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Google claims they have ChatGPT killer

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Happy Tuesday, AI Fire community!

Great to see you again! Today in AI, Google DeepMind's CEO dropped a big statement: their upcoming AI model is expected to outperform the one behind ChatGPT. Keep an eye on this!

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LinkedIn and UC Berkeley are identifying and flagging Deepfake profiles
China's ChatGLM just beat GPT-4
43% of US adults have never heard of ChatGPT
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AI Images of the day

Image Credit: Financial Times

It looks like the slow pace of Googles Bard in the race against ChatGPT has pricked the ears of Googles buddy DeepMind - surely one of the most formidable competitors in a tech race. Watch out OpenAI! Deepminds CEO claims that their next model, Gemini, is going to be better than ChatGPT, and theyre oozing confidence.

Theyre building it using a combination of typical LLM tech, and methods used in their algorithm that beat pro Go players, they say itll advance the abilities for language models to solve complex problems and analyze text.

AI has emerged as the new powerhouse in tech investment among leading US firms, pushing cloud computing to the sidelines.

As revealed by CNBC's Technology Executive Council survey, AI stands as the primary tech expenditure focus for the forthcoming year, as stated by nearly 47% of industry executives.

Key survey insights:

  • The urgency for tech cost reduction due to recession fears has seen a significant drop, from 30% to 16%, between 2022 and 2023.

  • A majority of the respondents, around 66%, assert that their AI investments are on the rise.

  • Respondents are split on AI's impact on job creation and destruction: 47% anticipate AI will generate more jobs than it eliminates, 26% foresee more job losses, while an equal 26% believe it's too early to predict.

Source: Google

Meet "Help me organize," the latest brainchild of Google's AI enhancements, set to debut in Google Sheets.

This nifty Duet AI feature creates smart table templates (like: product roadmaps, budgets), aiming to simplify those complex tracking tasks.

Just input a prompt and voila, you get a tailor-made table to ease your hassles! The feature is steadily being unveiled to Google's Trusted Testers in the Workspace Labs program.

Why grapple with organizations when AI can bear the burden?

A deepfake comparison of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

LinkedIn and UC Berkeley have collaborated to create a deepfake detector for profile photos, boasting an impressive 99.6% accuracy rate. It utilizes a distinctive geometric trait found in AI-generated faces.

The system was trained using 41,500 synthetic and 100,000 genuine LinkedIn images. While it excels at identifying StyleGAN faces, it struggles with cropped images.

This innovative approach is a hopeful stride towards ensuring more secure digital environments in the face of growing deepfake concerns.

Source: Reddit

A Twitter user recognizes that the Chinese AI model, ChatGLM, may have outdone GPT-4 in certain Chinese-specific tests, albeit not universally. The user also points out that the highest performing version of ChatGLM, a model with 130 billion parameters, remains closed. The fast-paced advancements and robust organization of Chinese AI teams garnered praise from the user.

Source: The Verge

Though Silicon Valley may envision a world brimming with AI, a study by The Verge divulges a more sobering scenario. Here's the scoop:

AI Usage:

  • In spite of broad AI awareness, a significant 67% of people haven't yet engaged with AI-empowered products.

  • The main adopters? Gen Z and Millennials - leaving older generations trailing.

AI Application:

AI is predominantly employed for creative pursuits: enhancing photos, curating music, and crafting stories. Its role in professional chores such as managing emails, coding, or data analyzing remains less frequent.

Why It Counts:

Consumers lead the AI revolution before businesses follow suit, driven by powerful network effects and diminished resistance. Outliers, like the 96-year-old mother of an orthodontist respondent, are the trailblazers in this tech landscape.

儭 5 AI Tools to Supercharge your productivity

1. CustomGPT:A Tool that helps youCreate Your Own ChatGPT with ALL Your Business Content.

2. Supervised:A tool that lets youBuild your own LLM powered by GPT and your own data.

3.Hourone AI:An AI-powered video generator that can produce professional videos. Leveraging text-to-video technology, AI script assistants, customizable templates, virtual human presenters, multi-lingual support, collaboration tools, and brand kits, it crafts high-quality videos in under 10 minutes.

4.Gan AI:Allows companies to craft customized videos in high volumes, fuelling intense engagement, remarkable conversions, and robust awareness. It caters to a wide spectrum of sectors, from real estate to e-commerce and healthcare. Key benefits encompass customer re-engagement, boosted customer lifetime value, heightened customer interaction, tailored advertisements, and event-triggered video production.

5.CoTrader:It helps you make better trading decisions by providing an AI mentor that understands your trading style, keeps up with market trends, and offers personalized insights and guidance.

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AI Images of the day

The Alien Influencer

Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit

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