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🍎 AI = Apple Intelligence

The UK's first AI MP


Plus: Musk bans Apple?

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Apple just released an update called Apple Intelligence, enhancing our experience with Apple products and ChatGPT. However, there's a twist—Elon Musk warns he'll ban Apple products if they integrate ChatGPT. What makes Musk so afraid of this product? Let's find out more.

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🤖 The Rise of AI Agent Infrastructure


Source: Madrona

AI agents are now available as services, making them more accessible for developers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tools like Flowplay, Wordware, and Rift support common design patterns.

  • Hand-crafted agents offer functionalities like UI automation.

  • Browser infrastructure companies like Browserbase and Apify simplify web interactions.

  • Vector stores like Pinecone and Weaviate support shared memory.

  • Auth management tools like Anon.com and Mindware enhance security.

Why it matters: AI agent infrastructure advancements, including secure authentication and scalable hosting, are crucial for widespread adoption. Hosting services like LangChain enable developers to manage AI agents more efficiently, ensuring robust and scalable AI solutions.


🚀 Gen AI Boom in Asia Pacific


Source: Deloitte

Younger generations in the Asia Pacific are rapidly adopting generative AI, pushing employers to adapt to this technological shift.

Key Takeaways:

  • 11,900 individuals surveyed highlight gen AI adoption.

  • 81% of university students and 62% of employees use gen AI.

  • Developing economies lead gen AI adoption by 30%.

  • 45% of users invest saved time in learning new skills.

  • 73% of users report improved work quality with gen AI.

  • Nearly 75% of businesses lag in gen AI adoption.

Why it matters: The widespread adoption of generative AI is significantly improving work efficiency and quality. Businesses must keep pace with these changes to avoid falling behind and to leverage the full potential of this technology



🍎 Apple introduces Apple Intelligence, integrating generative AI into iPhone, iPad, and Mac with iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia. Below are some features you must try:

  • Writing tools let users rewrite, proofread, and summarize text anywhere, enhancing clarity and style.

  • Image Playground helps users create images quickly in Animation, Illustration, or Sketch styles, integrated into several apps.

  • Siri improvements make it more natural, contextually aware, and capable of performing hundreds of new tasks across apps.

  • ChatGPT integration allows Siri to access broader knowledge and capabilities, also available in systemwide Writing Tools for content generation.

📱 Elon Musk threatens to ban Apple products from his companies if ChatGPT is integrated into Apple devices.


What makes Musk so afraid of this product?

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🔒 How Apple Intelligence could avoid Microsoft and Google's AI mistakes

🏛️ Steve Endacott aims to be the UK's first AI MP in Brighton Pavilion, using an AI avatar to interact with constituents.

🧠 Claude's character was integrated using a 'character' variant of Constitutional AI training, focusing on alignment without human feedback."




Videra Health raised $5.6M in funding led by Peterson Ventures. This will expand their AI-driven platform for better mental health screening and monitoring.




  1. 👥 OpinioAI discovers what makes your customers tick, instantly

  2. 🖥️ Peek is AI organizer and workspace for your browser tabs

  3. ⚙️ Reliv is the quickest QA automation for startups

  4. 📊 MindMatrix is AI mindmap generator tool with a few clicks.

  5. HubSpot AI increases productivity and accelerates growth with AI-powered features


1. 🎥 After Scarlett Johansson Dustup, AI group urges Congress to ban deepfakes (Read more)

2. 🤖 Top 10 AI APIs for developers (Read more)

3. 🧠 Concise prompts save 20% on AI costs (Read more)

4. 📄 Google DeepMind says open-endedness is key to superhuman AI (Read more)

5. 📈 AI can pick stocks better than you can (Read more)


As computational demands increase, training costs for AI models are increasing. OpenAI’s GPT-4 cost $78.4M to train, while Google’s Gemini Ultra cost $191M. AI companies are rethinking strategies to combat rising expenses, such as developing smaller models for specific tasks and experimenting with synthetic data, though a clear breakthrough is still needed.


Run Your Code with Codestral Model

  • Sign up for a free account or log in at Mistral's Le Chat platform.

  • Choose "Codestral" from the "Models" menu.

  • Enter your coding prompt or question, and Codestral will create code snippets for you.

  • Copy the code and go to Replit’s Python Online Compiler.

  • Click “+ Create Repl” (if needed), paste the code on the left side, and press “Run.”


A Prompt to Analyze Anyone’s Expression

This is the image of [name], who works as [job/profession] and is in a [type of relationship, e.g., married, single, in a partnership].

Analyze this image and provide a comprehensive assessment of this person based on their facial expression, body language, attire, surroundings, and any other observable details. Evaluate their happiness, health, and emotional well-being. Describe the emotions they are displaying or possibly concealing, and provide insights into their overall disposition from the picture. Additionally, consider how their environment or context might influence their mood and behavior.


A vintage poster featuring [character and scene description]. The style evokes the nostalgic charm of 1930s advertising posters, characterized by bold colors, intricate textures, and detailed artistry. This artwork beautifully captures the essence and aesthetic of a bygone era, bringing a touch of vintage elegance to the scene.


  • Boston Consulting Group: AI Solutions Architect - Platinion (Link)

  • Rocket Lawyer UK: AI/ML Software Engineer (Link)

  • Pwc UK: Digital Audit - Senior Associate - Gen AI Pod (Link)

  • Capgemini Invent: AI Regulation & Governance Senior/Managing Consultant (Link)

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