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🌐 L&D's Strategic Pivot: AI & Career Growth

AI Prompt Engineering Is Done?

Plus: Robotics $24 Trillion Revenue Potential

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We are stepping into Thursday, let’s start!

ARK Investment Management reveals AI and robotics merging could unlock a staggering $24 trillion market. Even more, research from VMware and Intel Labs has shown that AI is not just keeping pace but actually surpassing human efforts in optimizing tasks. Isn't that something?

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πŸš€ Robotics' Expanding Frontier: A $24T Opportunity
🌐 L&D's Strategic Pivot: AI & Career Growth
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πŸ”₯ A Quick Poll: The Boundaries of AI Art

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What are your views on the intersection of AI and art, and the implications for originality and intellectual property?

We recently conducted a survey on this topic in a Facebook group and received a variety of opinions. The line between stolen art and heavily influenced art appears to be delicate and often challenging to define precisely. We're eager to hear your thoughts

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πŸš€ Robotics' Expanding Frontier: A $24T Opportunity

Source: ARK Invest

According to ARK Investment Management, the fusion of AI with robotics is set to open a vast $24 trillion market, signaling a major economic shift.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI and robotics' fusion expected to spur $24 trillion in revenues.

  • Robotic costs halve with each doubling of production, enhancing accessibility.

  • AI-driven 33-fold surge in robot capabilities revolutionizes performance metrics.

Why it matters: This evolution underscores the critical intersection of AI and robotics as a cornerstone of future economic and productivity landscapes.


🌐 L&D's Strategic Pivot: AI & Career Growth

Source: LinkedIn Report

Strategic L&D initiatives, focusing on AI integration and career growth, are essential for organizational and employee advancement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Prioritizing business alignment and career development in L&D.

  • AI-driven solutions like Simplyhealth's improve customer satisfaction.

  • Investment in L&D remains a focus for leadership.

  • A strong learning culture enhances retention and internal mobility.

  • Data literacy is increasingly vital for L&D professionals.

  • Microlearning trends highlight the shift towards continuous skill development.

Why it matters: Adapting L&D strategies to embrace AI, data literacy, and microlearning is vital for meeting the dynamic needs of the modern workforce.




  • AI shows promise in surpassing human prompt optimization.

  • VMware's study questions the consistency of manual prompting.

  • Intel's NeuroPrompts autonomously optimizes image generation.

  • Language and image models significantly benefit from autotuning.

  • A move towards AI-driven prompt optimization is evident.

  • Tim Cramer speaks on the adaptive future of AI job roles.

  • AI tool slashes manual workload by 90% at JPMorgan.

  • 2,500 corporate clients already using the AI tool.

  • Offers an intuitive AI interface for cash management.

  • JPMorgan may start charging for this successful tool.

  • $1.5 billion business value targeted from AI in 2023.

  • Tony Wimmer's team stresses the importance of human-machine synergy.

  • Generative AI revolutionizes CX service delivery.

  • Salesforce and Forrester highlight AI's pivotal role in CX.

  • Simplyhealth accelerates service with AI-powered responses.

  • TSB Bank employs AI for deeper customer engagement.

  • PepsiCo innovates with AI for better consumer connections.

  • AI maturity and strategic integration remain key challenges.


Glacier received $7.7M from Amazon and New Enterprise Associates to enhance its recycling-focused AI and robotics.

Theia Insights raised $6.5M to advance AI in investments. Supported by Unusual Ventures and others, it offers AI tools for clearer, smarter investment decisions.


  1. πŸ“±Β WebAI* builds AI apps in hours not months. Whether you're building vision models, LLMs, or expert agents - Navigator makes training, tuning, and connecting to data and software components easy. Full code or drag & drop. Designed for everyone.

  2. β­• Exa links AI to the Internet for improved context awareness.

  3. 🎧 Listener.fm uses AI to generate podcast titles, descriptions, and show notes in seconds.

  4. βš™οΈ DATAKU is an advanced data extraction and transformation platform powered by Large Language Models.

  5. πŸ”°Β Descriptionwise writes and publishes product descriptions, titles, and SEO content in just a few clicks.

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


1. βš–οΈ Elon Musk vs. OpenAI: The Lawsuit That Could Change AI Forever (Read more)

2. 🏠 California County tries AI to stop homelessness (Read more)

3. πŸ”₯ DeepMind vets launch Haiper, Sora’s rival (Read more)

4. πŸ€– Scientists over-rely on AI (Read more)

5. πŸ“Έ AI creates fake election photos easily (Read more)

6. πŸ” AI spots kidney failure 6x quicker than experts (Read more)


Building an AI-powered Website with Wix

  1. Start AI Chat: Navigate to the Wix AI section and select "Start chat" to initiate your site setup.

  2. Explore Site with AI: During the chat, share your site's name, a brief about your business, your target audience, and service locations. This information helps the AI tailor your site to your preferences.

  3. Finalize Design via Dashboard: After finishing the AI chat, you'll enter the Wix Dashboard. Here, you can edit your homepage, add more pages, choose a color theme, and make other adjustments to complete your website's design.


A Prompt to Write the Perfect Hook for LinkedIn Post

Imagine you're a social media guru with over two decades of experience in captivating audiences and crafting powerful messages. Your task is to create the ideal opening lines for my post. The start of my post needs that extra spark, the first 1-3 lines that will draw readers in. As someone deeply versed in social media dynamics, you're aware that these opening lines are crucial, making up 80% of a post's effectiveness. It's vital for my role that we nail this.

I'll share my post here [insert your post on a new line], and your mission is to come up with 10 unique and compelling hooks for it. What do we mean by the perfect hook? It's inventive, surprising, and grabs attention. It evokes emotions and stops people in their tracks as they scroll. It's free from complex language, unnecessary fluff, rhetorical questions, and emojis. Great hooks are concise, using straightforward language. They vary in length from one-liners to three-liners, breaking up longer sentences as needed. Your 10 suggestions should each offer a fresh approach.

Keep in mind, hooks should be punchy and impactful, using plain, accessible English. Approach this task one step at a time, aiming for simplicity and clarity.


  • KPMG: Director - Head of AI - Audit Technology (Link)

  • Boeing: Lead Artificial Intelligence Architect (Link)

  • Civil Service: Frontend Developer - AI Safety Institute (Link)

  • RBW Consulting: Head of AI (Link)

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