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44 AI Terms You Should Know

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Plus: A Rules-heavy Approach is Not Right for AI Strategy

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Good morning! Ready for the AI news today?

Sam Altman accidentally showed his prompt engineering skills using his product—it's not as great as you might think. The AI race is fierce with Google and OpenAI continuously launching new products. Who will win? Join us to stay updated!

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🔍 Data Quality Powers AI Success
🏢 What Companies Don’t Know About How Workers Use AI
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🔍 Data Quality Powers AI Success

Source: Scale Zeitgeist AI Readiness Report 2024

High-quality data is essential for AI, with labeling quality as a major hurdle in data preparation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Labeling quality is the top challenge in data preparation for training models.

  • Efficient data labeling processes are needed to maintain high standards while speeding up the process.

  •  69% of respondents rely on unstructured data like text, images, audio, and video to train their models.

  •  35% of respondents rank data quality as the largest obstacle in acquiring training data.

  • 55% of organizations are leveraging internal labeling teams for high-quality labeled data.

Why it matters: Whether you are building or applying AI, model optimization and evaluation is key to unlock performance and ROI. Improving data quality and labeling efficiency is vital for advancing AI capabilities. Organizations must focus on these areas to develop more effective and reliable AI models.


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🏢 What Companies Don’t Know About How Workers Use AI

Source: HBR

Source: HBR

Leaders need to understand how employees use AI and foster trust for successful adoption.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trust is essential for successful AI adoption.

  • 44% of CHROs are unaware of employee AI usage.

  • 70% of U.S. employees never use AI in their jobs.

  • 57% of CHROs have implemented AI safeguarding policies.

  •  47% of employees feel prepared to use AI, but only 16% of CHROs think their workforce is ready.

  • 10% of U.S. adults believe AI does more good than harm.

Why it matters: Leaders often think they know how ready their employees are for AI, but they might not. Leaders must understand what's really happening to build trust and create good AI strategies. The suggestion is to use a purpose-led AI strategy, not a rules-heavy one.



🤖 Google announces Astra, an advanced AI agent showcases its ability to handle voice, video, and text inputs in real-time, identifying locations and objects.

Our POV: What a fierce competition! OpenAI launched GPT-4o yesterday, and Google released new features at Google I/O 2024. No clear winner yet.

Google's Teammate AI and AI Agents could be future employees, working 24/7. These AI tools might replace many jobs, especially for young people who lack skills and can't handle pressure.

AI now reads faces and thinks fast. Bosses who mistreat employees might face problems. Those who use AI well will benefit. Focus on people who know how to use AI.

💼 A Swedish study shows AI-assisted radiologists detect 20% more cancers and reduce workload by 44%.

🧠 NYU Langone researchers used machine learning on 1,031 MRI scans to identify sex-based brain patterns invisible to humans.

🎙️ (Podcast) Sam Altman talks about GPT-4o and Predicts the Future of AI

  • AI Development and Strategy: Sam Altman discusses the iterative approach to developing AI, emphasizing efficiency gains and natural user experiences in new models like GPT-4o.

  • AI Assistants and Wearables: He highlights the potential of AI assistants and wearable gadgets, envisioning natural language interactions and real-time AR responses.

  • Future and Regulation: Altman stresses the importance of regulating advanced AI to ensure safety while allowing innovation.

Is it time to say goodbye to Rabbit R1 and Humane AI Pin?

Given that Rabbit R1 and Humane AI Pin have valuations up to tens of millions of dollars, do you think new features from OpenAI could cause these products to lose market share?

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💪 12 wild use cases of GPT-4o



Kontakt.io raises $47.5 million from Goldman Sachs to expand AI in US hospitals. The funds will boost growth and improve hospital operations using AI and IoT, enhancing patient and staff experiences.

Vienna-based enspired raises €25.5M to enhance its AI-powered power trading platform. The funding will help accelerate the energy transition by optimizing power assets for better efficiency and profitability.


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  1. 🗣️ Voicenotes is an AI note-taker that's truly intelligent

  2. 👥 BoodleBox is All AIs in one platform for team collaboration

  3. 💻 Stunning is the fastest way to build a website using AI

  4. 🎯 Julius analyzes and visualizes your data.

  5. 🌐 Inspect is an open-source framework for testing the safety of LLMs


1. 🌍 Claude is Now Available Across Europe for All Users (Read more)

2. 🤖 44 AI Terms That Everyone Should Know (Read more)

3. 👋 OpenAI’s Top Scientist Ilya Sutskever Leaves (Read more)

4. 📸 Google Spoiled Veo & Imagen 3: New AI for Media Creation (Read more)

5. 🔙 AI Revives Private Cloud: A Fresh Comeback (Read more)


Source: Screenshot on X

Many comments on Sam Altman’s post say it sounds too much like a press release and should be on an official account, not as a personal status. It's too stiff and formal. One X user, Eli Scheinman, even shared a prompt to make an announcement just like Sam's! Maybe Sam lacks prompt engineering skills?😜


GPT-4o is now the best model to use. It works great, is very fast, and costs much less (1/5th the price of Opus).

Other models like Llama-3 and Haiku are still good for simpler tasks, but GPT-4o has changed things a lot.


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Generate Customizable Ad Copy and Images With Meta AI

  1. Go to Meta Ad and create a new campaign.

  2. Add media by uploading your product’s image.

  3. Scroll down to the Advantage Creative section and find Image Generation. Click "Try it out."

  4. You will see two options: one for an image with an object and another inspired by your ad. Choose the first option and click "Generate."

  5. After processing, you will get about 5 image variations. Unselect any you don’t want to use.

  6. On the right side, find the Text Overlays section. Add your text and choose a style.

  7. You can also go to the text section, enter your input, and get more suggestions.

  8. Now you have a stunning ad for the Meta platform.


Create a 5000 Words Article with Your Tone (By Florian Camiade)

I want you to execute the following steps.

Step 1 - Generate 10 popular questions about [TOPIC].
Step 2 - take the 1st question from the list from Step 1 and write a 500 word article,
Step 3 - take the 2nd question from the list from Step 1 and write a 500 word article,
Step 4 - take the 3rd question from the list from Step 1 and write a 500 word article,
Step 5 - take the 4th question from the list from Step 1 and write a 500 word article,
Step 6 - take the 5th question from the list from Step 1 and write a 500 word article,
Step 7 - take the 6th question from the list from Step 1 and write a 500 word article,
Step 8 - take the 7th question from the list from Step 1 and write a 500 word article,
Step 9 - take the 8th question from the list from Step 1 and write a 500 word article,
Step 10 - take the 9th question from the list from Step 1 and write a 500 word article,
Step 11 - take the 10th question from the list from Step 1 and write a 500 word article.

Here is example for the tone and flow:


Vibrant poster featuring [subject]. On the right, a detailed photograph captures [suject in action description], while on the left, a sketch shows him at rest, [action description]. Title "[Your text]" to highlight the dynamic energy of the poster

*work best with Ideogram


  • Oxford Dynamics: NLP Focused AI Engineer (Link)

  • SambaNova Systems: Solutions AI Engineer (Link)

  • Google: AI Manager, Government Affairs and Public Policy (Link)

  • University of Cambridge: Two Research Assistant Positions in Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare... (Link)


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