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⚽ First AI Coach for Liverpool

AI's 'inner thoughts'

Plus: AI's 'inner thoughts'

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What a great Thursday!

Deloitte’s latest 2024 report reveals the powerful impact of AI and digital trends on media, offering insights for every generation. Meanwhile, Liverpool FC's exciting collaboration with TacticAI is setting the stage for a new era in football tactics. Don't miss out on this fascinating news!

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The Next AI Innovation to Hit Retail Stores

Best Buy has Placed its Bet. Like they did with Ring and Nest before it, Best Buy has hand-picked RYSE as the next innovator in smart home tech with a massive inventory rollout. 

Powered by AI, sensors, and weather data, RYSE’s automated shades technology optimizes energy usage throughout the home, saving money on heating and cooling.💲

They’ve just launched in over 100 Best Buy stores and you can invest at just $1.50/share before they become a household name.

Investing is risky; past performance doesn't guarantee future results. Please review SEC disclosures here for transparency and guidance.


📺 Consumers Believe AI Could Make Better Shows, Movies

Source: Deloitte

The 2024 report underscores the deep impact of AI and digital trends on media.

Key Takeaways:

  • US consumers are reevaluating the value of streaming services.

  • The influence of social media and influencers is on the rise.

  • Generative AI is reshaping content creation, with mixed consumer reactions.

  • Younger generations, particularly Millennials and Gen Z, drive demand for diverse and digital-first media experiences.

  • 70% of respondents prefer content written by humans over AI, though 42% see value in both.

Why it matters: AI's potential to innovate beyond traditional content creation challenges established media norms.


⚽︎ AI Assists in Liverpool FC's Tactical Play

Source: Google Deepmind

Liverpool FC's collaboration with TacticAI signifies a new era in football tactics.

Key Takeaways:

  • TacticAI provides AI-driven insights on corner kicks.

  • Preferred by experts 90% over traditional tactics.

  • The geometric deep learning approach enhances model generalizability.

  • Partners with Liverpool FC in a multi-year research collaboration.

  • TacticAI's predictive and generative models offer strategic alternatives.

Why it matters: The use of predictive and generative models showcases the potential for AI to transform sports.




  • This architecture underpins AI products like ChatGPT and Dall-E.

  • All eight authors have since left Google, founding companies based on transformer technology.

  • Transformers outperformed previous models, including LSTMs, in efficiency and accuracy.

  • The paper's approach to AI, using self-attention mechanisms, enabled more complex language understanding.

  • OpenAI's GPT products were among the first to utilize the transformer model, showing its vast potential.

  • AI helps scammers create convincing fakes to steal tax refunds.

  • Victims wait 19 months on average for corrected refunds.

  • In 2023, the IRS flagged over 1 million returns for identity fraud.

  • The U.S. Treasury identified $375 million in fraudulent transactions.

  • The IRS recommends filing early and using direct deposit for refunds.

  • AI use by the IRS could increase audit likelihood for anomalies.

  • GitHub's auto-fix feature remedies over two-thirds of vulnerabilities.

  • Supports JavaScript, Typescript, Java, and Python.

  • Combines GitHub Copilot with CodeQL for real-time vulnerability detection.

  • Available for all GitHub Advanced Security customers.

  • Uses OpenAI's GPT-4 for generating fixes and explanations.

  • Covers more than 90% of alert types in the supported languages.


NeuReality, an AI startup, recently secured $20 million. This funding, supported by notable groups like the European Innovation Council, aims to expand their AI technology's reach.


  1. 🏈 Content Codex crafts your content marketing strategy, which has never been easier.

  2. 💣 AI Launchpad is a 6-week global founder program for AI startups to help with product, go-to-market strategy, and finance & operations.

  3. 🎮 WeGoTrip On Demand Tours are custom AI-generated self-guided audio tours with human post moderation.

  4. ☀️ Swif is for AI-powered device management.

  5. 📚 Name-Drop.ai harnesses the power of AI to sift through social media chatter.



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5. 💸 Google fined $270M in France over Gemini data (Read more)

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Create an Automation Workflow with Zapier

In my case, I used Zapier to prepare for meetings

  1. Visit Zapier to start making your automation.

  2. Link Zapier to your Calendar, ChatGPT, or any other tools you use.

  3. Tell Zapier to get the details of who's coming to the meeting and what they need to do.

  4. Ask Zapier to get ChatGPT to write a short summary explaining what the meeting is about.

  5. Connect your email so ChatGPT can send you the summary before your meeting starts, helping you get ready!

*For more detailed guidance on Zapier, you can check out an article written by one of our team members.


COSTAR Framework for Advanced Prompt

Context: This is about setting the stage. You tell the AI the backstory of what you’re asking. Imagine saying, “We’re planning a birthday party,” instead of just blurting out, “How do I bake a cake?” This way, the AI gets the full picture and can give you a better answer.
Objective: Here, you’re super clear about what you want the AI to do. It’s like saying, “Please list the best birthday cakes for kids.” This makes sure the AI sticks to the point and gives you exactly what you’re looking for.

Style: Style is all about how you want the AI to ‘talk’. Maybe you want it to sound like a famous writer, a business guru, or just a friendly person next door. It’s like picking the perfect outfit for an occasion — you’re choosing how the AI should sound to fit what you need.

Tone: Tone is the vibe of the AI’s reply. Do you want it to be all serious and formal? Or maybe fun and lighthearted? Think of it like picking music for your party — it sets the mood for your chat with the AI.

Audience: This is about who’s going to read or hear what the AI says. Is it for kids, pros, or someone just starting to learn about a topic? By knowing your audience, the AI can make sure it talks in a way that’s easy for them to understand, just like how you’d talk differently to a kid than to your boss.

Response: Finally, this is about how you want the AI’s answer to look. Do you want a simple list, a full paragraph, or something techy like a JSON format? It’s like deciding whether you want your info in a text, an email, or a fancy report.


  • GitLab: Incubation Engineer, AI (Link)

  • University of Surrey: Research Fellow in Generative Audio AI (Link)

  • Certus Recruitment Group: AI Engineer (Link)

  • Hitachi Careers: AI Systems Engineer IRC216136 (Link)

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