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  • Google's AI Set to Revolutionize Life Guidance!

Google's AI Set to Revolutionize Life Guidance!

Discover the latest in AI: DynamoFL Secures $15.1M Funding to Enhance Secure LLMs for Enterprises, Opera's iOS Browser Just Got Smarter with AI. Plus, explore new Chrome Extensions and free resources!

Plus: Explore Guidance for AI Tools & Cheat Sheets!

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What are on FIREEE 🔥:

🆕 DynamoFL Secures $15.1M Funding to Enhance Secure LLMs for Enterprises

🎬 Hollywood on Edge: Most Entertainment Firms Amp Up Generative AI Investments

💻 Google Ventures into AI-driven Life Couch

💼 McKinsey Unveils 'Lilli' - The Ultimate Assistant for Consultants

💾 Democrat Dream Team Dives into AI

🌏 Opera's iOS Browser Just Got Smarter with AI

🛠️ The 12 Best Chrome Extensions 🎁 4 Free AI Cheat Sheets 🔥 4 AI Jobs

Source: TechCrunch

DynamoFL, a specialist in refining large language models (LLMs) for businesses while ensuring data security, has raised a notable $15.1 million in a recent funding round. They aim to strengthen enterprise trust in AI by mitigating data leak risks.

Key takeaways:

  • Recent Funding: DynamoFL secured $15.1M in Series A, reaching a total of $19.3M with backers including Canapi Ventures and Nexus Venture Partners.

  • Mission: The firm offers tools for companies to safely use LLMs, ensuring protection of sensitive data.

  • Origins: Established in 2021 by MIT graduates, Vaikkunth Mugunthan and Christian Lau, to fill data security gaps in AI.

  • Challenges Tackled: Addresses enterprise concerns like compliance and potential data leaks in AI models.

  • Distinct Offerings: DynamoFL stands out due to its extensive solutions, considering privacy rules in various regions.

  • Client Base: Draws major clients from finance, electronics, and other sectors because of its holistic approach.

Source: Hollywood

Amidst a prolonged Hollywood writer's strike, a significant wave is emerging: almost every media and entertainment firm is set to amplify their spending on generative AI, positioning themselves as global trendsetters in this technological domain.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strike Duration: Over 100 days, highlighting the clash between creatives and technology.

  • AI Investments: Lucidworks reports entertainment and tech sectors leading in AI investments.

  • Global AI Focus: China, India, France, UK, and the U.S. heavily prioritize generative AI.

  • Writers & AI: OpenAI suggests writers' roles will evolve due to AI, though not necessarily lead to job loss.

  • AI Capabilities: Can create content, graphics, and virtual worlds, disrupting multiple sectors.

  • AI in Hollywood: By 2025, AI might be part of 90% of Hollywood productions.

  • Broader Investments: Beyond media, sectors like construction and real estate are investing in generative AI.

  • Synthetic Actors: AI-created characters challenge traditional actors with their consistency.

Source: Internet

Google is diving deeper into artificial intelligence by developing programs that offer life advice. Amidst advancements in AI tools that emulate human thinking, Google's endeavors could reshape how we perceive robotic assistance in daily life.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI-driven Life Coaching: Google is working on AI tools that can provide guidance on personal and professional issues.

  • Ambitious Pursuits: After OpenAI's ChatGPT took center stage, Google aims to reestablish its dominance by initiating bold projects.

  • Collaborative Efforts: Google merged its DeepMind research lab with the Google Brain team, focusing on transforming generative AI into a personal life coach.

  • Variety of Advice: Google's AI covers 21 tasks, from life advice to tutoring tips.

  • Potential Issues: NYT reveals concerns from Google AI safety experts about users potentially experiencing a "loss of agency" and possible harm to their well-being.

  • Other AI Innovations: Google's latest search engine update summarizes results using AI, while other projects aim to aid journalists in their work.

Source: Internet

Meet Lilli, McKinsey's shiny new AI assistant that promises to make consultants' lives a breeze. Think of her as the best secretary ever, but supercharged with AI. She's a brainiac designed to serve up insights and info at lightning speed!

Key Takeaways:

  • What's the Buzz? Lilli's superpower lies in her ability to sift through 100,000+ docs and transcripts to help with projects.

  • Big Beta Love: Lilli's beta version has already helped around 7,000 employees, shrinking research time from weeks to just hours or even minutes.

  • Busy Bee: In a mere fortnight, Lilli has tackled 50,000 questions with 66% of users coming back for more.

  • Double Delight: The interface has two tabs - "GenAI Chat" for general insights and “Client Capabilities” for McKinsey's treasure trove of data.

  • Credibility on Point: Unlike some AIs, Lilli loves to show her work! She always provides sources for her answers. No more guessing where the info came from.

Source: Acquire Licensing Rights

A cool team of Moderate Democrats is diving deep into the world of artificial intelligence (AI). Their goal? Figure out the best moves for this brainy tech in the U.S.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI Dream Team: The New Democrat Coalition just created a fresh AI-focused group.

  • Joining Hands: They're teaming up with Biden’s crew, businesses, and other big brains in Congress to cook up top-notch AI policies.

  • Leading the Charge: Representative Derek Kilmer from Washington is the main man for the group.

  • The Crew: Helping Kilmer are Vice Chairs – Reps Don Beyer, Jeff Jackson, Sara Jacobs, Susie Lee, and Haley Stevens. A solid squad!

  • Safety First: In a cool move last month, big AI names like OpenAI and Alphabet promised to make AI safer by doing things like watermarking AI-made content.

Source: Opera

Opera is jazzing up its iOS web browser. Now, it's not just any browser, it's a browser with a brain – 'Aria', the AI assistant! From desktops to Android, and now iPhones, Aria's joining the web-surfing party.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI Everywhere: After hitting the desktop and Android scene, Opera's AI assistant 'Aria' has arrived on iOS.

  • Cross-Platform Genius: With this launch, Aria is rocking on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.

  • Deep Roots: Aria's brainpower comes from Opera’s 'Composer' and the cool GPT tech from OpenAI.

  • Chat or Chatbot: Instead of the usual search, just ask Aria! Tap to type or simply speak

  • Numbers Talk: Since Aria’s debut, over a million people are on board, and guess what? They’re loving and engaging more with their browser!

  • Not the First Rodeo: Opera has a history with AI. Remember 'AI Prompts'? That was them, making web content chats simpler.

  • Extras on the House: Opera’s iOS app offers more – think ad-blocking, free VPN, crypto wallets, and stealthy private browsing.

🛠️ 3 AI Tools to Start Building Your Business’s Branding

LogoAi is an AI powered logo maker and brand automation platform that can help small businesses create professional logos, design matching identities, and automate brand promotion with on-brand social media content.

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Step 6: Select font style

Step 7: Demo logo, pick one and customize

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Writesonic is an AI writer that creates SEO-friendly content for blogs, Facebook ads, Google ads, and Shopify for free. Our paraphrasing tool lets you rephrase entire articles instantly.

Step 1: Start with choosing what kinds of content you want to create

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III. Framer

Framer is an interactive design tool for websites and prototyping. It excels at building entire marketing sites, landing pages, online campaigns and much more. It supports every part of the design process, from visual mockups to interactive prototypes, but its unique strength is publishing directly from the canvas.

Step 1: By clicking start, the framework will begin working on our site.

The page is generated right in front of us, with each section being responsive by default.

The AI progressively writing content is based on our written prompt.

Step 2: Customize colours and fonts with ease using Framer's palette and font selection.

The right panel will show you the palette section where you can shuffle the colours of the site in one click.

Step 3: Use the insert panel to add various elements and sections to your site.

Adjust site settings for general info, domains, redirects, and staging.

Use the CMS feature to learn how to manage content, such as adding a Blog.

Step 4: Easily publish the site using a unique: http://framer.ai URL.

Step 5: See your result!

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💼 AI Jobs

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  • LinkedIn: Product Manager at AI Employee Wellbeing SaaS (Link)

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