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  • 🆘 Free AI courses for Developers, Microsoft’s AI, GPTBot & More!

🆘 Free AI courses for Developers, Microsoft’s AI, GPTBot & More!

Discover the latest in AI: Microsoft AI Red Team case, mass production of “driverless robotaxis” in China, and new features of Bing Chat.

Plus: Explore New AI Tools & Cheatsheets!

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What are on FIREEE 🔥:

🆕 IBM Offers Free AI Courses for Developers

🚘 Toyota and Pony AI Collaborate for Mass Production of Robotaxis in China

🆘 Microsoft’s AI Red Team Has Already Made The Case For Itself

💢 Microsoft’s Bing Chat is coming to third-party browsers with new features

💫 OpenAI starts a new tool called 'GPTBot' as they plan for their next version, GPT-5

🧲 Cryptoverse: All eyes on ChatGPT-maker's Worldcoin

🛠️ 4 New AI Tools 🎁 4 Free AI Cheatsheets 🧑‍💼 4 AI jobs

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IBM is providing developers with free educational resources on generative AI. The company has created a dedicated page offering tutorials for its new enterprise generative AI platform, watsonx.

Tech Titans Map the Future: Meta, Microsoft, AWS, and TomTom unite for the Overture Maps Foundation, aiming to challenge Google and Apple in mapping. Their first dataset introduces 60 million global points of interest.

DocuSign's AI ID Check: A new tool, Liveness Detection for ID Verification, validates signer identities via video selfies, fortifying against digital fraud.

Shutterstock & Content Authenticity: Joining the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI), Shutterstock integrates CAI standards into its AI tools, including the DALL-E image generator.

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Pony.ai & Toyota Partnership: Aiming for "driverless robotaxis" with a $139 million capital boost from GAC Toyota Motor Co.

Pony's Track Record:

  • Raised over $1 billion since 2016.

  • Faced challenges: California testing permit suspension and internal restructures.

  • Contested over alleged trade secrets theft by ex-staff.

  • Recent valuation: $8.5 billion.

Industry Perspective: Many autonomous startups have faded, especially in the US. The remaining few, with solid backing, are scaling up, albeit slower than expected.

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The popularity of AI tools in daily life, like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, has surged recently, raising concerns about AI security.

Some key developments:

  • Released tools like the 2020 Adversarial Machine Learning Threat Matrix and Microsoft Counterfit, an open-source AI security testing tool.

  • In 2021, they launched an AI security risk assessment framework.

The team identified a flaw in a Microsoft cloud service, devising a strategy to impact the performance of other users by exploiting the machine learning components.

Source: Microsoft/ OpenAI

Microsoft is expanding its AI chat feature, Bing Chat, to third-party browsers like Chrome and Safari on both desktop and mobile devices to compete with other AI tools.

Here are what you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge provides longer conversations, chat history, and more integrated Bing Features.

  • Microsoft launched a multimodal visual search in Bing Chat:

    • Allows searching using text and images.

    • Bing's version uses OpenAI, enabling users to input images and ask chatbot-related questions.

  • Microsoft introduced a Dark Mode for Bing Chat and a new Bing Chat Enterprise with strong data protection for businesses. Many companies, including Apple, Samsung, Walmart, and big banks, have stopped employees from using apps like ChatGPT because of data safety concerns.

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What are the main points ?

  • OpenAI has introduced "GPTBot", a web crawling tool to potentially enhance future ChatGPT models.

  • A web crawler indexes website content for search engines like Google and Bing.

  • OpenAI's crawler will gather public data, excluding paywalled content, personal info, or content against its policies.

Concerns about OpenAI’s data-collecting tactics

People are worried about how OpenAI collects data, especially about permission and copyright. Japan warned OpenAI in June, and Italy stopped using ChatGPT in April because it might break EU privacy rules. In June, 16 people sued OpenAI for taking private ChatGPT user info. If this is true, OpenAI and Microsoft could be in big trouble for breaking computer law.

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Worldcoin has registered over 2.2 million people who got their irises scanned for a digital ID and, in some places, received free crypto. The WLD coin has had a stable price, between $2 and $2.50, since starting on July 24. It hasn't seen the big ups and downs that many new digital coins have. And what else?

  • Worldcoin's plan is to release 10 billion tokens over 15 years. Currently, 120 million tokens are in circulation, which is 1.2% of the planned total.

  • The project introduces a "proof of personhood" as a digital ID system, attracting interest from tech enthusiasts.

  • Worldcoin believes verifying human status online will be vital, especially with the rise of AI bots.

🛠️ 4 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

1. Equals: Equals is a complete spreadsheet tool. You can make formulas, work with SQL, and summarize data. It lets many people work together in real-time and has many features like charts and dashboards. It's special because it connects to any database and has an AI helper. Plus, you can see past versions and work together.

2. ChatPDF: ChatPDF is a tool that allows users to interact with PDF documents using natural language processing and artificial intelligence. It can extract text from PDFs and feed it to GPT for analysis2. The tool can be used to extract information from large PDF files such as manuals, essays, legal contracts, books, or research papers.

3. Better Research: This website allows you to experience a new level of comprehension and productivity with our AI capabilities designed to amplify your efficiency. They have a robust tab management system, harmoniously synchronized across different browsers and sessions to supercharge your digital experience.

4. Opus Pro: Opus Clip is the ultimate tool for content creators aiming to lead the trend. In a single click, it crafts top-notch short clips ideal for platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels. Utilizing big data, Opus Clip evaluates your video, offering insights for informed content decisions. With auto-resizing, transitions, captions, removal of unnecessary words, and a personalized brand kit, creators can effortlessly deliver striking and consistent short videos.

📝 4 FREE AI Cheatsheets

  1. 12 AI ChatGPT Marketing Prompts Tools

  2. 50 Key Prompts for Founders with ChatGPT

  3. The best AI chatbots in 2023

  4. Top 10 best ChatGPT plugins for learning

💼 AI Jobs

  • Pivotal Life Sciences: Data Scientist NLP/LLM/Generative AI (Link)

  • Pivotal Life Sciences: Senior AI Data Scientist (Link)

  • LinkedIn: Customer Engineer, AI Native Customers, Google Cloud (Link)

  • LinkedIn: Senior AI Gameplay Engineer (Link)

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