google Workspace is transforming how we use Google’s core applications with AI-driven tools. Are you making the most of it? We show more below!

What are on FIRE 🔥

💡 AI Index Report 2024
Master Productivity with Gemini in Google Workspace
📈 AI Stock Daily
🌟 AI Highlights
💸 Daily AI Fundraising
🏅 New Empowered AI Tools
⚡ 7 AI Quick Hits
✏️ AI Tutorials: Making Diagrams for Your Projects or Presentations
🎯 A Prompt to Create Your Alter Ego for Enhanced Confidence and Presence
💼 4 AI Jobs


Imagine an AI... that can type in every app on macOS, with full context on what's on your screen

Omnipilot is a Mac app that brings the power of AI to every application on your computer. It uses the current context of the app you're working in to provide intelligent suggestions and assistance, just a shortcut away. Whether you're writing documents, composing emails, or looking for quick answers to questions, Omnipilot's the fastest way to use AI for your work.


💡 AI Index Report 2024

Source: Stanford

This year’s AI Index, a 300-plus-page report tracking 2023’s worldwide trends in AI is out.

Key Takeaways:

  • The U.S. produced a significant 61 new foundation models in 2023, leading globally.

  • Google's innovative edge is shown through models like Gemini, driving industry standards.

  • Generative AI's investment boom to $25.2 billion marks a pivotal year for AI finance.

  • New AI regulations, including 25 U.S. policies in 2023, reflect growing governance needs.

Why it matters: The U.S.'s and Google's leadership roles not only define the technological frontier but also align economic and regulatory efforts to manage AI's expansive growth.


Missed out on Ring and Nest? Don’t let RYSE slip away!

Ring 一 Acquired by Amazon for $1.2B

Nest 一 Acquired by Google for $3.2B

If you missed out on these spectacular early investments in the Smart Home space, here’s your chance to grab hold of the next one.

RYSE is a tech firm poised to dominate the Smart Shades market (growing at an astonishing 55% annually), and their public offering of shares priced at just $1.50 has opened. 

They have generated over 20X growth in share price for early shareholders, with significant upside remaining as they just launched in over 100 Best Buy stores.

Retail distribution was the main driver behind the acquisitions of both Ring and Nest, and their exclusive deal with Best Buy puts them in pole position to dominate this burgeoning industry.


Master Productivity with Gemini in Google Workspace

Source: Google

Gemini for Google Workspace offers AI-powered enhancements across Google’s major applications.

Key Takeaways:

  • This handbook teaches basic skills to write good prompts for Gemini for Workspace. This helps you work better and faster every day.

  • The guide includes different scenarios for various job roles; Examples and suggested prompts for daily tasks; Jobs covered include executives, founders, and professionals in sales, marketing, customer service, project management, and human resources.

  • Insights from our Workspace Labs program show that the best prompts are about 21 words long.

Why it matters: Integrating Gemini AI into Google Workspace transforms mundane tasks into dynamic processes, vastly improving productivity and data management.




  • Current A.I. models such as ChatGPT and Gemini are not subject to standardized testing.

  • The MMLU is considered the 'SAT for chatbots', testing a wide range of academic topics.

  • Different A.I. companies report high scores, like Gemini Ultra's 90% on the MMLU.

  • There is no independent verification, leading to potential 'data contamination'.

  • Vitruvius AI quickly crafts full home designs for fr.e.e.

  • Includes detailed floor plans along with interior and exterior images.

  • Innovated by Icon, known for pioneering in 3D-printed homes.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro introduces generative AI tools to optimize video editing tasks.

  • New tools like Generative Extend, Object Addition, and B-Roll generation improve efficiency.

  • Collaboration with third-party models from OpenAI and RunwayML expands creative possibilities.

  • Jigsaw introduces AI classifiers to score online posts by virtues like compassion and reasoning.

  • The new tools aim to prioritize more constructive and informative online discussions.

  • Developed with advances in LLMs, these classifiers handle complex concepts out-of-the-box.

  • Total AI investment fell to $189.2 billion in 2023, a 20% decline from the previous year.

  • Mergers and acquisitions in AI dropped by 31.2% to $80.61 billion.

  • Despite downturns, specific areas like generative AI saw a significant rise in funding.


Qureight, a health tech company in Cambridge, has secured $8.5 million to enhance its AI platform that structures complex medical data for quicker analysis.

Dot Compliance, based in Phoenix, has raised $17 million. The company will use these funds to enhance its AI-driven quality management systems and develop new solutions.


  1. 🧩 Byte Cap immerses your videos with custom captions

  2. 📍 Musho is an AI design assistant in Figma that turns prompts into on-brand designs.

  3. ✔️ Magictime is a time-lapse video generation models

  4. 📦 ChatSlide is an AI assistant for generating slides and video

  5.  Deblank Colors customizes AI-powered color palettes


1. 🌏 OpenAI opens first Asian office in Japan (Read more)

2. 🤖 UK considers new rules for AI use (Read more)

3. 👑 First AI beauty contest prizes $13K top bot (Read more)

4. 📈 Why you should buy Nvidia AI stock? (Read more)

5. 🆕 xAI launches upgraded Grok AI model soon (Read more)

6. 🔒 NSA releases tips to secure AI systems (Read more)

7. 🚀 LLaMA Files: Major Speed Boost on CPUs (Read more)


Polls worldwide reveal that while people are aware of AI, they often don't fully understand its capabilities or its role in spreading election misinformation. This is crucial as over 50 countries vote this year, facing the challenge of AI-driven fake news.


Making Diagrams for Your Projects or Presentations

Step 1: Start with ChatGPT

Ask ChatGPT to write a Mermaid code for the layout of your project. You can also ask for specific designs or connections between the parts.

Step 2: Create the Diagram

  • Copy the code you got.

  • Open the website Diagrams

  • Begin a new diagram, click the “plus” button, select 'advanced' and then the 'Mermaid' option.

  • Paste the code and click insert.

  • Adjust your diagram’s look by changing colors, fonts, and shapes.

Pro Tip: Enjoy customizing and trying different settings. Adjust your requests to ChatGPT to see various results.


A Prompt to Create Your Alter Ego for Enhanced Confidence and Presence

I am working on enhancing my confidence and presence in high-stakes business environments. To help me embody the qualities of a powerful and assured leader, I want to create an alter ego similar to Beyoncé's Sasha Fierce. This persona should project unstoppable confidence and assertiveness. Please include the following details for me to fill in, which will tailor the alter ego to my specific needs:

Current Traits: [Describe your current personality traits and behaviors]
Professional Goals: [List your short-term and long-term professional aspirations]
Areas for Improvement: [Specify the skills you want to improve, such as public speaking, decision-making, or networking]

Please develop a powerful alter ego for me. This persona should serve as my secret weapon, enabling me to tap into extraordinary levels of confidence and assertiveness when required. Provide a compelling name for this alter ego and detail the key characteristics, behaviors, and mindset that encapsulate a confident, commanding business leader.


  • Fable: AI Creative Technologist (Link)

  • University of Southampton: Lecturer in Optimisation for Machine Learning and AI (Link)

  • Visa: Senior Product Manager - Real-Time Payments Risk AI & Analytics (Link)

  • JPMorgan Chase: Applied AI/ML - Executive Director (Link)

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