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  • 🖼️ AI Artwork: The $24B Gold Mine of Creativity

🖼️ AI Artwork: The $24B Gold Mine of Creativity

Awaken the creative potential to get money with AI Art

AI isn't here to replace us. Instead, it helps boost our creativity and grow the economy!

I. Introduction

At our #1 Edition (Chatbots: $27B Industry and How You Can Profit From It), we discussed AI Chatbots which have great earning potential and have taken the spotlight, ranking first on a16z's list of most-visited websites.

Source: a16z

Close behind are content generation tools like Midjourney, which focuses on AI-driven art.

II. Main Content

Online Art Market Overview:

  • Market Size: The Global Online Art market size was $14.38 Billion in 2022.

  • Forecast: It is forecasted to reach $23.79 Billion by 2030.

  • Growth Rate: The Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for the Online Art Industry will be 6.5% from 2023 to 2030.

The potential of AI Artwork

  • Customization and Personalization: AI art tools allow for tailored artwork based on specific inputs, enabling artists and businesses to offer premium, personalized art services.

  • Integration with Modern Technologies: AI art aligns with modern trends like NFTs in crypto art, with some AI-created NFTs fetching millions.

  • Diverse Application Across Industries: AI designs are utilized across sectors, from fashion to entertainment, introducing various revenue opportunities. Businesses may invest in unique AI patterns for branding or promotions.

  • Diverse Application Across Industries: AI art tools create distinct designs not typical for human artists, appealing to buyers desiring non-traditional pieces, often at premium rates.

III. Case Study

  1. The AI artist, Botto, earned $3 million by turning AI-made images into NFTs. It started in October 2021 with its first artwork, Asymmetrical Liberation. Now, after 75 artworks, it's made about $3 million. While its first piece got bids of 79.421 Ethereum, the newest one, Uplifting Outcasts, got 7.425 Ethereum.


  1. Mike Winkelmann’s NFT artwork sold for a whopping $69 million at Christie’s, making him one of the top three living artists in value. This follows a trend: in October 2021, two of his NFTs sold for $66,666.66 each. By December, a series fetched $3.5 million. And recently, an NFT bought for $66,666.66 was resold for $6.6 million.

Mike Winkelmann (Beeple)

  1. In 2018, the AI-created portrait "Edmond de Belamy" sold for a jaw-dropping $432,500 at Christie’s in New York. This blurry portrait of a man, featuring an unclear face, became the most expensive AI artwork.

IV. The Challenges and Risks

Using AI to make art is new and comes with its challenges:

  • Legal issues: Who owns AI-created art? There's no clear rule, leading to potential copyright disputes.

  • Valuing the art: Traditional art's value is based on the artist's skill. For AI, it's about the tech behind it, causing pricing confusion.

  • Uniformity in style: Too much AI might lead to similar art styles, lessening originality.

  • Ethical concerns: AI can create misleading images or deep fakes.

  • Privacy matters: AI uses lots of data. It's important to protect that data and ensure no privacy breaches.

  • Bias issues: AI can sometimes show biases present in its training data, which can be harmful.

V. Top 5 Money-Making Ideas

1. Sell AI Graphics Online

One of our Etsy accounts

Opportunity: Use AI image-generated tools to design and sell graphics online. Popular items include wallpapers, textures, and illustrations. Websites like Creative Market, Etsy, and Shutterstock are great places to sell. Alternatively, set up your own website.


  • Scalability: You can create a variety of products in bulk and sell them online, reaching a wide audience.

  • Passive Income: Once created, digital products can generate income without much ongoing effort.

  • Low Overhead: Minimal costs associated with printing, packaging, and shipping.

  • Diverse Products: You can offer a range of products, catering to different customer preferences.


  • Market Competition: High competition in the digital art market may make it challenging to stand out.

  • Intellectual Property: Potential issues with copyright infringement or plagiarism.

  • Dependence on Trends: Success can be linked to current design trends, which can change rapidly.

2. Create and Sell NFTs Collection

One of our Opensea accounts

Opportunity: Make and sell a collection of NFTs, digital assets stored on a blockchain. Platforms like Ethereum can help. NFTs can be digital art or virtual items. Profit comes from buying, selling, or making them.


  • Ownership Control: NFTs provide artists with more control over their work and its resale.

  • High Potential Returns: Successful NFT sales can lead to significant profits.

  • Global Reach: NFTs can attract collectors worldwide.


  • Environmental Concerns: NFTs on certain blockchains have been criticized for their energy consumption.

  • Market Volatility: NFT prices can be highly volatile, making income unpredictable.

  • Initial Investment: Minting NFTs often requires an initial investment in cryptocurrency and transaction fees.

3. Create AI QR Art Commissions for Businesses

Opportunity: Offer businesses AI-designed art with QR codes. These codes can link to special deals or brand content. Pricing depends on the artwork's complexity and the QR code's use.


  • Tailored Work: You can create art that specifically meets the needs and preferences of clients.

  • Steady Income: Commissions provide a more predictable income source.

  • Relationship Building: Building relationships with businesses can lead to repeat commissions.


  • Time-Consuming: Custom work can be time-consuming and may limit your ability to take on other projects.

  • Client Expectations: Meeting client expectations can be challenging and stressful.

  • Limited Reproducibility: Custom work may not be easily reproducible or scalable.

4. Provide Licensing to Businesses:

Opportunity: Let companies use your AI artwork for their advertising, packaging, or online content. Charge them based on how and where they use the art.


  • Steady Income: Licensing agreements can provide a consistent income stream.

  • Protects Your Work: Licensing allows you to maintain ownership and control over your artwork.

  • Diverse Use Cases: Businesses may use your art for various purposes, such as marketing, branding, or products.


  • Limited Control: You may have limited control over how your art is used once licensed.

  • Legal Complexities: Licensing agreements can involve legal complexities and negotiations.

  • Market Size: Finding businesses willing to license AI-generated art can be challenging.

5. Create and Sell Coloring Books

Opportunity: Use AI to make line art, then sell coloring books on Etsy. Sites like Canva can help design your book. Clearly mention that buyers are purchasing a downloadable file.


  • Popular Medium: Coloring books are a well-established and popular form of entertainment.

  • Diverse Audience: Coloring books can appeal to both children and adults, broadening your potential market.

  • Physical Products: Physical coloring books can be sold in stores or online.


  • Artistic Constraints: Creating line art suitable for coloring books may require specific design considerations.

  • Production Costs: Printing and publishing physical coloring books can be costly.

  • Competition: The coloring book market can be competitive, and standing out may be challenging.

VI. Top 5 AI Tools to Generate Artwork

1. Midjourney: Midjourney is an AI service that transforms text into images, from realistic to abstract. It's known for producing high-quality pictures.

2. AIQrArt: AIQrArt is a platform that combines art and technology to offer unique, AI-generated QR codes. It enhances brand identity with customizable QR art, providing analytics, diverse templates, and personalization features for various industries and use cases.

3. Stable diffusion: Stable Diffusion is a tool that uses deep learning to turn prompts into quality artwork. You give it a description, and it creates a matching image.

4. OpenSea: OpenSea is a big NFT marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can buy, sell, and swap items like art, cards, and domain names.

5. Adobe Firefly: Adobe Firefly is an AI tool by Adobe for their Creative Cloud apps. You can use it online or in the latest Photoshop version.

6.Photoshop Generative Fill: Add, remove, or expand content in images right in Adobe Photoshop with simple text prompts powered by Adobe Firefly generative AI.

VII. Step-by-Step Guide: Generate Creative Product with Midjourney

Stunning Coloring Book

Got your theme and ideas? Put them into Midjourney using words like coloring book, black and white, and no fill. Remember to pick your image shape (aspect ratio) first and keep it consistent for all pictures.

Example prompt: Coloring book style country house, no fill, no black solids, white background, detailed house with western style in the style of Vincent Van Gogh, well composed, black and white, white background, single line, No dither, --ar 4:5

Logo Designs

Here are some words for logo ideas: minimalist line, emblem, simple, flat icon. Add a white background for easy removal later.

Once you have the main image with no background, you can use design tools like Canva (get a 30-day free trial here) to add text and more details.

Example prompt: minimalist logo of a husky dog, flat icon, white background


For sticker designs, try using terms like die-cut, sticker design, and white background. Besides stickers, your designs can be used for digital items like vectors and icons or printed things like cards.

Example prompt: a husky dog, sticker design, white background, die-cut

VIII. Wrapping Up

Art has always symbolized human creativity. With AI tools, like those contributing to the USD 301.7 million market in 2022, we can amplify our artistic capabilities. However, our natural creativity remains irreplaceable. By blending our imagination with AI's power, we can craft unique, profitable masterpieces, reshaping the art world.

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