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  • 🎧 Audiobook: 56% of Americans Under Age 45 are Your Potential Customers

🎧 Audiobook: 56% of Americans Under Age 45 are Your Potential Customers

You're just a play button away from capitalizing on it!

“Audio routines” are becoming a big part of our daily lives. Instead of the usual reading or watching, many prefer listening because it's hands-free and doesn't need constant attention. That's why audiobooks have such great money-making potential

I. Introduction

In today's fast-paced world, audiobooks, valued at an expected USD 35.1 billion by 2032, offer a convenient and digital way to consume literature. Perfect for multitaskers, those with reading challenges, or non-English speakers, they blend modern tech with the timeless joy of storytelling

II. Main Content

Global Audiobook Market Overview:

  • Size in 2022: The audiobook market made USD 5,4B in 2022.

  • Growth Rate: It will grow by 26.3% each year from 2023 to 2030.

  • Most Listeners: Adults listened to audiobooks the most, making up 78% of the total in 2022.

  • Popular Type: Fiction audiobooks were the most popular, making up 64% of the total in 2022.

  • Top Region: North America was the biggest market for audiobooks, with 45% of the total in 2022.

Google Trends results for the keyword "Audiobook" in the US from 2004 to the present.

  • Top Related Search Queries (in the US - Past 12 months): “free audiobook“ (100), “best audiobook“ (20), “audioboooks“ (19), “audible“ (18), “audiobook narrator” (8)

  • Rising Related Search Queries (in the US - Past 12 months): “saving nora audiobook”, “fourth wing audiobook”, “tress of the emerald sea audiobook”, “saving nora audiobook”, “free trees of the emerald sea audiobook”

Why Audiobook?

  • Popularity: More people are tuning into audiobooks thanks to popular platforms like Audible. In fact, over half of adults are now listening instead of reading.

  • For Everyone: Audiobooks are a blessing for those with sight challenges or reading difficulties, reaching listeners that regular books might miss.

  • Multitasking Appeal: We all juggle many tasks these days. Audiobooks let us enjoy stories or learn new things while we're on the move or doing chores.

  • Cost-Effective: After the first recording, there are no extra costs like with printed books. And with today's tech, making a top-notch audiobook at home is both easy and affordable.

The Impact of COVID-19: Governments worldwide asked people to stay home to prevent the virus from spreading. This led to more people listening to audiobooks as they sought ways to entertain themselves at home.

III. Expert Tips & Tricks

  • Choose the Right AI Voiceover Generator: Start by picking an AI voiceover generator that fits all your needs. Check the variety of voices, language options, and quality of voice support. Understand their charges and ensure they have good customer support.

  • Structure Your Script: Prepare a well-organized script. Divide it into chapters and blocks, ensuring it’s grammatically correct and clear.

  • Use Short, Simple Sentences: Keep sentences brief and simple. Short sentences make the voiceover lively and are easier to manage.

  • Pick the Appropriate Voice: Select a voice and accent that matches your content and brand. Feel free to experiment and change the voice as needed.

  • Adjust the Voice Speed: Find the right balance in voiceover speed to maintain listener interest and understanding.

  • Add Enough Pauses: Incorporate pauses for a realistic and clear voiceover, ensuring listeners can absorb the information.

  • Ensure Correct Pronunciation: Adjust pronunciation settings for clarity, especially for unique words or names.

  • Different Voices for Different Dialogues: Use varied voices for different dialogues, adding background music and sound effects for a professional touch.

  • Include Subtitles: Provide subtitles for enhanced understanding, especially in noisy environments or where audio isn’t feasible.

  • Preview Before Publishing: Always preview the audio to ensure it meets your expectations, making changes as necessary.

IV. Top 4 Money-Making Ideas

1. Turn Text to Voice:

Use AI tools to change your words into audiobooks. Great for writers who don't want to hire someone to read out loud.


  • Cost-Effective: No need to hire voice actors or purchase expensive recording equipment.

  • Flexibility: Easily update or modify content without re-recording.

  • Consistency: AI voice remains consistent throughout, ensuring a uniform listening experience.


  • Lack of Emotion: AI voices might lack the emotional depth and nuance a human narrator can provide.

  • Quality Variance: Not all AI tools offer high-quality voice outputs; some might sound robotic.

2. Quick Book Summaries

Let AI shorten famous books and turn them into brief audiobooks. Perfect for people always on the go or students.


  • Time-Saver: Appeals to those who want to grasp the essence of a book quickly.

  • Educational: This can be a valuable tool for students or professionals needing to review material swiftly.


  • Loss of Depth: Summaries might miss out on the nuances and details of the original content.

  • Copyright Issues: Summarizing copyrighted books might lead to legal challenges.

3. Audiobooks in Different Languages

Change well-known English books into other languages with AI. It's a way to reach more listeners around the world.


  • Wider Audience: Access to non-English speaking markets increases potential revenue.

  • Inclusivity: Makes content accessible to people who prefer their native language.


  • Translation Accuracy: AI translations might not always capture the cultural nuances or idiomatic expressions.

  • Voice Authenticity: AI-generated voices in different languages might not sound as natural or authentic as native speakers.

4. Talk to Your Audiobook

Imagine a tool where your audiobook chats back! Ask it anything, and it answers instantly, making your reading (or listening) time more fun.


  • Interactive: Enhances user engagement by making the audiobook experience more dynamic.

  • Educational Tool: This can be used as a learning aid where users can ask questions to better understand the content.


  • Technical Challenges: Requires advanced AI capabilities and might face occasional errors in understanding or responding.

  • Limited Scope: Not all genres or types of books might be suitable for this interactive format.

V. Top 5 AI tools to create Audiobook

1. ElevenLabs: ElevenLab effortlessly transforms text into lifelike audiobooks using advanced AI. With emotion-rich storytelling and instant book conversions, users can craft audiobooks, podcasts, and more.

2. Narakeet: Narakeet lets you make videos with voiceovers online. It's easy to use and works in 90 languages with 600 different voices!

3. LOVO: LOVO is a popular tool that can copy voices perfectly just from a short voice clip. Over 800,000 people use it to turn text into speech that sounds like a real person.

4. Fliki: Fliki is a simple tool that changes your text into cool videos with real-sounding voices. Just type in what you want, and Fliki makes a great video for you!

5. Murf: Murf Studio lets you easily turn text into realistic voice recordings online. It's great for things like online learning, YouTube videos, podcasts, ads, and more!

VI. Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Access https://elevenlabs.io/projects
→ At FREE trial you can generate up to 2500 characters. Let’s dive in!

2. Choose the appropriate voice for your audiobook
→ Multiple speakers with different voices/tones for any purpose

→ Add generative voice: You can make cool AI sounds with this toolkit! Create new voices or copy one you're allowed to use. Only you can use the voices you make.

3. Adjust your voice
→ Adjust your voice to best convey the meaning in the audiobook, this is very important to retain the listener.

4. Choose the model. Eleven Multilingual v1 and v2 is coming soon.

5. Enter the text and click “Generate”

6. Now you have a ready record for audiobook

VII. Wrapping up

Audiobooks are on the rise, with modern gadgets like wireless headphones and tablets making listening easy anywhere, anytime. With over half of Americans under 45 tuning in daily, it's the prime time to dive into this profitable trend.

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