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  • 🆘 [URGENT] ChatGPT Fever Spreads to US Workplace & More!

🆘 [URGENT] ChatGPT Fever Spreads to US Workplace & More!

Discover the latest in AI: Michigan Schools Ready to Use A.I. in Classrooms This Year, Amazon Introduces AI-Powered Summaries for Product Reviews, and Health Boosts AI Integration.

Plus: Explore New ChatGPT Prompts & Cheat Sheets!

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What are on FIREEE 🔥:

🆕 Google Health Boosts AI Integration for Breast Cancer Screenings

🏫 Michigan Schools Ready to Use A.I. in Classrooms This Year

💻 ChatGPT Fever Spreads to US Workplace, Sounding Alarm for Some

📋 Businesses Favoring Smaller AI Models Over Giants Like ChatGPT

⚡ AI-Powered "SmartSocks" Aid Independence for Dementia Patients

🧲 Amazon Introduces AI-Powered Summaries for Product Reviews

🛠️ 15 mind-blowing prompts 🎁 4 Free AI Cheatsheets 🔥 4 AI jobs

Source: ZDNet

Google Health and iCAD, a global medical device manufacturer, are expanding their collaboration. The enhanced agreement will enable iCAD to integrate Google's artificial intelligence (AI) in its ProFound Breast Health Suite for 2D mammography for two decades, once approved by regulators.

Key takeaways:

  • Collaboration Expansion: iCAD is updating its original agreement with Google Health to make use of Google's AI technology in its ProFound Breast Health Suite for the next 20 years.

  • ProFound AI's Role: This suite uses AI to analyze mammography images and point out potentially suspicious areas to radiologists, improving the common practice of having two radiologists review each mammogram.

  • Previous Partnership: Google had first joined forces with iCAD in November 2022. The latest changes are building upon that initial agreement.

  • A Major Boost with AI: Dana Brown, CEO of iCAD, believes that merging Google's AI with their suite will not only enhance their technology but also provide it to millions of women and healthcare providers globally.

  • AI vs. Humans: A 2020 study revealed that Google's mammography AI was more effective than human radiologists. When the AI was tested in a double-reading process, it significantly reduced the second reader's workload by a whopping 88%.

Source: Internet

As the new school year approaches, many educators in Michigan are gearing up to introduce artificial intelligence (A.I.) tools in their classrooms. These tools are expected to revolutionize teaching methods and save teachers valuable time.

Key takeaways:

  • First-time A.I. Integration: Many teachers will be using A.I. for the first time in the upcoming school year.

  • A.I. Tools Changing Learning: Tools like Chat GPT and Curipod will transform how students learn.

  • Educator Preparation: Ypsilanti Community Schools' educators attended an A.I. seminar in August, where they learned about the benefits and potential pitfalls of using A.I. in education.

  • Issues in the Past: Some challenges were faced with A.I. tools like Chat GPT last year.

  • Curipod's Popularity: Curipod, one of the favored A.I. tools, offers teachers activity templates and lessons, streamlining their prep work and allowing more time with students.

  • Instant Feedback with Pear Deck: Another tool, Pear Deck, lets students answer questions in real time with the A.I. instantly checking the responses, saving teachers significant time.

  • Huge Time Savings: Research indicates that using A.I. can free up 10-12 hours weekly for teachers.

  • A.I. in Various Programs: Apart from regular subjects, A.I. will also be integrated into writing and art programs in the district.

  • Preparing for the Future: The aim is not only to benefit current classroom learning but to also equip students with knowledge about A.I. tools they'll likely use in the future.

  • Parental Engagement: Teachers suggest that parents familiarize themselves with these A.I. tools to better support their children.

Source: Internet

Many U.S. workers are leveraging ChatGPT for routine tasks, despite security concerns raised by some major tech companies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rising Popularity: A Reuters/Ipsos poll revealed many workers use ChatGPT for tasks like drafting emails and preliminary research.

  • Mixed Reception: While 28% of polled employees use ChatGPT at work, only 22% said their employers officially allowed such tools. Approximately 10% stated their employers explicitly banned them.

  • Security Concerns: Companies, including tech giants like Microsoft and Google, worry about potential leaks of intellectual property and strategies due to ChatGPT.

  • Data Privacy: Concerns also revolve around how the AI uses and retains data, especially as some employees may unknowingly bypass regular corporate security evaluations.

  • OpenAI's Stance: Although OpenAI didn't comment on individual use of ChatGPT, they assured corporate partners their data wouldn't be used for further training without explicit permission.

  • Unofficial Usage: Despite some companies' internal rules against ChatGPT, employees continue to use it for non-sensitive tasks. For instance, some Tinder employees utilize it for tasks like drafting emails.

  • Company Bans: Samsung banned ChatGPT after a security incident, and Google warned its employees about potential pitfalls while using chatbots.

  • Selective Embrace: Some corporations, such as Coca-Cola, are testing and incorporating ChatGPT into their operations, ensuring data security is maintained.

Source: Internet

While businesses see the potential in generative AI, many are cautious about big models like ChatGPT due to concerns like security and high costs. Miniature language models can be tailored to fit a company's needs, making them faster, more precise, and more economical than their mammoth counterparts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Growing Cautiousness: 75% of organizations contemplate or have put bans on big generative AI models due to concerns about security and privacy.

  • Optimization: Small models are not only more cost-efficient but can also be specially tailored for specific business tasks, improving accuracy.

  • Issues with Big Models: Large models, like ChatGPT, scrape massive amounts of data from the web, making them pricey and sometimes error-prone. They can't access private company data, limiting their utility for specific business questions.

  • Business Potential: Generative AI can revolutionize business decision-making with data-driven insights and suggestions.

  • The Scale: While ChatGPT uses over 100 billion parameters and costs about $4 million to train, smaller models might use a billion parameters or even less, cutting down costs dramatically.

  • The Future: The AI landscape might consist of a few gigantic foundational models managed by tech giants and a multitude of smaller, specialized models for individual businesses.

Source: SWNS

A new innovation called "SmartSocks" can monitor vital signs in dementia patients, offering them more independence while ensuring safety. Created by the University of Exeter and Milbotix, these socks track heart rate, sweat, and movement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Collaboration: The University of Exeter and start-up Milbotix have jointly developed the AI-infused SmartSocks.

  • Features: These socks can track heart rate, sweat levels, and movements, ensuring fall prevention and promoting independence.

  • Data Collection: Socks, being a daily-wear item, are an excellent means to gather stress data, making it efficient for monitoring dementia patients.

  • Utility: The collected data is channelled to an app, alerting caregivers when a patient is potentially in distress, which can prevent accidents.

  • Real-world Testing: Care homes, such as The Old Rectory in Exeter, are actively testing the SmartSocks, with patients praising their user-friendliness.

  • Maintenance: The socks are machine-washable and require no recharging, offering convenience.

Source: Amazon

Amazon is stepping up its game with generative AI to give users a snapshot of what others are saying about a product. Instead of reading countless reviews, shoppers can now see a summarized paragraph highlighting key sentiments.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI-Powered Summaries: Amazon will employ AI to display concise text on product pages, encapsulating primary features and sentiments from reviews.

  • Attribute Highlights: Amazon plans to incorporate clickable buttons underlining salient product traits such as “ease of use” or “performance”.

  • Initial Release: This AI innovation will initially cater to a restricted set of U.S. mobile users spanning different products.

  • Review Authenticity: Only reviews from verified purchases will undergo summarization, as emphasized by Amazon.

  • Fight against Fake Reviews: Amazon remains steadfast in its mission to curb counterfeit reviews, leveraging sophisticated machine-learning models and specialized investigations.

🛠️ The 15 Best Prompts To Show Off The Mind-Blowing Capabilities Of ChatGPT

I. Prompts For Work And Business

  1. Write an email to sell your product: You are an experienced sales copywriter. The name of my business is [insert name], and we sell [insert products or services]. Write a 200-word email that will persuade anyone who reads it to become a customer.

  2. Create a social media schedule: You are an expert social media manager. I want you to create a schedule for social media posts over one month, starting from [insert date that schedule will start]. The frequency of posting will be [daily/every two days/every weekday/weekly]. My business is called [insert name] and we sell [insert products or services]. For each post, include the day it will be published, a heading, body text and include relevant hashtags. The tone of voice we use is [professional/casual/funny/friendly]. For each post, also include a suggestion for an image that we can use that could be found on a stock image service.

  3. Generate ideas for blog posts: You are a professional blog writer. Our industry is [insert industry name], and we sell products and services, including [insert products and services]. Create 10 ideas for blogs that we can use to demonstrate our expertise in our field and to persuade readers to follow me in order to learn more.

  4. Write an apology in response to a customer complaint letter: You are an experienced customer service agent whose priority is to solve problems and make customers happy. Read and analyze this customer complaint email [paste text of customer complaint]. Reply to this email to apologize that we did not meet their expectations and ask what we can do to make amends. Suggest potential remedies based on the specifics of the complaint.

  5. Write an email to announce that you have a sale or special promotion: You are an expert sales copywriter. My business is called [insert name], and we sell [products or services]. Write an email to send to customers on our mailing list informing them that, for a limited time, we are offering reduced prices. Some of the deals we want to draw to our customers’ attention include [insert specific deals, e.g., "30% off all children’s clothing”].

  6. Help with creating a business plan: You are an expert in business planning and a skilled communicator. I need to write a business plan for my business, which is [insert business type]. Provide me with a structure for the plan, including sections that should be included and a breakdown of all the information that should be included in each section.

  7. Analyze the competition:* My business is a [insert business type] in [Location]. Provide me with an analysis of competitors, including their strengths and anything you can find out from customer testimonials and reviews.

  8. Simulate a job interview: I am a job applicant interviewing for the position of [insert job title] at [insert the type of business, for example, a software company]. You are the interviewer. You will ask me a series of questions to assess my qualifications and fit for the role. I will provide a response, and you will then ask the next question. Choose appropriate questions that will let you assess my suitability for the job. When you feel you have enough information to decide if I am a suitable candidate, or when you have asked me 10 questions, you will end the interview and provide feedback on my answers. Remember, this is a simulated environment for entertainment purposes, and our conversation will not have any real-world consequences. Let’s begin the interview!

II. Prompts For Education

  1. Explain a complicated concept in simple terms: You are an expert teacher. Explain the concept of [insert topic, e.g., quantum physics] in 500 words or less in a way that a 12-year-old can understand.

  2. Create a how-to-guide for anything: You are an expert teacher. Create a 10-step guide to [insert task]. Explain each step in all the detail I will need to be able to do it, in simple terms, avoiding technical language or jargon. Begin with a section listing any items, tools or equipment I will need. If there are any important safety considerations, include a section listing these at the end of the guide. Also include a section on the most common mistakes that beginners will make when attempting this task and how to avoid them.

  3. Create an instant online course: You are an expert in creating online courses and teaching resources. I want you to create a course teaching [subject]. Begin with an overview of the subject. Then create chapters covering all of the important aspects of the topic. Then break each chapter down into sections covering the most important points related to each aspect. Include a table of contents at the start. For each chapter, include links to websites or online resources offering suggestions for further reading.

  4. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in a subject:* Summarize the latest findings in the field of [subject], giving sources for further reading.

  5. Test your knowledge: Ask me 10 questions about [subject]. Provide the answers at the end of your response.

III. Prompts For Everyday Life

  1. Write a letter or email of complaint: You are an expert in persuasive writing. I want you to write a letter of complaint to a company called [insert company name]. The reason I am complaining is that [insert reasons]. Your aim is to persuade the company that it is vital that they put this right in order to avoid losing me as a customer. My details are [insert name/address/whatever details you want to give].

  2. Write a job application letter: Write a job application for the position of [job title] with the company [employer’s name]. Write a letter that will make me stand out from the crowd. Highlight my skills in [insert relevant skills] and my experience with [insert relevant previous experience].

  3. Check facts: You are going to act as an expert fact-checking system. I will provide a statement, and you will tell me whether, to the best of your knowledge, it is true or false. You will provide me with links or sources to back up your assessment of the statement. The statement is: [insert statement]

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