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πŸ€– AI Will Prompt You Instead?

AI Ranks Low in Smartphone Upgrades

Plus: AI Ranks Low in Smartphone Upgrades

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According to ex-OpenAI researcher Aschenbrenner, a big AI leap is expected by 2027, which will significantly impact the economy and military. Scroll down for more!

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πŸ€– Generative AI: A New Consumer Operating System

Source: ARK

Generative AI is paving the way for a new generation of consumer hardware and simplified human-computer interactions.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI is driving a redesign of smartphones and new wearables.

  • 50% of the US internet user base to adopt AI-enabled hardware in four years.

  • AI agents streamline commerce, saving consumers time and effort.

  • AI to facilitate $9 trillion in global consumption by 2030.

  • AI agent advertising will capture 75% of ad intermediation revenue by 2030.

Why it matters: New companies can win by making user-friendly, innovative products. The slow adoption of new AI wearables shows a new market. Meeting consumer needs with flexible, integrated designs can attract loyal customers.


πŸ’‘ AI's Big Opportunity for Payers

Source: McKinsey

AI can lower costs and increase revenue for health payers, but many are yet to act on this potential.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI can reduce administrative costs by 13-25% and medical costs by 5-11%.

  • Revenue could rise by 3-12% with AI.

  • High medical service use and cost negotiations are pressuring payers.

  • Medicare Advantage reimbursement rates are under significant pressure.

  • Successful AI adoption requires addressing six key areas including technology and data.

  • Incremental approaches will yield only minor savings.

Why it matters: For payers, AI adoption is essential to manage rising costs and improve efficiency, ensuring they stay competitive in a challenging economic environment.



πŸ”„ Microsoft’s chief scientist Jaime Teevan predicts AI will shift from responding to prompts to asking users questions, improving productivity and creativity.

How Confident Are You in Your AI Prompting Skills?

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πŸ“± Tim Cook to announce a deal with OpenAI at WWDC, integrating ChatGPT into iPhones, marking Apple's bold step into generative AI and internet dominance.

πŸ–ΌοΈ Shutterstock, generating $104 million from AI licenses in 2023, boasts 771 million images, 54 million videos, 4 million audio tracks, and 1 million 3D figures, enhanced by acquisitions like Pond5 and Giphy.

πŸ’Ό Leopold Aschenbrenner claims he was fired from OpenAI for sharing a memo about security concerns and later a brainstorming document with external researchers.

🧬 AI has shown higher accuracy than traditional animal testing in some cases, highlighting its potential to transform drug safety testing and reduce reliance on animal models.

πŸ”” Ex-OpenAI researcher Aschenbrenner predicts another GPT-2 to GPT-4 level jump by 2027, leading to rapid AGI development and economic, and military impacts.



Twelve Labs Inc. raised $50 million from New Enterprise Associates and NVentures. Their AI models help users find specific video moments and generate text summaries.



  1. πŸ’¬Β Fibery helps you collect user feedback and market signals, use AI to identify top insights and unite discovery with development.

  2. 🧩 Underlord is a powerful AI editing assistant that helps you make human content at inhuman speed.

  3. ✏️ DevRev Customer Experience AI Agent is a powered search for your app and website.

  4. βœ…Β Time Tracking is AI time tracking & resource planning for workload insights.

  5. πŸ“¬ Crewting turns isolated remote workers into connected teams with AI-matching


1. πŸ“° Top news app shares false AI-generated stories (Read more)

2. 🧬 AI finds new antibiotics in the study (Read more)

3. 🎧 Spotify might get Gemini Extension soon (Read more)

4. πŸ“ˆ Apple hits $3 trillion as AI iPhone hype grows (Read more)

5. πŸ”’ OpenAI: Secure setup for advanced AI model training (Read more)

6. πŸ“ Raspberry Pi joins the AI revolution (Read more)


Will a smarter Siri make people buy a new iPhone? Probably not. A Bloomberg Intelligence poll showed only 7% of 568 US respondents care about AI features in their next device. Battery life (45%) and price (40%) matter more. People are keeping their phones longer due to high prices and good quality. On the bright side for Apple, 94% of current iPhone owners stick with the brand when they upgrade.


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Talk to ChatGPT in Background

  1. To access it, open the ChatGPT app and click on Settings.

  2. Scroll down to "Voice Mode" and turn on "Background Conversations."

  3. Make sure you have the latest update. If you don't see it, the feature might not be available for your account yet.


A Prompt to Ideate Your Email Series

Generate ideas for my next three email campaigns to my subscriber list. Focus on adding value with engaging content that will keep my audience interested and lead them to take the action of [describe your main CTA]. The three emails should follow the β€œproblem, agitation, solution” framework: email one describes a problem my target audience faces, email two elaborates on how this problem affects their life, and email three introduces the solution my business provides.

Based on [description of the target customer], create three options for the problem to address. I will choose one of these options for the first series of three emails. Please ensure the content is compelling and relevant to the interests and needs of my subscribers. The goal is to not only engage them but also motivate them to take action.


Create an image of [character description] featured in a wild west cowboy setting on a "Wanted" poster. The poster should have an aged, weathered look with torn edges and old paper texture. The image should show in typical wild west attire, such as a cowboy hat, a bandana, and a rugged outfit. The expression should be confident and daring. The background should include elements like a saloon, cacti, and a desert landscape to enhance the wild west atmosphere. The text on the poster should say "WANTED" at the top, with [name] and a reward amount below the image. The overall vibe should evoke the gritty, adventurous spirit of the wild west. Shot by Hasselblad X1D.



  • Spectrum IT Recruitment: Contract AI Software Developer (Link)

  • Companion Group: AI Game Developer (Link)

  • Barrington James: Head of Artificial Intelligence (Link)

  • Aiven: Senior Product Marketing Manager, AI Services (Link)


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β€œI stopped watching the news, so sick of the bias. Was searching for an alternative that would just tell me WHAT happened, with NO editorializing. I found it. It’s called 1440. It assumes you are smart enough to form your own opinions.”


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