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  • 🤖 The Secrets of Your LLM Tokens

🤖 The Secrets of Your LLM Tokens

Stability AI In Unstable Future

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Plus: Stability AI In Unstable Future

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Ever wondered how to use tokens both effectively and economically? This latest study reveals key insights on maximizing LLM token efficiency, essential for managing costs in AI projects. Plus, we're diving into why Stability AI has hit a rough patch. Curious? Click to learn more and join the conversation.

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🌐 From Evolution to AI Excellence: Sakana AI's Journey

Exploring Sakana AI's innovative use of evolutionary algorithms for automating AI model development.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sakana AI employs evolution-inspired techniques for model development.

  • Evolutionary Model Merge taps into the potential of Hugging Face's extensive model library.

  • Success stories include a state-of-the-art Japanese Math LLM and Vision-Language Model.

  • Japanese-capable SDXL model demonstrates the method's effectiveness in image generation.

  • The project yields three major foundation models specifically designed for Japan.

Why it matters: Sakana AI's evolutionary approach not only breaks new ground in AI model development but also signifies a move towards more personalized and culturally sensitive AI technologies.


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💡 Optimize AI Costs: Know Your LLM's Tokens

Source: Peter Gostev

The study sheds light on LLM token efficiency, which is crucial for cost management in AI projects.

Key Takeaways:

  • GPT-4 leads in efficiency for English and Python, reducing token costs.

  • Gemini offers significant token savings in non-English languages like French, Chinese, and Hebrew.

  • Using Claude 3 for Python may increase token costs by 25%.

  • Llama 2 and Mistral rank lower in token efficiency tests.

  • Tokenization efficiency doesn't always equal better model performance.

  • Results suggest wider testing for conclusive efficiency data.

Why it matters: The study highlights the importance of token efficiency for optimizing AI development costs, especially in multilingual contexts, emphasizing informed LLM selection.




  • Emad Mostaque steps down as CEO and board member.

  • Advocates for decentralized AI against centralized models.

  • Shan Shan Wong and Christian Laforte step in as interim co-CEOs.

  • Departure amid financial strain and unsuccessful funding efforts.

  • Emphasizes transparent & distributed governance in AI.

Our POV: When AI Meets Blockchain. Time for Big Earnings! In the bull run season of crypto, there's a chance to make good money. He's keeping ahead of the game, as always!

  • Amazon's VP Vishal Sharma predicts personal AGI for everyone.

  • Alexa is a building block for personalized AGI systems.

  • AGI is seen as a series of developments, not a sudden breakthrough.

  • Privacy and control challenges parallel social media concerns.

  • Amazon aims to provide infrastructure for a personalized AGI world.

  • Sharma envisions AGI as an 'age of abundance'.

  • BBC tested generative AI for Doctor Who marketing.

  • Faced strong objections from the Doctor Who community.

  • Discontinued AI use for Doctor Who promotions.

  • Used AI for two marketing emails and notifications.

  • Ensured human review of AI-generated content.

  • No future plans to use AI for Doctor Who.

  • Hollywood unions have been taking a stance against AI usage in filmmaking.

  • The WGA is voting on an agreement disallowing AI content in writers' rooms.

  • AI has already made appearances in films like 'Late Night with the Devil'.


Eliyan, a tech company, has successfully gathered $60 million to improve its AI chip technology. This technology connects tiny chip parts, making AI chips work faster and more efficiently.


Find out how people use Generative AI for different things like coming up with ideas, making Excel spreadsheets, making deals, and finding friends:

  • 23% ask for tech help

  • 22% make stuff

  • 17% ask for advice

  • 15% learn new things


  1. 👉 Butternut AI is the world's first AI-powered website builder that creates full-fledged, multi-page websites from a single prompt.

  2. 📲 SEO AI Writer automates blog content creation by analyzing top Google search results

  3. 🍀 DataMotto automates the tedious task of preprocessing, cleansing, and enriching your data, saving you hours of work.

  4. 🗃️ Odeist establishes a social media presence with AI

  5. 📥 Publicview is AI-powered stock market research.


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Create Your Own 360° Environments

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  3. Refine Your Idea: Use the ‘Negative Prompt’ to remove elements you don’t want, and ‘Enhance Prompt’ to add more detail to your idea.

  4. Create Your Scene: Press the ‘generate’ button to bring your vision to life.


AI Elements Periodic Table


  • King: Senior Data Scientist (AI/ML) | Candy Core Gameplay (Link)

  • Nigel Frank International Limited: AI Consultant (Link)

  • BSI: Sales Manager Artificial Intelligence, Regulatory Services - EMEA (Link)

  • Recruiting from Scratch: Machine Learning Engineer, AI Video Ads (Link)

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