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  • 🌐 Anthropic Challenges OpenAI with Claude 3

🌐 Anthropic Challenges OpenAI with Claude 3

The AI Bank of The Future

Plus: ChatGPT Can Read Out Loud

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Happy new week! 🌞 

Anthropic's Claude 3 is now a strong competitor to OpenAI's GPT-4 in both pricing and capabilities. Who is the winner?

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🌐 Anthropic Challenges OpenAI with Claude 3
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🌐 Anthropic Challenges OpenAI with Claude 3

Source: Claude

Anthropic's Claude 3 emerges as a formidable rival to OpenAI's GPT-4.

Key Takeaways:

  • Anthropic's Claude 3 includes models like Haiku, Sonnet, and Opus, with Opus being the most advanced.

  • Claude 3 is a multimodal GenAI, capable of analyzing text and images, with a focus on increased analysis and forecasting capabilities.

  • It introduces an expanded context window of up to 200,000 tokens, and select customers will have access to a 1-million-token window.

  • Claude 3's image processing can analyze multiple images in one request but cannot identify people or generate artwork.

  • Anthropic has implemented a 'constitutional AI' approach for training, aimed at aligning AI more closely with human intentions.

  • Pricing for Claude 3 ranges, with Opus at $15 per million input tokens, highlighting its accessibility and potential market impact.

Why it matters: Claude 3's competitive pricing and advanced capabilities may shift market dynamics in AI, challenging established players and setting new industry standards.


🏦 The AI Bank of The Future

Source: McKinsey

AI's role in redefining banking through innovation and enhanced privacy.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI and Cloud services are foundational for adopting emerging technologies.

  • AR and VR offer new ways to engage customers.

  • IoT links physical info with financial processes.

  • Privacy-enhancing techniques boost data security.

  • Quantum computing will unlock new capabilities.

  • Distributed ledger technology enables direct transfers.

Why it matters: Underscores the comprehensive impact of AI on banking's future landscape.




  • 'Morris II' can spread malware and steal data.

  • It targets AI apps and AI-enabled email assistants.

  • Created by experts from Cornell Tech and Intuit.

  • The worm uses adversarial self-replicating prompts.

  • Researchers published findings and a demonstration video.

  • OpenAI and Google were alerted about the security risk.

  • The balance between high sensitivity and cost-effectiveness is crucial.

  • Importance of minimum sensitivity and specificity thresholds.

  • Urban and younger populations benefit from higher sensitivity models.

  • Economic evaluations must consider AI sensitivity in high DR prevalence regions.

  • The best cost-effective model achieves higher sensitivity but lower specificity.

  • Economic impact and healthcare outcomes are key in evaluating AI models.

  • Generative AI may lead to higher growth, rising incomes, and less inflation.

  • Mary Daly of the San Francisco Fed highlights AI's impact on employment allocation.

  • AI is causing replacement, augmentation, and creation of jobs simultaneously.

  • The S curve of AI adoption might be shorter and steeper, enhancing productivity.

  • John Williams of the New York Fed questions AI's pace of productivity gains.

  • Discussions on AI's productivity and labor impacts are increasingly important to policymakers.


Healthee raised $32M to transform how employees use healthcare with AI, streamlining access to services and benefits. Aiming to enhance healthcare outcomes and reduce costs, marking a significant step towards innovative healthcare solutions.

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  1. 🧩 HeyPat is an AI sidekick for WhatsApp, Telegram, and SMS

  2. πŸ“©Β Emilio is the AI assistant that manages your email inbox

  3. πŸ“²Β Bridge uses AI to help businesses communicate with users

  4. ☎️ Anytalk is a real-time video and audio translation app

  5. πŸ”›Β AI Podcast Transcription generates text transcripts for your podcast episodes


1. πŸ€” Musk sues OpenAI, Altman over Microsoft ties (Read more)

2. ⚠️ Meta's ineffective AI guard (Read more)

3. πŸ—£οΈ ChatGPT can now read responses to you (Read more)

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6. πŸ”₯ Sergey Brin admits Google's big mistake with Gemini chatbot (Read more)


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A Prompt to Grow Your Income by Finding and Fixing Key Factors

Imagine you're my trusted advisor for boosting income and deepening my understanding of my business operations. Your role is to assist me in enhancing my earnings by identifying the primary factors contributing to my revenue growth. We'll analyze everything in reverse to pinpoint these critical elements.

Here's what you should know about my business: [INSERT DETAILS ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS]

My goal is to augment my earnings from my sales.

Currently, the bulk of my income comes from [PRODUCT]

The majority of my sales are generated from [WHERE CUSTOMERS FIND MY PRODUCT]

And I mainly attract new customers or followers through [HOW PEOPLE DISCOVER MY BUSINESS]

Here's what I need from you:
1. Identify the Core Drivers of My Revenue
Using the information provided, trace back from my principal income source to unearth the 3-4 key drivers significantly influencing my revenue. These are termed as "leading metrics."
2. Propose Immediate Enhancements for These Leading Metrics
For each leading metric identified, devise 5 simple strategies for improvement. These strategies should be actionable quickly, within an hour, and offer long-term benefits. Additionally, assess how these metrics interconnect, particularly how modifying one could positively affect the others. By concentrating on these crucial areas, we aim to systematically uplift my revenue through targeted enhancements.

For example, if my primary revenue is derived from selling products to my newsletter subscribers, the leading metrics might include:
- The visibility of my social media posts
- The number of newsletter subscriptions
- The total subscribers to my newsletter
- The conversion rate of subscribers to customers
- Enhancing any of these aspects should, in theory, elevate my overall earnings.


  • Meta: Software Engineer, Machine Learning (Link)

  • University of Cambridge: PhD studentship: Artificial intelligence based early detection of signet (Link)

  • RedLaw Recruitment: Artificial Intelligence Specialist (Link)

  • Experis: Data Engineer - ERP, AI, Python, Migrations (Link)

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