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🚨 AI Godfather Speaks...!

PLUS: iOS 18's AI leap & AI's dark side

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Plus: AI Godfather Tells Us To Relax! 🤖

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Hey AI FIRE Community! Get this: The 'Godfather of AI' says we can all chill about robots taking over. But hold up—there's a darker side to AI we've gotta talk about too. Ready to jump in? Let's do it!

What are on FIREEE 🔥

🧠 iOS 18 Could Make Siri Your Smartest Assistant
🚀 Microsoft Charts New Course with AI
🌐 NVIDIA Boosts AI Development with Prebuilt ROS Packages
🤔 AI Consciousness: Close or a Far Cry?
⚠️ AI's Dark Side: Aiding Bioweapon Development
⚡ 6 AI Quick Hits
💸 Daily AI Fundraising
👆 10 Top-Upvoted AI Tools
📋 “ChatGPT Vision Ultimate Guide to Image Insights” New Cheat Sheet
💼 4 AI Jobs

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🧠 iOS 18 Could Make Siri Your Smartest Assistant

Source: macrumors

Apple plans a Siri upgrade through generative AI by late 2024, with deeper Shortcuts integration, says Jeff Pu.

Key Takeaways:

  • Late 2024 targeted for generative AI in iOS 18

  • Cloud and edge AI set for balancing feature richness and privacy

  • Jeff Pu and Ming-Chi Kuo provide contrasting views on Apple's AI journey

  • Tim Cook discusses ethical AI concerns.

Why it matters: Apple's push for generative AI in Siri aims to boost iPhone utility while navigating ethical and privacy challenges. However, rapid AI development is crucial for Apple to match industry leaders.

🚀 Microsoft Charts New Course with AI

Image credit: Future

Nadella is excited about AI’s potential to revolutionize industries, comparing the upcoming shift to the PC era.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI is touted as bigger than the PC and mobile, according to Nadella.

  • Copilot has been showing up on Windows 11 PCs worldwide.

  • Security Copilot and Microsoft's AI could open up job opportunities for many.

  • Microsoft's push into AI comes at the cost of its consumer-oriented products.

Why it matters: Comparing AI to transformative technologies like the PC, Nadella suggests we are on the cusp of a major industry upheaval. The benefits could be manifold, from speeding up software development to addressing job market needs. Yet, there's a potential downside for everyday consumers as Microsoft shifts its focus.

🌐 NVIDIA Boosts AI Development with Prebuilt ROS Packages

Image credit: NVIDIA

NVIDIA releases new prebuilt ROS 2 packages, aiming to accelerate growth in the robotics community.

Key takeaways:

  • Isaac ROS 2.0 release now allows for high-performance robotic solutions.

  • New AI reference workflows include Network Video Recording, Automatic Optical Inspection, and Autonomous Mobile Robot.

  • ROSCon 2023 highlighted major improvements to Isaac ROS and Isaac Sim software.

Why it matters: ROSCon 2023 announcements show how NVIDIA is pushing for community growth in robotics. With new reference AI workflows, developers get a much-needed headstart, saving time and resources.

🤔 AI Consciousness: Close or a Far Cry?


MIT Technology Review scrutinizes the likelihood of AI achieving consciousness, referencing neuroscience and a Yoshua Bengio-backed white paper.

Key takeaways:

  • The Mechanical Turk deceived 18th-century audiences, suggesting people want to believe in machine consciousness.

  • Grace Huckins applies neuroscience to AI consciousness studies.

  • Tests by Schneider and Turner try to gauge conscious AI.

  • A white paper with Yoshua Bengio sets out AI consciousness detection methods."

Why it matters: The topic impacts ethics and regulation in AI. Yoshua Bengio's involvement underscores its academic and practical importance.

⚠️ AI's Dark Side: Aiding Bioweapon Development

Image: cortex-film (Shutterstock)

RAND's report says AI, like ChatGPT, could be a missing link in bioweapon creation, flying under regulatory radar.

Key Takeaways:

  • ChatGPT and other AIs could assist in planning bio-attacks.

  • Yersinia pestis, tied to plague, among discussed agents.

  • Regulation vacuum risks terror exploitation.

  • Nuclear security also threatened by AI.

Why it matters: Immediate oversight is crucial. If not, the dark side of AI could compromise global security, extending from bioweapons to nuclear warfare.

The AI Quick Hits


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3. AI-Powered Electric Cars: Foxconn and Nvidia Unite (Read more)

4. 😮 Major Layoffs at Product Hunt: 60% Gone (Read more)

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6. 🚧 OpenAI Pauses DALL-E 3 Image Classifier Launch (Read More)

7. 🌐 OpenAI Hits $80 Billion Milestone, Eyes More (Read More)

💸 Daily AI Fundraising

SoftBank Looks to Invest $75 Million in OpenAI-Backed Humanoid Robotics Startup - SoftBank’s planned investment in 1X and talks with OpenAI are strategic moves to dominate AI. Its new initiative 'Project R' could herald a new era for AI investments.

Indian AI startup receives $3.3 million grant from Google.org for AI-powered pest detection - The Google-funded project sets the stage for AI to play a pivotal role in global food security. The 25% pesticide reduction could be a milestone in sustainable farming.

👆 10 Top-Upvoted AI Tools

  • Tiledesk: Unlock AI magic for elevated customer engagement, fast

  • Impaction: Analytics for conversational AI products

  • Middleware: AI-powered cloud observability

  • AI Content Genie: AI autopilot for content creation & marketing

  • LastMile AI: AI developer platform for engineering teams

  • Exitfund: Make raising startup capital easy using community & AI

  • Softr AI: Create business apps with Softr AI

  • DeepMate: AI powered job interviews - prepare, conduct, get feedback

  • LegalNow: Draft & review your contracts with lawyer-level AI

  • Cal.ai: World's first open source AI scheduling assistant

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💼 AI Jobs

  • AI First Talent: Head of Generative AI (Link)

  • Crossover: Director of AI - Enhanced Software Development, Trilogy (Remote) - $400,000/year USD (Link)

  • Capital One: Lead Engineer - Generative AI Product Engineering (Remote-Eligible) (Link)

  • Adecco: AI Engineer (Computer Vision) (Link)

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