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🔥 How is AI Changing the Job Landscape?

Discover the real impact of AI on jobs, learn about the hacking of OpenAI's CTO's Twitter, and more in today's AI Fire newsletter.

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What are on FIREEE 🔥:

🔥 The Real Impact of AI on Jobs
🚨 OpenAI CTO, Mira Murati's Twitter Account Hacked
⚠ The Leak of Instagram’s AI Chatbot
🍎 Apple’s Major Announcements at WWDC
🛠 Cool AI Tools Discovery
📖 ChatGPT Plugin Tutorial
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🔥 The Real Impact of AI on Jobs

In May, approximately 4000 people lost their jobs due to AI according to company reports, which is part of a trend of increasing layoffs attributed to AI. The total planned layoffs reached about 417,500 jobs in May, more than four times the job cuts during the same period last year

OpenAI CTO, Mira Murati's Twitter Account Hacked

The CTO of OpenAI, Mita Murati, had her Twitter account hacked in a phishing scam targeting her followers. The scammer promoted a fake airdrop of OPENAI tokens, impacting over 79,000 people before being deleted. This incident occurred as OpenAI announced a $1 million grant for AI-driven cybersecurity projects

⚠ The Leak of Instagram’s AI Chatbot

Recently leaked images by Alessandro Paluzzi on Twitter suggest that Instagram might develop an AI chatbot. According to the leaks, users can pick from 30 different AI personalities to answer questions or give advice. As we’re sure you’ve seen, other social platforms like Snapchat have already faced massive challenges with AI chatbots, including inappropriate responses and limited functionality.

Apple’s Major Announcements at WWDC

Apple unveiled several new products and updates at WWDC 2023, including a 15" MacBook Air, a new Mac Pro, the M2 Ultra chip, and the $3499 Apple Vision Pro AR headset. Other features announced include NameDrop, Journal, Standby, and an AI-powered autocorrect update. The company emphasized "Machine Learning" over "Artificial Intelligence" in its announcements.

🛠 Cool AI Tools Discovery

1. Boolv: An AI tool to turn your product information, page, or images into stunning promotional videos in just a click.

2. Wavel AI: Create professional voiceovers in multiple languages, enhancing the impact and reach of your content.

ChatGPT Plugin Tutorial: How to create an organizational flowchart

To create an organizational flowchart using ChatGPT Plugin called “Show Me“, first you need to enable Plugins.

You’ll need to install the Show Me plugin in the ChatGPT plugin store to use this prompt.

Once you’re all set up, use this prompt to generate an organizational flow chart:

Create an organisational flowchart of a three-tiered company that deals with digital marketing across multiple countries

Here’s the result:

You can edit this prompt by changing the type of company that you’d like to see an org chart for.

⭐️ Tweet of the day

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