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🚀 AI's Role in Next-Gen Software Engineering

AI Co-founder Does Job Hopping

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Plus: Balancing AI Strategy and Human Needs

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New day, new changes in AI!

The journey of GenAI is exciting, promising a future filled with innovation and new chances in every field. It's so influential that CEOs are changing how they work. Want to see what's driving these changes? Scroll down for more.

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📶 GenAI's Economic and Technological Impact
🚀 AI's Role in Next-Gen Software Engineering
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🌟 GenAI's Economic and Technological Impact

Source: SPEEDA Edge

With ChatGPT, GenAI emerges as a key driver of the latest tech revolution.

Key Takeaways:

  • The top 10 industries attracted about $73B in funding in 2023, signaling strong market potential.

  • GenAI Ecosystem benefits from substantial investments in OpenAI and Anthropic.

  • Big Tech firms like Microsoft, Amazon, and Alphabet invest billions in GenAI projects.

  • NVIDIA's H100 GPUs exemplify the hardware innovation driving GenAI forward.

  • Partnerships, such as PwC with OpenAI, fuel cross-sector GenAI integration.

Why it matters: GenAI's evolution is not just a tech breakthrough but a catalyst for economic growth and innovation.


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🚀 AI's Role in Next-Gen Software Engineering

Source: Armand Ruiz

Innovative AI collaboration models are setting the stage for future software development.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI teams will form the backbone of future software projects.

  • A SUPER-AI will strategize and coordinate with domain-specific AIs.

  • Specific AIs will handle tasks like SAP programming and ServiceNow data retrieval.

  • Integration and analysis tasks could be managed by AIs skilled in tools like Pandas.

Why it matters: Foretells a transformative impact on software engineering, enabling rapid, tailored solutions.




  • AI-first strategies could ignore the fundamental goal of enhancing human pursuits.

  • Uber's AI food visuals fall short, not fulfilling the essential consumer desire for accuracy

  • Boston Consulting Group's findings reveal GenAI's varied efficiency across tasks.

  • Equinix's survey indicates a gap in confidence among IT leaders about AI-readiness.

  • Employee fears of AI job displacement heighten under an AI-first approach.

  • Ethical dilemmas and Amazon's biased AI CV tool highlight the challenges of an AI-prioritized framework.

  • EU's AI Act establishes comprehensive regulations for AI usage.

  • Immediate bans on certain AI practices highlight a commitment to human rights.

  • The European AI Office will be central to the Act's enforcement strategy.

  • Mandatory AI content labeling seeks to curb the spread of misinformation.

  • Public complaints mechanism strengthens AI accountability and oversight.

  • Transparency norms for AI companies could revolutionize industry standards.

  • Suleyman and Simonyan from Inflection AI (Founder of Pi chat) now lead Microsoft AI.

  • Microsoft's previous $1.3 billion in Inflection sets the stage.

  • Inflection's AI cluster ambition included 22,000 Nvidia GPUs.

  • Shift to AI studio business for Inflection AI announced.

  • Microsoft AI to integrate with Copilot, Bing, and Edge.

  • Inflection's business model and success unclear. They raised $1.525 billion, valued at $4 billion.

  • 2/3 co-founders have left, it likely dissatisfaction among investors and early employees.

→ You can see the full transcript here.


Visio.ai raised $2.5M in a seed round, Brazilian AI platform that uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to help brick-and-mortar reduce costs and save workers’ time.


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  1. Prefind is a smart AI Search Engine powered by GPT-4 and Claude-3.

  2. 🧩 Wudpecker is AI meeting assistant for Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams.

  3. 📍 Faros is a complete intelligence platform for software engineering

  4. 🗝️ Plan Quest is the ultimate tool for setting and tracking goals

  5. 🪀 Grok-1 is Open source release of xAI's LL M, 314 billion parameter Mixture-of-Experts model.


1. 🚑 Nvidia AI Nurses Offer Care at $90 Hourly Rate (Read more)

2. 🧠 DeepMind Co-founder Joins Microsoft to Lead Consumer AI Team (Read more)

3. 👾 Musk’s Grok AI chatbot code is out and it’s a big deal (Read more)

4. 🛡️ NIST Shows Prompt Injection Hacks AI Easily (Read more)

5. 🏃‍♂️ China's Unitree H1, fastest robot with human speed (Read more)


Companies really like talking about "AI" (Artificial Intelligence). We now have information from the 500 biggest companies to prove it, all thanks to Factset. The number of times "AI" was mentioned started to go up a lot at the end of 2022, right when OpenAI introduced ChatGPT. Nvidia talked about "AI" the most in the last quarter of 2023 because they were doing really well in the market, thanks to their AI technology. Apple, even though people thought they might work with Google or OpenAI, didn't talk about AI enough to be in the top ten.


Create Stunning Product Displays with Perfect Backgrounds

  1. Upload your product picture and then use the /describe command to get a description of it (Use Discord version)

  2. Repeat this process with the picture you want for the background.

  3. Now, follow this prompt using this template: “Description of your product” “Description of your background” --cref “Link to your product image” “Link to your background image”.

  4. Press Enter to start creating your image.


A Prompt to Write 20+ LinkedIn Post from a Youtube Video Transcript

Below is a YouTube Video transcript. Title “[title of the video comes here]”

Act as a professional content creator, who specializes in crafting compelling LinkedIn posts for professionals. (in this case for [mention the profession]). From this transcript, I want you to write 20 LinkedIn posts: Those posts should be related to

[insert a related topic]
[insert a related topic]
[insert a related topic]

Here are the guidelines you should follow when writing LinkedIn posts:
- All the posts should be concise and impactful, fitting within the LinkedIn text limits.
- Avoid using hashtags excessively. Use them strategically and sparingly.
- Maintain a professional tone without the use of emojis.
- Ensure there is spacing between lines to enhance readability.
- Utilize bullet points (→) if necessary to improve clarity.
- Craft sentences that are short and to the point.
- Write the posts in the first person to create a personal connection with the audience.

To assist you, here are 3 example posts tailored for LinkedIn: (This is how they should appear)

“[insert a sample post related to your niche/topic]”
“[insert a sample post related to your niche/topic]”
“[insert a sample post related to your niche/topic]”

Begin crafting the LinkedIn posts, now. Below is the "transcript of the YouTube video."

This format maintains the professional and engaging nature of social media content suitable for LinkedIn’s audience.


  • Google DeepMind: AI Policy Researcher & Analyst (Link)

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): Generative AI Solution Architecture Manager, AWS Generative AI Innovation Center (Link)

  • NIAB: AI Data Scientist/Postdoctoral (Link)

  • JPMorgan Chase: Applied AI ML Senior Associate - Machine Learning Scientist – Machine... (Link)

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