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⚙️ AWS PartyRock: Shaping the Future of AI Apps

Let impress your employers

Plus: Let impress your employers

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Hope you're having a warm and joyful day with your family.

While we wait for updates from OpenAI's meeting, check out Amazon's PartyRock, similar to our GPT-Store, for building your own AI bots.

And remember, a well-crafted resume can boost your interview chances by 316% - we've got tips for that too! Stay connected for more AI adventures! 🚀

What are on FIREEE 🔥

⚙️ AWS PartyRock: Shaping the Future of AI Apps
🌐 Chip Ban's Impact on China's AI Landscape
🔍 EU Debates AI Regulations Amid Tech Concerns
👁️ AI Imagery: Challenging Digital Truths
📅 Nvidia's AI Chip Launch in China Delayed
⚡ 5 AI Quick Hits
💸 Daily AI Fundraising
🏅 Top AI tools
✏️ Tutorial: Impress Employers with Your Professional Resume
🎯 A Prompt for Film Photography
💼 4 AI Jobs

Simplified: Revolutionizing Your Writing Experience

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⚙️ AWS PartyRock: Shaping the Future of AI Apps

AWS challenges OpenAI with PartyRock, a no-code platform simplifying generative AI app creation.

Key Takeaways:

  • PartyRock, AWS's no-code generative AI app builder, offers an alternative to OpenAI’s GPT builder.

  • Designed for broad accessibility, it focuses on easy text and image generation with AI models.

  • The platform features LLMs from AI21 Labs and other prominent developers, ensuring diverse AI capabilities.

  • PartyRock's free and straightforward approach contrasts with OpenAI's paid, subscription-based model.

  • Its community-driven features, like the #partyrockplayground hashtag, foster collaborative AI learning.

Why it matters: PartyRock's launch marks a crucial development in AI, potentially

🌐 Chip Ban's Impact on China's AI Landscape

US export restrictions on chips challenge China's AI sector, creating disparities between large companies and emerging startups.

Key Takeaways:

  • Baidu, ByteDance, Tencent, and Alibaba ordered 100,000 units of A800 processors from Nvidia.

  • Baidu's CEO Robin Li discussed the chip reserve, which will support AI development for the next year or two.

  • Startups like 01.AI, backed by Kai-Fu Lee, are overcoming challenges through substantial investments.

  • Baidu launched Ernie Bot 4, claiming to match GPT-4's capabilities.

  • The industry might soon enter a consolidation stage due to chip scarcity and high investment demands.

  • Smaller AI firms are settling for less powerful processors not under US export controls.

  • The Financial Times reported the chip orders costing up to $4 billion.

Why it matters: The dynamics of China's AI industry are shifting, with larger companies maintaining their technological edge while smaller startups face barriers to entry.

🔍 EU Debates AI Regulations Amid Tech Concerns

Tech giants in the EU, like Google and Airbus, argue for moderate AI regulations to ensure innovation and startup growth.

Key takeaways:

  • Companies like Airbus, Apple, and Google stress the need for moderate AI regulation in the EU.

  • DigitalEurope emphasizes the potential of AI foundation models for European innovation.

  • The EU faces a crucial decision in AI regulations, impacting both established companies and emerging startups.

  • Concerns are raised about over-regulation leading to the loss of innovative AI startups in Europe.

  • The EU's AI rules could set a precedent for global AI regulation.

  • Only 3% of the world's AI unicorns are from the European Union.

  • France, Germany, and Italy propose limiting AI rules to transparency requirements.

  • Potential clashes with existing legislation, particularly in healthcare, are highlighted.

Why it matters: The EU's regulatory stance on AI will significantly influence the region's role in global AI development and the survival of its burgeoning AI startups.

👁️ AI Imagery: Challenging Digital Truths

Source: An AI-generated fake photo, labeled by The Washington Post, of a wounded Israeli woman clinging to a soldier can be found on Adobe Stock. (Adobe)

Adobe Stock's policy against AI-generated images aims to safeguard the authenticity of online media.

Key takeaways:

  • AI-generated images on sites like Adobe Stock blur the line between reality and fiction.

  • These images often depict sensitive subjects like war zones and protests.

  • Adobe Stock announced a crackdown on AI images depicting real events.

  • Adobe's policy change aims to prevent the misleading use of these images.

  • Mislabeling of AI images poses a challenge to content authenticity.

  • AI images of the Gaza and Ukraine wars were particularly misleading.

  • The spread of AI images affects news consumption and social media.

  • Getty Images bans AI-generated images, contrasting Adobe's approach.

Why it matters: The proliferation of AI-generated images in digital media necessitates stringent measures to preserve the integrity of visual content.

📅 Nvidia's AI Chip Launch in China Delayed

Source: Reuters

The launch of Nvidia's H20 AI chip in China is delayed, aligning with U.S. export regulations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nvidia's H20 AI chip launch in China is postponed to Q1 2023, adhering to U.S. export rules.

  • The H20 chip is a key part of Nvidia's China-specific lineup, which also includes L20 and L2.

  • Delay due to server integration issues poses a challenge to Nvidia's market position.

  • This postponement could give an edge to local AI chip manufacturers like Huawei.

Why it matters: The delay in Nvidia's H20 AI chip launch reflects the growing complexities and geopolitical influences in the global AI technology sector.

The AI Quick Hits

1. ☔️ AI refines satellite rainfall data (Read More)

2. 🏎️ FIA adopts AI for F1 track limits (Read more)

3. 🤖 AI robot cleans messy bedrooms (Read more)

4. 🧠 AI aims to better ID brain tumors (Read more)

5. 📈 Google Meet can detect if someone raises their hand (Read More)

💸 Daily AI Fundraising

Fidelity International raised $700 million for its first bond fund in China, entering the $3.8 trillion market - The company is now seeking regulatory changes to enhance its operations in China.

The UK government is investing £500 million to advance AI development - Aiming to position the UK as a leading tech nation. This funding will support new innovation centers and AI research.

🏅 Top AI tools

Top Products Launching Today in Product Hunt

1. 🆕 EraseID crafts unique faces for diverse campaigns, marketing, and A/B tests, bypassing photo shoots, stock models, and release issues.

2. 🛍️ Eesee offers CryptoPunks at 20% off. eesee revolutionizes NFT trading, lowering costs, accelerating sales, and boosting community growth. It's a win for everyone

3. 💼 Revert's unified API streamlines product integration for developers. Easily integrate and manage multiple third-party APIs across various functions through one platform.

4. 🌟 AI Fashion Model Generator creates AI clothing brand models instantly. Boost eCommerce with consistent, on-brand photos. Diverse models, all copyright-free.

5. 💡 Fork launches app tech stacks, aids in sales lead generation, and offers detailed company info for prospecting, research, and partnerships.

New Empowered AI Tool

6. 🚀 UI Faces is a website that offers a growing library of free, AI-generated, high-resolution avatars for design mockups.

7. 🔥 North is an AI-based OKR + Project Management platform designed to help teams go from output to outcome.

8. 🎁 EchoFox is an AI sales assistant that works 24/7 to close deals and provide customer support on autopilot.

9. 📦 DearAI offers a unique service that uses artificial intelligence to generate various types of personalized letters. Here's a summary of its key

10. 💯 Mojju is creating powerful custom GPTs for OpenAI. Crafted by a skilled AI team, it offers a range of proven solutions including GPTs integrated with Zapier and Stable Diffusion!

✏️ Tutorial: Impress Employers with Your Professional Resume

1. Access Rezi to create a resume

2. Describe Your Dream Job

→ Type in your desired job title and click 'Continue'. This helps customize your resume.

3. Save Your Details

→ Enter your personal information and save it.

4. Add Experience

→ Detail Your Work History: List your past jobs and what you achieved there.

→ Let Rezi's AI Assist: Rezi's AI will suggest improvements for this section.

5. List Your Skills

→ In the 'Skills' section, add your skills and let Rezi optimize them.

6. Finish Your Resume

→ Click 'Finish up' to get your professionally compiled resume.

🎯 A Prompt for Film Photography

This prompt is perfect for capturing both portraits and scenes. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, these prompts ensure stunning visual results with minimal words.

[subject] [scene], in the style of moody lighting, jonathan wolstenholme, sony alpha a7 iii, dark [color] and dark [color], rtx on, queencore --ar 21:10 --s 750

💼 AI Jobs

  • Anson McCade: AI/Data Science Specialist (Link)

  • InstaDeep: Computational Geneticist with AI Focus (Link)

  • Nicholson Glover: Data Scientist | AI Tech Start-Up (Link)

  • Google DeepMind: Research and Intelligence Policy Manager, AI Ethics (Link)

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