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  • 🎙️ Unlocking ElevenLabs: Complete Guide to AI Voice Generation

🎙️ Unlocking ElevenLabs: Complete Guide to AI Voice Generation

Step into the World of AI Voices: A Complete Guide to Using ElevenLabs



Welcome to ElevenLabs, a tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create lifelike voices from text. It's like having a real person read out your written words, but it's all done by a computer within a minute.

With ElevenLabs, you can make voices for videos, turn written stories into audio, or even have educational material read aloud in a natural way. This technology is great for anyone who needs realistic voiceovers or wants to make written content more accessible. ElevenLabs is leading the way in making voice technology more natural and easy to use. Let’s discover how it’s making a big difference in how we use voices in the digital world!


What is ElevenLabs?

ElevenLabs is a company that uses advanced technology to create artificial intelligence (AI) voices. These voices sound very real and natural. They can be used for different things like voiceovers in videos, reading books out loud, or virtual assistants (like Siri or Alexa). ElevenLabs' technology is special because it makes these voices not just sound like real people, but also allows them to express emotions, making them more lifelike. This is really useful in places where you need a voice that sounds like a real person.

Why you should use ElevenLabs?

ElevenLabs is a user-friendly tool that easily turns text into realistic speech, saving time and effort. It's perfect for creating engaging content for videos, online teaching, or podcasts. Plus, it makes information more accessible, especially for those who prefer listening. This makes ElevenLabs a helpful tool for various projects, helping to reach a wider audience.

Let's explore the new world with ElevenLabs!

Getting started with ElevenLabs

Starting with a Free Account of ElevenLabs!

If you are new to ElevenLabs, you can go to the website of ElevenLabs and create an account in a few minutes with the “Sign up” button.

After creating an account, you now have access to the Free Plan with basic features and up to 10,000 generated characters per month. This is your first step to come to the AI Voice generation with ElevenLabs.

Do you want to upgrade with more features?

Besides the Free Plan, ElevenLabs also offers you five more pricing plans with more advanced features for five different purposes. Here are pricing plans with features of ElevenLabs:

However, you should have experience with the Free Plan before deciding to invest in any plan.

Basic Features: Generate Natural Speech from Text

Text-to-Speech Feature

ElevenLabs lets you turn any written words into speech easily, without needing advanced equipment, professional reading skills, or much time. You can use it for anything - like an article, a script, or a note. Just type in the text and ElevenLabs will read it out loud for you with a natural voice, and lively accent that feels like it was read by a human. This is really suitable for making audio from written stuff, like turning a blog post into a podcast or making a voiceover for a video with a shortage of time.

First, you need to have an article or any written stuff. For example, you have these short passages about dolphins and you want to create a podcast about this animal or a voiceover for a documentary about dolphins.

Dolphins are really smart sea animals. They have big brains for their body size, which makes them very clever. Dolphins use a special skill called echolocation to find their way around and to find food in the water. They make sounds that bounce off things, helping them understand what's around them.

Dolphins talk to each other with different sounds and whistles. Each dolphin has its own special whistle that works like a name, so they know who is who. They like to be with others and live in groups called pods. These pods are like families or big groups of friends. Dolphins care for each other and can work together.

Dolphins are also known for being playful. They play with things like seaweed, play-fight with other dolphins, and even play with people. They love to jump and spin in the water, which is fun for them and might also be a way they talk to each other.

In some places, dolphins have been seen using tools, which is very rare for sea animals. For example, they use sea sponges to protect their noses when they look for food on the ocean floor. Dolphins are friendly and interesting, and that's why many people like them a lot.

You can go to the “Speech Synthesis” section and see the blank space in the center of the interface of ElevenLabs, you can just put the text there.

You can generate up to 2500 characters once. ElevenLabs also shows the character remaining in the lower right corner of the text box.

Next step, you can decide how your generated speech should be by changing the settings of the voice using the tools right above your text box.

In the top row, you have the option to select the voice for your speech. There are up to 40 pre-made voices available, including both male and female options. Next to each voice name, there are descriptions to help you find the right voice for your needs, so you don't have to generate multiple times and use up your character limit. Additionally, there's an 'Add voice' option, which we'll cover in more detail in the following section.

In the second row, you can adjust the 'Voice Settings'. This is where you control how the voice sounds. You can make the voice more consistent or varied using the 'Stability' feature. There are options to set the clarity and similarity enhancement to either high or low. Additionally, you can also change the style exaggeration to suit your preferences.

If your text is in more than one language, or not in English, use 'Eleven Multilingual v2' in the third row. It lets you pick from up to 29 languages. If your text is only in English, you can leave 'Eleven Multilingual v2' on its default setting.

If you are satisfied with the language and the setting of the voices, you can click the “Generate” button and kindly wait for less than a minute to have professional audio with ElevenLabs.

Here is a video with audio about dolphins generated by ElevenLabs with the voice of Adam and Default settings.

Advanced Feature: Cloning Your Voice

Voice Library

Besides voices that ElevenLabs has provided you at Settings, you also have different choices at the Voice Library.

Here is the interface of the Voice Library.

You can listen to many other voice samples with different types of tones, and vibes such as conversational, narrative and story, and social media,… If you like any of them, you can choose to add to your VoiceLab with the button below.

Here is the video with the same script but using the voice of Marcus instead of Adam:

Clone your Voice with VoiceLab

If you are still not satisfied with premade voices or voices in the Voice Library, you can create your own AI Voice with VoiceLab. With Free Plan, ElevenLabs lets you generate up to 3 voices of yours.

Note: If you generate one voice from the Voice Library, it will still count as one voice of yours

First, you need to click on the “VoiceLab” section or the “Add Voice” button, and here is the interface of it.

After that, click on Add Generative or Cloned Voice and choose the Instant Voice Cloning.

Here, give a name to your voice, and upload your recorded audio. Your audio should not have loud background noise and the best length for the audio is at least 5 minutes. After uploading the audio, you can write a short description below and click the “Add Voice” button.

In just a few seconds, your voice will be cloned and ready to use. Click on “Use” to convert text to speech using it immediately.

Application of ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs is really useful for lots of different things. Here are some ways you can use it:

  • Making Audiobooks: Turn stories or books into audio that people can listen to.

  • Voiceovers for Videos: Create voices for videos, like for YouTube or educational clips.

  • Online Learning: Add voice to online classes so students can listen to lessons.

  • Podcasts: Use different voices for podcast shows.

  • Virtual Helpers: Make voices for apps or devices that help people, like Siri or Alexa.

  • Helping with Reading: Read out text for people who have trouble seeing or prefer to listen.

  • Answering Customer Questions: Use voices to answer questions in places like call centers.

  • Video Games: Give characters in games their own voices.

  • Advertising: Use special voices for ads to make products stand out.

  • Phone Systems: Create voices for answering machines or information lines.

Using ElevenLabs for audio things can help you work more efficiently and save more time to do other works but still can produce high-quality audio products.

Tips for better Voiceover

Here are some quick tips to improve your use of ElevenLabs for voice generation:

  1. Choose the Right Voice: Think about your audience and pick a voice that suits them best.

  2. Clear Scripting: Write your scripts in a simple and clear way for the best voiceover results.

  3. Match Tone to Content: Make sure the voice's tone fits the mood of your content.

  4. Experiment: Try different voices and settings to see what works best.

  5. Aim for Naturalness: Choose settings that make the voice sound as natural as possible.

  6. Check Quality: Always listen to your voiceover after it's generated to make sure it sounds good.

By keeping these points in mind, you can create more effective and engaging voiceovers using ElevenLabs and do not have to generate again and waste your generated characters.


ElevenLabs is a powerful AI voice generation tool that's still growing and improving. More advanced features are expected in the future, making it even better. It's a great choice for anyone interested in exploring the possibilities of AI voice technology.

So, give ElevenLabs a try and be a part of this exciting journey into the new world of digital voice technology.

For more information about how to use ElevenLabs, please check here

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