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  • 📉 ChatGPT's Traffic Dips, But School Season Holds Promise!

📉 ChatGPT's Traffic Dips, But School Season Holds Promise!

BONUS: Anthropic launches Claude Pro; an AI song was nominated for a Grammy

BONUS: Anthropic launches Claude Pro; an AI song was nominated for a Grammy

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🦾 Anthropic Introduces Paid Plan for Claude Chatbot!
📉 ChatGPT's Traffic Dips, But School Season Holds Promise!
🎧 AI-Generated Drake Track Eyes Grammy Nomination!
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🛠️ Tutorial: Generate 2D to 3D with LeiaPix
🕹️ 5 AI Tools to Start Building Your Own Website
🎯How to Use ChatGPT to Discover Unique Money-Making Strategies
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🦾 Anthropic Introduces Paid Plan for Claude Chatbot!

Source: Anthropic

AI startup, Anthropic, unveils a premium version of its Claude 2 chatbot, offering users more features and advanced capabilities. Available initially in the U.S. and U.K., this move is set to redefine AI-powered conversations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Anthropic releases Claude Pro: The new subscription plan for the Claude 2 chatbot service, now available in the U.S. and U.K.

  • Benefits abound: Subscribers will enjoy extended conversations, the capacity to send more messages, priority access during peak times, and first dibs on fresh updates.

  • Limits remain: Users will get warnings as they approach their 10-message threshold, but these restrictions reset every eight hours.

  • Competing with ChatGPT: Claude 2 allows a user to send 100 messages per eight hours, a significant increase from ChatGPT Plus's 50 messages every three hours.

A human-touched comparison of these AI titans

  • Funding goals: With an impressive $1.45 billion already raised, Anthropic aims for an ambitious $5 billion over two years to fulfill its AI dreams.

  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Anthropic focuses on creating reliable AI models that give accurate answers and are free of toxic behaviors, ensuring safe and respectful interactions.

📉 ChatGPT's Traffic Dips, But School Season Holds Promise!

Source: Reuters

OpenAI's famous AI chatbot, ChatGPT, witnessed a drop in website visits for the third consecutive month in August. However, as schools reopen, there's hope for a revival.

Key takeaways:

  • Traffic drops: ChatGPT's site visits fell by 3.2% to 1.43 billion in August, continuing the trend from the last two months.

  • User engagement reduces: The average time users spent on ChatGPT’s website has decreased since March, going from 8.7 to 7 minutes in August.

  • Unique visitor count: In August, worldwide unique visitors to ChatGPT slightly increased to 180.5 million from 180 million.

  • Back to school boost: With American schools reopening, ChatGPT's U.S. traffic saw a small uptick. Students seeking homework assistance drive part of this growth.

  • ChatGPT's popularity: Launched in November, ChatGPT quickly amassed 100 million monthly users by January. It ranks among the world's top 30 websites.

  • Competition and monetization: Competitors like Google's Bard chatbot have emerged. While ChatGPT offers free services, it also promotes a $20 monthly premium subscription. OpenAI also collaborates with Microsoft, which invested over $10 billion in the company.

🎧 AI-Generated Drake Track Eyes Grammy Nomination!

Source: Cointelegraph

A trending song featuring an AI-generated vocal of rapper Drake is in the race for a Grammy award. This comes after recent Grammy rule updates about AI in music.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI in Music: An AI-produced vocal track of Drake, titled "Heart on My Sleeve," was submitted for Grammy award consideration by the anonymous "Ghostwriter."

  • Grammy Categories: The track is vying for two awards: Best Rap Song and Song of the Year, both attributed to the human songwriter.

  • Grammy’s Stance on AI: Earlier this year, the Grammys ruled that music with AI parts could win awards if the nominated category represents a human's work.

  • Eligibility: Grammy CEO, Harvey Mason Jr., emphasized that songs with AI components are "absolutely eligible" for nominations, but should have been commercially available.

  • Streaming Controversy: Despite its initial presence on streaming services, "Heart on My Sleeve" was pulled off, hinting at potential copyright issues surrounding AI in music.

  • Copyright Actions: Universal Music Group recently urged platforms like Spotify and Apple Music to block AI from extracting copyrighted melodies and lyrics. Spotify heightened its vigilance against potential copyright infringements.

💸 Daily AI Fundraising

Ello secured $15 million to use AI to combat childhood illiteracy and improve product access - Goodwater Capital, a key investor, praises Ello's unique efforts in one-on-one AI tutoring for effective learning.

Imbue, previously Generally Intelligent, secured $200 million in Series B funding, valuing it over $1 billion - Key participants include Astera Institute, Nvidia, and Notion's Simon Last. This boosts Imbue's total funds to $220 million, ranking it close to leading AI startups like AI21 Labs and Cohere.

🛠️ Tutorial: Generate 2D to 3D with LeiaPix

LeiaPix Converter is a free tool that turns 2D pictures into amazing 3D images. You can save them in various formats like Leia Image, Side-By-Side 3D, and more.

1. Access convert.leiapix.com → Upload your image

2. Basic setting → Length, animation style, Motion, Focus Point

3. Adjust the 'Amplitude' and 'Phase' to make your 3D design more lively

4. Deep Map Brush helps deep dive into every single detail, background to create depth

5. Save the format you want, upload and wait for the BOOM!

🕹️ 5 Best Free ChatGPT Alternatives!

The best AI chatbot overall, an AI chatbot that works like a search engine with up-to-date information on current events, links back to sources, and is free and easy to use.

An AI chatbot is the best choice for experimenting or playing around with a chatbot as it provides suggestions for prompts and is easy to use.

An AI chatbot that can give you free, specific writing advice and generate text for essays, resumes, cover letters, and more.

The best AI chatbot for kids and students, offering educational, fun graphics. It has a unique scanning worksheet feature to generate curated answers, making it a useful tool to help children understand concepts they are learning in school.

An AI chatbot is best for someone interested in building or exploring how to build their very own chatbot.

🎯How to Use ChatGPT to Discover Unique Money-Making Strategies 

This prompt helps you find fresh money-making methods for a standout offer

Example prompt

I need your advice with coming up with unconventional ways to monetize my business.



Most competitors monetize like this:



But I want to go in a more unconventional direction.

Come up with 10 unique, contrarian, ways to monetize my business.

Here’s what I got!

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Top AI infographics and cheat sheets: Tools, Courses, ChatGPT, Midjourney, Prompts,…

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