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  • 🩹 ChatGPT Diagnoses Medical Mystery that Baffled 17 Doctors

🩹 ChatGPT Diagnoses Medical Mystery that Baffled 17 Doctors

PLUS: How Coca Cola Uses AI to Boost User Experience

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Thrilling Wednesday, Tech Trailblazers! Another day, another dose of cutting-edge AI. Ready to explore today's breakthroughs and the latest AI news? Let's get started!

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🩹 ChatGPT Diagnoses Medical Mystery that Baffled 17 Doctors
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🥤 Coca-Cola's Y3000: A Futuristic Taste & AI Adventure!
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🛠️ Tutorial: How to Create Hyperrealistic Full-body Photos
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🩹 ChatGPT Diagnoses Medical Mystery that Baffled 17 Doctors

Source: Getty Image

When doctors were stumped, one mother turned to ChatGPT to diagnose her son's unsettling condition. The AI chatbot's verdict? Surprisingly accurate.

Key Takeaways:

  • Courtney's son, Alex, struggled with a mysterious ailment. Over three years, 17 doctors couldn't diagnose his issue.

  • ChatGPT's diagnosis: It suggested a spinal cord abnormality, specifically "tethered cord syndrome."

  • Verification: A neurosurgeon confirmed ChatGPT's diagnosis after viewing Alex's MRI. Alex has since undergone surgery.

  • ChatGPT's accuracy: Despite its ability to solve intricate cases, it can occasionally generate false answers or "hallucinate."

  • Dr. Jesse M. Ehrenfeld of the American Medical Association cautions against complete reliance on such AI, due to known errors.

  • Dr. Isaac Kohane noted that GPT-4, the latest ChatGPT, might outperform many doctors, correctly answering US medical exam questions over 90% of the time.

🤖 Salesforce Unveils Einstein Copilot Studio: Next-Level Customization!

Source: Tech Crunch

Salesforce introduces the Einstein Copilot Studio, offering advanced customization for users, all unveiled at the Dreamforce conference.

Key takeaways:

  • Einstein Copilot Studio: A new tool by Salesforce that allows users to enhance base Einstein GPT and Einstein Copilot services.

  • Three Main Features: Prompt builder (for personalizing prompt templates), skills builder (adding actions to prompts), and model builder (integrating own or third-party models).

  • Supported Third-Party Models: Includes big names like Anthropic, Cohere, Databricks, Google Cloud’s Vertex AI, and OpenAI.

  • Einstein Trust Layer: An initiative by Salesforce to address challenges like hallucinations, bias, and inappropriate responses in language models.

  • Data Cloud's Role: Helps ensure accuracy by sourcing answers from Salesforce's databases, introduced as Genie last year.

  • Availability: Einstein Copilot Studio will pilot this fall, and the Einstein Trust Layer will launch next month. The exact dates haven't been disclosed.

🥤 Coca-Cola's Y3000: A Futuristic Taste & AI Adventure!

Source: Coca-Cola

Dive into the future with Coca-Cola's Y3000 Zero Sugar, a unique blend of fan visions and AI inspirations, and experience AI-augmented reality in fresh ways.

Key Takeaways:

  • Coca‑Cola Creations Hub: By scanning a QR code, users can visualize their present surroundings with a futuristic twist using the Y3000 AI Cam.

  • Coca‑Cola® Y3000 Zero Sugar: A drink imagined by combining fan sentiments and AI analysis about the future's emotions, aspirations, and flavors.

  • AI & Branding Collaboration: The Y3000's futuristic design, highlighting shifting liquids and vibrant colors, was co-created using artificial intelligence.

  • Exclusive Availability: This zero-sugar variant is up for grabs in select regions including the US, Canada, China, Europe, and Africa. An original flavor is also available in North America.

  • Coca‑Cola Creations Legacy: Y3000 joins a line of innovative flavors like Coca‑Cola® Starlight and Coca‑Cola® Soul Blast, all aiming to blend modern tech trends and consumer passions.

💸 Daily AI Fundraising

Romanian AI company, Druid has secured $30 million in their Series B funding - Their primary offering includes "conversational business apps" utilizing both standard AI and the newer generative AI from ChatGPT.

Networking chip innovator, Enfabrica, has secured a whopping $125 million in its Series B funding - Their specialty is chips tailored for AI and machine learning tasks.

🛠️ Tutorial: How to Create Hyperrealistic Full-body Photos

Generated Photos is a tool that uses AI to offer top-notch, free-to-use photos of people. You can swiftly find the right picture with this app, and its API lets you easily add these images to your projects.

1. Access generated.photos/human-generator
→ Create Human

2. Customize your character
→ Generate characters of all ethnicities, ages, and body types

→ From professional postures to casual stances

→ Pick hair style and hair color

3. Use faces from your photos
→ Use it with real faces or generated faces at generated.photos/face-generator 
→ Try your face on generated bodies

4. Show off your talent as a stylist
→ Dress your models as you wish
→ Try different clothing options: Style, Color, Items,…

5. Apply background

6. Final Image

🕹️ 5 AI Tools for Saving Time to AI Task Automation

If this happens, then do that" is the idea behind IFTTT. It's a tool that links different apps, gadgets, and services together. So, when one thing happens in one app, IFTTT can make something else happen in another. It's like making your apps and devices team up to work automatically for you!

Pipefy is like a helper for businesses, big or small. It organizes tasks for many areas, from customer help to software making. Whatever your work is, Pipefy can make things run smoothly for you.

Bardeen is a tool that helps you do tasks faster by doing the repeated ones for you. Plus, if you use it with Asana, you can make a task super quickly with just a key press or even set it to make tasks on its own when something happens.

Kissflow is an online tool by OrangeScape Technologies that makes business tasks easier and automatic. It works for businesses of all sizes and types. With Kissflow, you can start tasks, see what needs your attention, and give the go-ahead to waiting jobs.

Zapier is a user-friendly tool that connects your various online apps, allowing them to work together seamlessly. With it, you can automate many tasks without diving into coding or seeking developer assistance.

🎯A Prompt for a Slick SEO hack

Ever thought about what can elevate good SaaS website content? An FAQ section!

Considering we have over 100 blogs at the top of Google's rankings, improving them seemed the right move. While many focus on crafting new content, optimizing old ones can be a simple yet effective SEO strategy.

Here's a nice suggestion for you.

Example prompt 1

You are a copywriting and SEO expert. You understand what content needs to rank high on Google. What would you do with this content to help it rank higher on Google? This is the content: [paste blog post or service page here]

ChatGPT can guide you on how to boost your content's ranking. If you're familiar with SEO, you might expect it to suggest things like:

  1. Incorporate header tags

  2. Integrate more targeted keywords

  3. Add internal and external links

Make sure to improve your content. It might take a while, but give it your best effort.

Now that your content is better, you can move on to the next step.

Example prompt 2

You are a copywriting and SEO expert. You understand what content needs to rank high on Google. Analyze the following content and create an SEO-ready FAQ section that will clearly answer any questions about this content. Here is the content: [paste blog post or service page here]

Voila! You now have a neat FAQ section ready for your website, be it a service page or blog post.

After you're set, remember to refresh the content's date to today and sync it again with Google Webmaster Tools.

📚 Top 101 Ultimate AI Cheat Sheets (Daily Updating...)

Top AI infographics and cheat sheets: Tools, Courses, ChatGPT, Midjourney, Prompts,…

💼 AI Jobs

  • LinkedIn: Lead AI Engineer (+ full stack) - Real Estate, Private Credit; Hedge Funds (Link)

  • LinkedIn: CX Product Owner (Conversational AI) (Link)

  • Google: CTO / Engineering Lead - AI Solutions (Link)

  • Indeed: Business Consultant - Enterprise AI (Link)

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