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🌱 Balancing AI Benefits & Environmental Costs

State of the Art Text Rendering

Plus: State Of The Art Text Rendering

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Happy weekend and a new month is on its way!

Just like the quiet yet powerful change GLP-1 drugs have brought to weight loss, AI is subtly transforming jobs and profit margins. It's time we consider the urgent need for AI to tread lightly in fields like radiology, ensuring our advancements care for our world too. Join us in this journey of discovery and action.

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πŸ’‘ AI: Transforming Jobs and Profits
🌱 Balancing AI Benefits & Environmental Costs
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πŸ“Š Result of Previous Poll

Do you believe AI will render traditional coding skills obsolete, as advocated by Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang?

The survey clearly shows people are divided about AI and coding. Nearly half think AI will really change how we make software, agreeing with the Nvidia boss that we won't need to code the old way much. This highlights a big, important discussion about how AI and human coders will work together. Clearly, people are seriously thinking about how AI is going to change our jobs.


πŸ’‘ AI: Transforming Jobs and Profits

Source: Goldman Sachs

AI's discreet influence on job cuts and profit growth mirrors the quiet revolution of GLP-1 drugs in weight loss.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI's role in tech layoffs is understated, similar to quiet GLP-1 drug use.

  • Tech giants like Meta, Amazon, and Apple have dramatically reduced their workforces.

  • 165,000 tech jobs were cut in 2022, with more expected, as AI takes over tasks.

  • AI's efficiency leads to record profits, despite massive layoffs in tech.

  • CEOs are reluctant to admit AI's role in workforce reductions.

  • AI's broad impact hints at future job creation and industry transformation.

Why it matters: Beyond immediate job losses, AI promises a future of new opportunities and challenges, reshaping the workforce landscape.


🌱 Balancing AI Benefits & Environmental Costs

Source: RSNA

An urgent need for sustainable AI practices in radiology to combat its environmental impact.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI in radiology can reduce scan times and improve efficiency but also increase greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Data storage and AI models in medical imaging are major energy consumers.

  • Cloud storage's GHG emissions rival the airline industry's, stressing the need for sustainable data management.

  • Strategies include efficient algorithms, energy-saving hardware, and data compression.

  • Renewable energy for data centers and collaboration on resource sharing are recommended.

  • Sustainability as a quality metric in AI and radiology decisions is advocated.

Why it matters: The emphasis on sustainable AI integration reflects a growing consensus on the need for environmentally responsible healthcare technologies.

πŸ”₯ A Quick Poll: Real or AI-Generated?

Did you catch that viral photo of a guy in '80s gear smoking at McDonald's? Over 21 million views, but guess what? sourceIt's totally fake, crafted with AI.

Source: X

What is the action required here when you find a viral image on social media?

With AI-generated images (even AI videos, products, ...) becoming indistinguishable from real ones, identifying the authenticity of viral images is crucial. What should your first step be?

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  • AI's computing demand is skyrocketing exponentially.

  • Β Shortages in voltage transformers are predicted following the chip crisis.

  • Musk suggests AI will exhaust electricity supplies by 2025.

  • Electric cars and AI's growth put pressure on electrical infrastructure.

  • Calls for massive clean energy generation are emphasized.

  • Clean energy's urgency is underscored by potential 2025 power shortages.

  • Jamie Dimon believes AI will transform all jobs, emphasizing the technology's real impact.

  • JPMorgan has 200 employees focusing on large language models, including ChatGPT.

  • The bank posted 3,500 AI-related jobs, highlighting AI's critical role in its strategy.

  • Dimon counters the dotcom bubble comparison, advocating AI's lasting significance.

  • Teresa Heitsenrether was appointed as chief data and analytics officer, steering AI adoption.

  • Mark Cuban supports Dimon's view, dismissing similarities with the dot-com era.

  • Google partners with Stack Overflow to use its data for enhancing Gemini in Google Cloud.

  • The launch of OverflowAPI gives AI companies access to Stack Overflow's knowledge base.

  • Partnership not exclusive, open to all partners interested in leveraging Stack Overflow's data.

  • AI-powered features to be integrated into Stack Overflow, starting with OverflowAI.

  • Integration preview at Google’s Cloud Next conference, showcasing AI collaboration.


Figure AI Inc. raised $675M at a $2.6B valuation, with big backers like Microsoft, OpenAI, and Jeff Bezos. They're teaming up with OpenAI to create advanced AI for humanoid robots, using Microsoft Azure to boost their tech.


  1. 🎞️ LTX Studio is a holistic, AI-driven filmmaking platform for creators, marketers, filmmakers, and studios.

  2. βœ”οΈ Stori AI creates and publishes branded content effortlessly.

  3. πŸ›ŽοΈ Openmart finds restaurant and retail leads based on any custom criteria.

  4. πŸ“Β Picnotes converts messy images to summaries, text, and much more.

  5. πŸ’½Β PDFtomp3 transforms your PDFs into easy-listening MP3s.


1. πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Microsoft launches Copilot Finance for Excel & Outlook (Read more)

2. βš–οΈ Intercept, Raw Story, AlterNet sue OpenAI & Microsoft (Read more)

3. πŸ‹ Facial recognition AI tracks individual humpback whales (Read more)

4. πŸ–ΌοΈ Stable Diffusion 3 extends AI image lead over Sora, Gemini (Read more)

5. 🍎 Tim Cook: Apple breaking new GenAI ground in 2024 (Read more)

6. πŸ” Leo: Brave's Android AI with a Privacy Shield (Read more)


Ideogram 1.0: State-Of-The-Art Text Rendering

  1. Start by visiting Ideogram, which is now open to everyone with version 1.0.

  2. Type in what you want to create. You can change settings like size, the AI model used, and the style.

  3. To add text to your image, write it inside quotation marks.

  4. Press the enter key to create your image.


A Prompt to Elevate Your Business Proposal

I need your help to improve my business proposal. Please pretend you are business expert Alex Hormozi and evaluate my proposal using his 4-part framework for making an offer hard to ignore. Here's a brief overview of my proposal:


Evaluate my proposal based on the following criteria, rating each part on a scale:
- Dream Score (1-100): How appealing is the goal my offer promises?
- Success Score (1-100): How likely do people believe they can achieve this goal with my offer?
- Time Score (0-1): How quickly can customers see results? - A lower score means faster results.
- Effort Score (0-1): How much work must customers do? A lower score means less effort.
- Identify the weakest score to understand the main concern potential customers might have.

Then, help me rewrite my proposal using the ESSC method:
1. Establish Need: Repeat their main issue or goal using their exact words.
2. State Your Relevance: Clearly link my services to their need.
3. Summarize Approach: Outline my method and the expected results briefly.
4. Call to Action: Suggest a simple next step they can take.

Example Revision:
1. Establish Need: "In our last conversation, you mentioned how critical it is to have stable lead generation to predict growth. You were concerned about the unpredictability in your sales pipeline."
2. State Your Relevance: "I focus on making lead generation consistent. My 12-week plan will fine-tune your marketing to ensure steady growth."
3. Summarize Approach: "This includes checking your sales process, creating targeted content, improving your website for conversions, and tracking leads."
4. Call to Action: "Let's have a quick chat about how we can start making your lead generation reliable."

Additional Tips:
- If the proposal's main issue is the perceived success chance, include a guarantee.
- If the main issue is how long it takes to see results, highlight the speed of achieving outcomes.
- If the main issue is the effort required, emphasize the ease and support provided.


  • JPMorgan Chase & Co.: Applied AI ML Director - HR Data and Analytics - Executive Director (Link)

  • Deloitte: Lead AI Architect, Senior Manager, Insurance (Link)

  • TikTok: Talent Sourcer - Data AI Lab - London (Third-party Contractor) (Link)

  • Chronos Consulting: Medical Imaging AI – Sales Director UK Oxford (Link)

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