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⚠️ OpenAI Blocks China?

State Of AI In Customer Success


Plus: State Of AI In Customer Success

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Let’s start a new day with us!

We have some highlight news: OpenAI is working to block China’s access to its AI tools. Plus, did you know that when AI and human managers team up, they achieve a 72% success rate in workday pre-planning? It’s amazing what we can accomplish together.


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🤖 AI’s Impact on Income Inequality in the US


Source: Brooking

AI agents are now available as services, making them more accessible for developers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Highly skilled, high-income workers benefit the most from AI in the near future.

  • AI progress risks job loss due to automation.

  • Policymakers need to watch AI’s potential to increase inequality.

  • Increasing AI knowledge and sharing AI-driven productivity gains can help spread economic benefits.

  • David Autor supports AI’s potential to boost middle-class wages.

  • Survey: About half of Americans think AI will lead to greater income inequality.

Why it matters: AI's impact on job security and income inequality demands targeted policies to mitigate risks and ensure broader access to AI benefits.


🚀 State Of AI In Customer Success


Source: Gain Insight

Over 50% of Customer Success teams use AI, mainly to enhance personal productivity.

Key Takeaways:

  •  52% of CS organizations are using AI, primarily for individual productivity.

  • AI is seen as a tactical tool rather than a strategic one.

  • Small startups and large enterprises lead in AI adoption.

  • Onboarding and engagement benefit most from AI.

  • 63% of small companies (< $5M) use AI.

  • 75% see the most AI potential in onboarding.

Why it matters: Generative AI's role in CS highlights its transformative potential, though challenges like expertise and experience must be addressed for widespread adoption and value realization.



🤖 Smarter UK’s AI candidate, AI Steve, aims to restore trust in politics by having constituents vote on actions, with human Steve Endacott enacting decisions in parliament.

⚠️ OpenAI will block China’s access to its AI tools starting in July, following memos to Chinese developers. This move comes amid increasing US pressure to limit Chinese access to advanced tech, with companies like Alibaba and Tencent urging developers to switch to local AI products.

📱 Google Pixel 9's AI features include Add Me, Studio, and Pixel Screenshots, designed to enhance privacy and user experience with advanced AI tools.

⚖️ French regulators target Nvidia for alleged anti-competitive behavior in cloud computing, sparked by increased demand for AI chips post-ChatGPT release.

🌐 ODNI's new strategy for open-source intelligence (OSINT) leverages AI/ML for efficient data analysis, addressing the challenges of exponential digital data growth and improving intelligence gathering.

🔢 Experts explore unified loss functions and AI-driven recommendations, using tools like ChatGPT to select optimal loss functions for diverse data sets.

🤖 AI and human managers together achieved a 72% success rate in workday pre-planning, showing the benefits of combining AI with human oversight for better results.




Legal AI startup Harvey seeks $100M funding at a $1.5B valuation. Harvey, launched in 2022, offers AI tools for lawyers, including automatic trial transcript extraction and client query assistance.




  1. 📥 Summate* helps you stay informed efficiently. Our AI creates concise summary digests from newsletters you read and YouTube channels you follow. Reclaim Your Time.

  2.  Wanderboat AI is your everyday AI companion for travel and outing ideas.

  3. 🔁 Rapport Self Service animates ChatGPT and other AIs

  4. Widgera creates web apps with superpowers

  5. ✔️ Vitamin AI cuts by 70% time spent on routine tasks

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1. 🌦️ Figma disables AI design tool copying Apple’s Weather app (Read more)

2. 🤖 Anthropic wants to help build better AI benchmarks (Read more)

3. 🕺 AI reads emotions through body movements (Read more)

4. 🔍 Perplexity’s 'Pro Search' AI boosts math and research (Read more)

5. 🎬 Hollywood stars’ estates approve AI voice use (Read more)



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Other key metrics/KPIs: [describe any other key metrics/KPIs]

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  • RedTech Recruitment: AI Developer (Link)

  • Bloomberg: Machine Learning Engineering Team Lead - Information Retrieval - Artificial Intelligence Group (Link)

  • Cognizant: Senior Data Scientist / AI Engineer (Link)

  • Medpace: Director of AI Strategy (Link)

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