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Google's at the Forefront of the AI Revolution!

Discover the latest in AI: Half of UK's Tech Professionals Fear AI Taking Their Jobs. Unpacking CHITA: Dive into Google's CHITA: Supercharging Neural Networks for Peak Performance!

Plus: Explore Guidance for AI Tools & Cheat Sheets!

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What are on FIREEE 🔥:

🆕 Half of UK's Tech Professionals Fear AI Taking Their Jobs

💡 Meta’s Next AI Attack on OpenAI: Free Code-Generating Software

💻 Google's Duet AI Competes with Microsoft's M365 CoPilot: A Game-changer for Workspace Clients!

🧭 Microsoft to Unveil New AI-Powered Databricks Version

🌀 Dive into Google's CHITA: Supercharging Neural Networks for Peak Performance!

🧲 Discover Arthur Bench: A Tool to Find the Perfect AI Model for Your Data!

🛠️ 4 FREE AI Courses Designed for Marketers 🎁 4 Free AI Cheat Sheets 🔥 4 AI Jobs

Source: Internet

A recent study shows that 52% of IT and Technology workers in the UK are anxious about AI and automation potentially replacing them in their roles.

Key Takeaways:

  • 52% Concern: More than half of UK's tech professionals are uneasy about AI and automation taking their jobs.

  • Remote Work Preference: A whopping 80% prioritize remote working options for their next position.

  • Flexibility Matters: 83% value flexibility in job hours, wanting to work according to their preferred timings.

  • Fair Pay Crucial: 83% emphasize the importance of understanding their potential earnings before job application, stressing on transparent pay.

  • Job Security: A significant 87% of tech pros rank job security as a high priority.

  • Purpose-driven Work: 82% of respondents find personal purpose in work vital, while 77% value their employer's mission and principles.

Source: The Information

Meta is reportedly set to introduce "Code Llama," a new AI optimized for coding assistance, and it will be available as an open-source tool.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI Progression: After releasing language models like 'Llama' and 'Llama 2', Meta's next venture is "Code Llama".

  • Open Source Move: Much like its predecessors, "Code Llama" will also be freely accessible to the public.

  • Rival to Giants: The launch of "Llama 2" allows businesses to create AI products without dependency on tech giants like OpenAI, Google, or Microsoft.

  • Competition: Another AI company, "Stability AI", launched its open-source coding assistance model "StableCode" in the same month.

Source: Internet

Google is set to shake up the market with its Duet AI, a premium product for Workspace clients, aiming to outperform Microsoft's M365 CoPilot. With attractive features and a price tag considerably lower than its competitor, Duet AI seems poised for success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google Introduces Duet AI: Set to be a major competitor to Microsoft’s M365 CoPilot, Google plans to roll out Duet AI around the GCP Next Conference in late August 2023.

  • Competitive Pricing: Duet AI is anticipated to cost $9.47 per month per user, marking a 68% price cut compared to Microsoft's offering.

  • Generative AI Features: Duet AI boasts capabilities like instant draft composition, writing recommendations, tone modifications, automatic plan creation, and personalized backgrounds for Google Meet.

  • Potential Financial Impact: Google may see a revenue addition of $3.1 billion in 2024 if Duet AI achieves a 25%

Source: Reuters

Hold onto your tech-hats! Microsoft's on the move again, gearing up to launch a revamped Databricks software via Azure. It's designed to empower businesses to craft AI applications effortlessly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Big Move by Microsoft: The tech titan is all set to roll out an advanced version of Databricks to aid customers in creating AI applications tailored for their businesses.

  • What is Databricks? It's a genius data analytics platform powered by AI. Through Microsoft's Azure, companies can either whip up fresh AI models or modify existing open-source ones. And guess what? It's seen as an alternative to shelling out for OpenAI's exclusive models.

  • AI Commitment: Microsoft isn't playing around; they showed their AI commitment earlier in July with a robust spending strategy.

  • Integration is Key: Microsoft is weaving AI functionalities into its vast product line, including favourites like Azure, Microsoft 365, and GitHub.

Source: Google AI

Ever felt your AI was a bit cluttered? CHITA's here to work its magic! It leverages advances from several fields and outperforms state-of-the-art pruning methods in terms of scalability and performance tradeoffs

Key Takeaways:

  • Neural Networks as Bookshelves: Neural networks can be compared to a big bookshelf, where every book is a connection. Not all books are equally important.

  • Pruning Process: It's about decluttering. Just like removing seldom-read books to save space, we "prune" neural networks to enhance their efficiency.

  • Deciding What Goes: There are various methods to decide which connections to cut. Some look at the size, others at the overall impact.

  • Enter CHITA: This new method doesn't just look at connections individually. It evaluates their significance in relation to others, ensuring a smarter cleanup.

  • Impressive Outcomes: With CHITA's help, our AI is leaner but still as smart, optimizing space without losing vital info.

Source: TechCrunch

Get ready, AI enthusiasts! Arthur, a rising startup in machine learning, is launching an open-source tool named Arthur Bench. Its main aim? To help companies pick the best Large Language Model (LLM) suited for their unique datasets.

Key takeaways:

  • Arthur thrives on generative AI's hype and has been crafting tools to help businesses use LLMs better.

  • Lack of a measuring stick: As per Arthur's CEO, Adam Wenchel, companies are struggling to compare AI tools. That's where Arthur Bench comes into play.

  • Customizable testing: The tool lets you use your specific user prompts to test various LLMs. So, you can practically check how different models like Anthropic and OpenAI respond to your users' probable prompts.

  • Open Source & SaaS: Arthur Bench is open-source, but there's also a SaaS version for those looking for more advanced features.

  • Not their first rodeo: Earlier in May, Arthur had released "Arthur Shield," a tool aimed at identifying errors in LLMs while ensuring data security.

🛠️ 4 FREE AI Courses Designed for Marketers

Mastering AI for marketing can elevate your game, enhance efficiency, conserve time, and reduce expenses. Grasping the use of AI tools might be the edge your rivals wish they had. Looking for a top-notch AI marketing course? Look no further.

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Coursera- Artificial Intelligence in Marketing (UVA)

  • Difficulty: Beginner

  • Skills covered: Business Model, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Customer Engagement

  • Cost: Free to enroll without certification. With certification: ₹4,844

  • Suitable for: Marketing professionals, Students

  • Duration: 10 hours

  • Course creator: University of Virginia

  • Format: Instructor-led

  • Offered by the University of Virginia, Artificial Intelligence in Marketing is a power-packed course mainly focusing on the following:

    • Three main factors – Algorithms, Networks, and Data – are responsible for enabling AI in marketing strategies.

    • Learn how businesses today have greater growth potential with AI and how to make the most of this exciting and emerging technology.

    • Deep dive into real-life examples of brands like Ford, Netflix, and the Washington Post using AI in innovative and creative ways.

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My Great Learning- AI in Digital Marketing

  • Difficulty: Beginner

  • Duration: 1 hour 55 minutes

  • Skills covered: AI-Powered Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing

  • Cost: Free

  • Suitable for: Marketing Students and professionals

  • Creator: MyGreatLearning

  • Format: Self-paced video lectures

  • Digital Marketing is the essence of every online business, and AI can help your digital marketing to flourish even more. In this course, you're going to learn:

    • Understand how AI and Digital Marketing can work together and explore the practical approach of AI in Digital Marketing.

    • The various areas of business where AI can be utilized like deep learning, predictive analysis, translation, Natural Language processing, etc.

    • How companies use data to suggest products through personalization.

    • Use cases of brands using AI in their marketing strategies and how you can implement them in yours.

  • Check this course out here.

Youtube- Mastering the Latest AI Tools for Digital Marketers

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Skills covered: email marketing, Marketing Strategy, UX, Predictive Analytics, Deep Personalization, Content Creation with AI

  • Cost: Free

  • Suitable for: Marketing professionals, Entrepreneurs

  • Duration: 5 hours

  • Created by: Multiple digital marketing experts

  • Format: Pre-recorded video

  • An amazing AI Marketing conference that involves digital marketing experts from multiple industries. In this masterclass, you can learn the following:

    • Numerous AI tools for digital marketing, how to talk to AI for marketing, and creating powerful marketing plans with AI.

    • Using AI with Mind Mapping to win clients.

    • How to create a solid Email marketing campaign with AI

    • Using OpenAI and SendPulse to unleash the potential of Chatbots in Marketing.

    • Making effective and strong content marketing strategies to boost conversions.

    • How to predict customer actions through predictive analytics with AI.

  • Check this course out here.

LinkedIn- Nano Tips for Using Generative AI Tools for Better Marketing Outcomes

  • Difficulty: Beginner

  • Duration: 22 minutes

  • Skills covered: Marketing Strategy, Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI

  • Cost: LinkedIn Premium (Free Trial available)

  • Suitable for: Newbie and expert marketers

  • Creator: Joanna Yung

  • Format: Instructor-led

  • If you want to know how AI can be an asset to your workflow, this little course can help you gain insight into generative AI and its uses in marketing. In this course, you will learn the following:

    • How to make the most out of generative AI tools to supercharge your content and drive better results in marketing with tips.

    • How to generate and curate content for your socials, create visuals and videos, and elevate your designs.

    • How to upsurge your search rankings, drive organic traffic with AI-powered SEO tools, automate your tasks, and improve efficiency.

    • The tools and tricks on how to manage customer service and advertising.

  • Check this course out here.

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