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🚀ChatGPT Leaks Game-Changing Feature! 📣

Discover ChatGPT's game-changing feature, explore cool AI tools, and learn with our daily prompts. Join the AI revolution with AIFire!

Plus: All about marketing 🔥

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Happy Thursday!

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  • 🚀ChatGPT Leaks Game-Changing Feature! 📣

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🚀ChatGPT Leaks Game-Changing Feature! 📣

Get ready for a game-changer in AI assistance! ChatGPT is about to unveil a new feature that will revolutionize your experience. Soon, you can create a personalized profile with key facts about yourself, allowing ChatGPT to remember who you are and what you need. No more hassle of reminding it every time!

But that's not all—ChatGPT will also familiarize itself with your important documents, like legal guidelines, making it even more helpful. It's AI designed just for you!

There's more exciting news: OpenAI is working on making GPT-4 faster and cheaper, enabling image generation, and increasing data processing capabilities.

🛠 Cool AI Tools Discovery

  1. Exploding Topics: Helps you find out about rapidly popularizing topics before they become widely known

2. Prompt Hunt: Handpicked AI Prompts by and for Marketers!

  1. LongShot AI: AI writing assistant that delivers precise, tailored, and optimized content just for you

  Prompts of the day

1/ Creat WOW Instagram Post Description

Case: Save hours of your time by automating the creation of your perfect Instagram Post/ Reel description

Prompt: Act as a professional Instagram Marketing advisor with secret knowledge of Marketing, Sales, and Instagram Marketing.*

Write Ready to Use Instagram Posts description with the title: burger truck using 5 different marketing formulas: Problem-Agitate-Solve, Before-After-Bridge, AIDA, Storytelling.

Above the post using chosen marketing formula, describe the formula shortly.

VERY IMPORTANT: For each post example using a chosen formula, propose a different CTA (don’t use the book now everywhere) and different hashtags. Propose to each post at least 10 hashtags. Captions should be engaging and detailed.

Here is a case of “burger truck” idea:

2/ Midjourney: Design your own product

Case: Make your product idea come lively to reality

Prompt: pair of shoes that are made of cotton candy| 3D render| standing on a cloud| nike logo| clean composition| a beautiful artwork illustration| art by midjourney

🔥 Tweet of the day

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