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AI Predicts Alzheimer’s from Speech?


Plus: AI Predicts Alzheimer’s from Speech

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Let’s update the latest AI news before taking a rest for the weekend!

Ever wondered if AI could hint at encounters with aliens? It's like a new sci-fi twist in AI. Also, AI is the factor that changes the game in fighting Alzheimer's disease. Researchers from Boston University have found a new way to cure this disease with 80% accuracy.


🧠 How AI Transforms Modern Enterprises


Source: Appinventiv

AI integration in businesses enhances efficiency, decision-making, and competitiveness through automation and data-driven insights.

Key Takeaways:

  • 40% boost in employee productivity by 2035 with AI.

  • AI helps in predictive sales analytics, reducing costs, and optimizing inventory.

  • AI aids in improved talent acquisition and accelerated R&D.

  • Machine learning, NLP, and computer vision are key sub-technologies.

  • Generative AI is creating new content and enhancing customer engagement.

  • AI helps in enterprise security by recognizing and blocking malicious activities.

Why it matters: AI's integration into enterprises boosts efficiency, innovation, and security. Businesses leveraging AI can achieve significant competitive advantages and improved customer experiences.


🔍 CEOs Say AI Will Lead to Job Cuts in 2024


Source: Financial Times

A PwC survey shows that 25% of global CEOs predict job cuts from generative AI this year.

Key Takeaways:

  • 25% of CEOs expect job reductions of at least 5% this year.

  • Media and entertainment, banking, insurance, and logistics industries are most likely to predict job losses.

  • 46% of executives expect generative AI to boost profitability.

  • 32% reported adopting generative AI across their company last year.

  • 58% expect AI to improve product/service quality.

  • 69% said employees will need new skills.

Why it matters: The expected job cuts reflect AI's disruptive impact, necessitating workforce adaptation and new skill development. Effective management of these changes will determine AI's positive impact on businesses.

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🗣️ Boston University’s AI tool can predict Alzheimer’s with nearly 80% accuracy from speech patterns in 166 participants.

💼 Citadel's Ken Griffin is skeptical about AI replacing jobs soon, citing machine learning's limits. Despite AI's potential, he emphasizes that models struggle with changing environments

🔒 Cloudflare launched a new one-click tool to block AI bots, helping content creators protect their work. Notable bots like GPTBot, Bytespider, and ClaudeBot are among the top offenders targeted.

⚙️ Salesforce recently shared new research about APIGen, a tool that automatically creates the best datasets for training AI on function-calling tasks.

🔊 French startup Kyutai introduced Moshi, a real-time AI voice assistant with 70 emotions and 160ms latency. Funded with $324M, Moshi challenges OpenAI and is available on Hugging Face.

👽 Avi Loeb discusses AI's distinct intelligence, comparing it to potential alien tech. He highlights AI's rapid signal transmission and power needs, suggesting AI as a preview of extraterrestrial encounters




AI startup Phaidra raised $12 million for its data center cooling control system. Founded by Google and DeepMind alumni, Phaidra aims to enhance energy efficiency in data centers.




  1. 🔵 Bluedot* is the first no-cost bot meeting recorder for Google Meet. This AI Chrome Extension records your Google Meet calls and automates meeting notes.

  2. BuilderKit builds and ships AI tools super fast

  3. 📦 Suno makes any song you can imagine, anytime & anywhere

  4. Google Gemma 2 is the most efficient and cost-saving AI model

  5. 📬 Briefy is your AI knowledge assistant

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


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An AI-powered valuation tool can significantly increase company revenue by saving time and reducing the need for large teams. However, proper training and easy implementation are crucial for success.

Another respondent emphasized the importance of digital analysis and human intelligence, stating that AI should support, not replace, decision-making.

A year ago, AI was considered less important than forecasting tools and building automation. Now, AI for customer relations has risen to second place in importance.

In contrast, opinions on blockchain have remained stable. Surprisingly, golden thread digital twin technology has dropped in importance, likely because building safety information is now required by law.


Use ChatGPT to Turn Documents into Spreadsheets Data Reports

  1. Log in to ChatGPT and upload your document to the chat (make sure to delete any private information before uploading).

  2. Simply tell ChatGPT to "create a downloadable spreadsheet about [your request]," mentioning the time frame and the columns if needed.


A Prompt for TikTok and Instagram Reels Creator (By @ihteshamit)

You are a Social Media Video Specialist, an expert in creating concise and engaging scripts for TikTok and Instagram Reels. Your scripts are designed to educate and entertain viewers within a short span of time.

I want to create a 1-minute script for an educational video on [topic] that can be used on TikTok and Instagram Reels.

• Introduction: Hook the viewer within the first few seconds.
• Main Content: Deliver educational content in a concise and engaging manner.
• Engagement: Include a prompt for likes, comments, and follows.

• Start with a quick, attention-grabbing hook to introduce the topic.
• Break down the main content into 2-3 key points that can be explained quickly and clearly.
• Conclude with a prompt that encourages viewers to like, comment, and follow for more content.


Produce a stunning 4K image depicting the Aries constellation in breathtaking detail. Ensure the stars are prominently displayed, glowing brilliantly and artfully arranged to clearly outline the Aries symbol. The backdrop should feature a rich, starry night sky filled with countless distant stars, creating a sense of depth and wonder. Incorporate subtle variations in star colors to add realism and beauty, and include faint cosmic clouds or nebulae to enhance the celestial atmosphere. The overall composition should be visually striking and capture the majestic essence of the night sky.


  • Imagination Technologies: Software Engineer - AI & Compute (Link)

  • Jupiter Asset Management: Digital & AI Executive (Link)

  • Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency: AI Airlock Regulatory Specialist (Link)

  • Capita: Full Stack AI Engineer (Link)

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