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🚀 AI Titans' Revenue Rush

World's Strongest Open Source AI Model

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Plus: World's Strongest Open Source AI Model

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Welcome back, AI adventurers!

The top model has just been overtaken! Can the new winner stay on top? Plus, AI companies are now worth a lot more, with some valued 100 times their future earnings. Don't miss out on this ride through AI's latest.

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🚀 AI Titans' Revenue Rush
🔓 The World’s Most Powerful Open Source AI Model
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🏅 New Empowered AI Tools
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🎯 10 AI Courses from NVIDIA at No Cost
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Artificial Intelligence online short course from MIT

Study artificial intelligence and gain the knowledge to support its integration into your organization. If you're looking to gain a competitive edge in today's business world, then this artificial intelligence online course may be the perfect option for you.

  • Key AI management and leadership insights to support informed, strategic decision making.

  • A practical grounding in AI and its business applications, helping you to transform your organization into a future-forward business.

  • A road map for the strategic implementation of AI technologies in a business context.


Learn No-Code & AI skills in 100 days

Learn No-Code and AI skills by committing to the 100DaysOfNoCode or 100DaysOfAI challenges. Receive a 30-minute bite-sized lesson straight to your inbox every day. It’s free, fun and effective! Both challenges start April 1st, 2024

Learn No-Code or AI


🚀 AI Titans' Revenue Rush

Source: CB Insights

Microsoft's deal with Inflection AI marks a strategic shift in the AI landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI startup valuations are soaring, with some companies valued over 100x their forward-looking revenue.

  • Notable companies like Glean have seen a significant increase in revenue, with a valuation of $2.2B.

  • Leaders Anthropic and OpenAI show more restrained valuations but rapid revenue growth.

  • Cohere eyes a $5B valuation with a significant revenue increase, reflecting the intense monetization race.

  • Microsoft's acquisition of Inflection AI talent highlights a new strategic approach to AI development.

Why it matters: This shift underscores the critical balance between innovation, valuation, and sustainability in the AI market.


🔓 The World’s Most Powerful Open Source AI Model

Source: Databricks

Innovative AI collaboration models are setting the stage for future software development.

Key Takeaways:

  • $10 million invested in DBRX AI.

  • DBRX is available on GitHub and Hugging Face.

  • Open-source model akin to OpenAI’s GPT.

  • 40 TOPS NPU requirement for optimal use.

  • High hardware requirements for standard configuration.

  • Gets 70.1% on HumanEval (programming test). Scores 73.7% on MMLU (understanding language test).

  • DBRX has 132B total parameters. Can handle up to 32K tokens at once

Why it matters: Sets new benchmarks in AI capabilities and inclusivity.

Our POV: For just $10 million and two months to train a model as good as GPT-3.5 or Llama2 from scratch. Think about it - that's 10 to 20 times less than what it might have cost just a year ago!

Thanks to the power of open source, we're making huge strides. Everything's becoming more affordable and efficient by the day!

It's high time for all companies to jump on and start training their own models. This is your golden ticket to ramping up your AI game and standing out in the competition!




  • Selection is limited to US-based builders with popular GPTs in the GPT Store.

  • Builders will earn based on the usage of their GPT.

  • The program aims to fine-tune GPT monetization strategies.

  • Future monetization will be expanded to more builders.

  • Amazon's $4 billion investment in Anthropic signifies a major commitment.

  • Anthropic selects AWS as its primary cloud provider.

  • AWS Trainium and Inferentia chips will power future Anthropic models.

  • Claude 3 Opus outperforms GPT-4 in benchmarks.

  • Collaboration with Accenture to scale AI in regulated sectors.

  • Emo can predict smiles 840 milliseconds before they occur.

  • Utilizes 26 actuators for nuanced facial expressions.

  • Employs high-resolution cameras in pupils for eye contact.

  • Trained through 'self-modeling' and observation.

  • Ethical implications considered in further development.


Century Health, with $2M, harnesses AI for better pharma patient data access. Focusing on disease treatments like Alzheimer's, it's launching pilots to speed up drug development and accessibility.


We're excited to welcome many new members to AI Fire Pro 2.0 since the first announcement last week!

Our team is growing, and we can't wait to introduce you to some fantastic new members who will be creating a series of AI tutorial videos.

Tomorrow, the first post for the series "AI Startup Funding Deals" is on air and waiting for you to access.

Interested? There are only 3 days left until the end of March, and after that, subscription fees for AI Fire Pro 2.0 will increase to $29 per month or $199 per year. Save 72% now!


The Next AI Innovation to Hit Retail Stores

Best Buy has Placed its Bet. Like they did with Ring and Nest before it, Best Buy has hand-picked RYSE as the next innovator in smart home tech with a massive inventory rollout. 

Powered by AI, sensors, and weather data, RYSE’s automated shades technology optimizes energy usage throughout the home, saving money on heating and cooling.💲

They’ve just launched in over 100 Best Buy stores and you can invest at just $1.50/share before they become a household name.

Investing is risky; past performance doesn't guarantee future results. Please review SEC disclosures here for transparency and guidance.


  1. 📦 Commodityai: AI tools for efficient commodity shipment management

  2. 🎤 Speck: Turns browser recordings into automation with a few clicks.

  3. 🗣️ Speak: Learn languages through real conversational practice with AI.

  4. 🍔 Calorio: Calorie tracking website that allows you to easily track your calories by using your voice.

  5. 📢 Adsby: Craft captivating ads and keywords from your website link.


1. ⭐ Google pairs ratings with new AI shopping tools (Read more)

2. 🧠 Saudi Arabia Aims To Be Top AI Investor With $40B Fund (Read more)

3. 🏖️ Google launches 4 travel tools for summer (Read more)

4. 🎥 AI rumors spread from Princess Catherine's video (Read more)

5. 🌟 Adobe GenStudio Makes AI Simple for Advertising (Read more)

6. 🔑 AI PC Revolution: Intel's 40 TOPS Benchmark (Read more)


Source: LMSYS Chatbot Arena Leaderboard

Anthropic’s Claude Opus dethrones OpenAI’s GPT-4

Opus is Anthropic's biggest star in the Claude 3 series, now topping the LMSYS Chatbot Leaderboard. But here's a twist - the little guy, Haiku, from the same family, has managed to outshine an earlier GPT-4 model. What makes it even more amazing? Haiku is way cheaper and smaller, yet its victory is nothing short of massive.


Being a DJ with Google's AI Music Creator

1. Open Google Labs
→ First, visit labs.google.
→ Click "Try it now" under the MUSICFX section.

You might need to wait a bit to get in. If you can't access Labs in your area, use a VPN.

2. Using DJ Mode
→ On the MusicFX page, switch on DJ Mode.
→ You can erase the starting prompts.
Right below that, you'll find a space to write your own prompts.

3. Creating a new prompt
→ Type your new prompt to add it to the music.
→ Change each setting by yourself to make sure it sounds just how you like.
→ Use the quick suggestions at the bottom of the box to add prompts easily.
The music will change right away with every adjustment you make.

4. Control prompts
→ You can get rid of a prompt or turn it off at any time.
→ You can also make the AI more or less random.
Making it more random means the music can get more varied."


10 AI Courses from NVIDIA at No Cost

  • Exploring how neural networks use data to learn

  • Understanding the math behind a neuron

  • Define Generative AI and explain how Generative AI works

  • Describe various Generative AI applications

  • Explain the challenges and opportunities in Generative AI

AI use cases, machine learning, deep learning frameworks and deployment considerations, GPU architecture and its influence on AI, and deep learning processes

  • Understand the basics of Retrieval Augmented Generation.

  • Learn about the RAG retrieval process

  • Learn about NVIDIA AI Foundations and the components that constitute a RAG model.

The course teaches Kaggle Grandmasters strategies for e-commerce recommender systems, covering model building, feature engineering, and ensembling.

  • Learn how using both CPUs and GPUs helps in data science.

  • Find out how to make data work faster with GPUs, no extra coding.

  • See how GPUs can speed up your data tasks.

  • Discover scalable strategies for deploying LLMs and vector databases.

  • Understand microservices, their interactions, and development techniques.

  • Explore LangChain for dialog management and document retrieval.

  • Practice advanced models, focusing on production readiness and frameworks.

  • Gain knowledge of networks and their significance.

  • Learn the fundamentals of Ethernet and data routing in Ethernet networks.

  • Go over the TCP/IP protocol, OSI model, needs, and network components.

  • Understand the basics of Retrieval Augmented Generation.

  • Learn about the RAG retrieval process

  • Learn about NVIDIA AI Foundations and the components that constitute a RAG model.

  • Set up your Jetson Nano

  • Build end-to-end DeepStream pipelines to convert raw video input into insightful annotated video output

  • Build alternate input and output sources into your pipeline

  • Configure multiple video streams simultaneously

  • Configure alternate inference engines such as YOLO


  • OpenAI: AI Safety Policy Lead (London/Dublin) (Link)

  • The Alan Turing Institute: Lead Research Data Scientist - Defence AI Research (DARe) Centre (Link)

  • Microsoft: Cambridge Residency Programme: AI Researcher (Link)

  • BritAsiaTV: AI Content Creation Tutor (Link)

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