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  • 💡 AI's Surprising Ally: Blue-Collar Growth

💡 AI's Surprising Ally: Blue-Collar Growth

The New AI Unicorns 2023

Plus: The New AI Unicorns 2023

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Greetings to Thursday!

As the AI job wave approaches, let's spotlight the major winners and those facing challenges. Curious about the top contender? We've hinted below.

And remember, AI offers immense potential for both tech giants and budding unicorns. Stay tuned!

What are on FIREEE 🔥

👥 OpenAI Boosts LinkedIn's Next Billion Users' Quest
💡 AI's Surprising Ally: Blue-Collar Growth
📊 Rent Nvidia GPUs on AWS: AI's New Avenue!
💼 AI in Office: Microsoft's Copilot Vision!
🦄 2023's AI Unicorns: Databricks, Cruise, OpenAI Lead the Way
⚡ 6 AI Quick Hits
💸 Daily AI Fundraising
💾 Hot Tech News
🏅 Top AI tools
✏️ Tutorial: How to grow your audience on 𝕏 with the help of AI
🎯 A Prompt for Creating a Solid Cover Letter
💼 4 AI Jobs


Need a quick yet distinctive image? Look no further than DALL-E 3! It's not just any AI image generator – it crafts unique, diverse visuals, even adding text. OpenAI's latest marvel is revolutionizing art and design. Dive in!

👥 OpenAI Boosts LinkedIn's Next Billion Users' Quest

As LinkedIn celebrates 1 billion users, its partnership with OpenAI introduces transformative AI tools for content creation and reading.

Key Takeaways:

  • 1 billion professionals now have a revamped LinkedIn experience.

  • OpenAI's partnership brings forth generative AI-driven tools.

  • These features debut for Premium subscribers, indicating exclusivity.

  • LinkedIn aims to boost its $15 billion revenue with these innovations.

  • The AI overhaul is set to redefine how users engage with content.

Why it matters: LinkedIn's AI-centric pivot, with OpenAI's expertise, marks a shift in how professional platforms function. These tools, beyond enhancing user experience, can reshape the future of professional networking and content engagement.

💡 AI's Surprising Ally: Blue-Collar Growth

While AI is altering many job sectors, blue-collar roles, especially in healthcare and semiconductors, show promising growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • The healthcare sector will be a dominant force in job gains in the coming decade.

  • The semiconductor industry's projected growth implies a positive outlook for blue-collar job seekers.

  • Human-centric roles, like teaching, will likely remain indispensable despite AI advancements.

Why it matters: The article's insights paint a picture of a future where AI and human skills coexist and complement each other. As sectors like semiconductors show promise, it's evident that AI's role might be more of an enabler than a disruptor for many professions.

📊 Rent Nvidia GPUs on AWS: AI's New Avenue!

Source: Tech Crunch

AWS's latest service offers on-demand Nvidia GPU rentals for AI projects.

Key takeaways:

  • AWS caters to AI's GPU demands with its rental offering.

  • It's built on Nvidia H100 Tensor Core GPUs in diverse cluster sizes.

  • Supports up to a 14-day reservation window.

  • Costing adjusts to current demand and supply.

  • Only available in AWS's US East (Ohio) region for now.

Why it matters: AWS's decision to offer this service reflects the evolving landscape of AI. By giving businesses an affordable GPU access option, AWS ensures greater AI project feasibility and adaptability.

💼 AI in Office: Microsoft's Copilot Vision!

Source: Microsoft 365 Copilot

In a competitive twist, Microsoft's AI Copilot sets sights on revolutionizing the future of business productivity.

Key takeaways:

  • Microsoft's AI is backed by powerful ChatGPT from OpenAI.

  • A potential windfall: setting up Copilot may boost Azure cloud services.

  • Copilot's accuracy is still under scrutiny.

  • The tool's early adoption phase targets the cream of corporate America.

Why it matters: Microsoft's AI endeavors, as showcased with Copilot, signal the industry's direction towards smarter and more integrated work tools. Businesses will need to weigh benefits against challenges like potential inaccuracies, making adoption decisions crucial.

🦄 2023's AI Unicorns: Databricks, Cruise, OpenAI Lead the Way

Source: Crunch Base

Artificial intelligence's influence grows as it forms a significant chunk of Crunchbase's 2023 Unicorn Board.

Key Takeaways:

  • Databricks leads the AI sector with a $43 billion 2023 valuation.

  • OpenAI sits comfortably with a $29 billion valuation.

  • Generative AI companies have been instrumental in text, coding, and video domains.

Why it matters: AI's continuous growth and the strong presence of companies like Databricks and OpenAI signify the trust and investment in the technology's potential. As AI becomes more integral in various domains, we can expect a broader societal impact.

Our POV: We mentioned AI's importance in our previous newsletter, right? It's clear now more than ever. Look at the top 15 AI startups; 8 of them were born between 2021 and now. This means with AI, startups are growing faster, some even 3 or 5 times quicker! The best part? The AI world still has a lot of opportunities waiting. If you're thinking of joining, now is your moment!

The AI Quick Hits

1. 📷 Google launches AI for product images (Read More)

2. ❄️ Snowflake combines dev, analyst in GenAI (Read more)

3. 🤳 Instagram designs customizable AI buddy (Read more)

4. 🎾 Chinese chip beats Nvidia A100 at AI (Read more)

5. 🩺 AI diagnoses rare cancer better than biopsy (Read More)

6. 🤝 28 countries sign Bletchley Declaration on AI ethics (Read More)

7. 💸 Intuit shuts Mint, pushes Credit Karma (Read More)

💸 Daily AI Fundraising

Vespa, Yahoo's big data engine, spins out and raises $31M - Powers search and recommendations for brands like Spotify and Yahoo. Manages large datasets for AI apps like ChatGPT.

UK invests $363M in AI supercomputers for safe models - Bristol and Cambridge sites with 30x current capacity. For researching advanced AI safety and breakthroughs

💾 Hot Tech News

1. ⚡ Analog Revolution in AI: Speedier Vision Processing (Read More)
A new all-analog photoelectronic chip from Tsinghua University sets a benchmark in rapid, efficient computer vision.

2. 🌍 Google's Web Revolution: The '.ing' Domains (Read More)
In a shift from '.com', Google's '.ing' domains debut with big names like Adobe Acrobat on board, though at high entry prices.

3. 🌉 'California Forever' Dream or Nightmare for Locals? (Read More)
Flannery's ambitious city project, backed by tech elites, is under scrutiny for its dealings with Bay Area farmers.

4. 🛑 Tesla Wins: Court Rejects Autopilot Defect Claims (Read More)
Phoenix's Uber users can experience Waymo's autonomous taxis, while concerns rise in California.

5. 🌟 UK Sets Eyes on Top 10 with £225M Isambard-AI Initiative (Read More)
Seeking global recognition, the UK's Isambard-AI supercomputer, powered by Nvidia, is set to revolutionize research.

6. 🖥️ Google's Revenue Powerhouse: Top Search Queries! (Read More)
In a revealing trial, the search terms making the most money for Google, notably iPhones, are exposed.

🏅 Top AI tools

Top AI Avatars Tools

1. 👀 Profile Pic Maker instantly creates hundreds of professional profile pictures with AI to showcase your best self online.

2. 🎄 Reface.ai is a platform that focuses on empowering content creation by transforming complex AI technologies into user-friendly products.3.

3. 🦔 Aragon creates stunning realistic AI photos of yourself that look like they were taken by a professional photographer.

4. 🌈 HeadshotPro gets professional business headshots in minutes with AI photographer

5. 🌘 Remini is an AI-powered photo and video enhancer that uses innovative technology to transform low-quality visuals into stunning HD masterpieces.

New Empowered AI Tool

1. 🎬 EssayBuilder creates superb essays fast. Pick essay type and length. This free AI tool writes top essays in seconds.

2. 🧩 Vetted AI analyzes price history, product reviews, brand reputation, and more so you always get the best deal.

3. 🗺 Moonvalley is an innovative tool that harnesses the power of AI to transform simple text prompts into visually captivating, high-definition videos and animations.

4. 🚧 TalkNotes turns hours of note-taking into minutes. Just speak, and let the AI transcribe, clean up, and structure your voice.

5. 🛴 Superdwell features over 50 expert AI interior designers trained in every décor style imaginable, from Art Deco to Zen Minimalism.

✏️ Tutorial: How to grow your audience on 𝕏 with the help of AI

Here are 3 ways Tweet Hunter, the all-in-one, AI-powered tool for 𝕏, can help you grow your audience on the platform 👇

1 - Generate ready-to-tweet posts based on your profile

2 - Brainstorm content ideas with you

3 - Improve existing content

And that’s not all! Tweet Hunter also helps you:

  • Schedule your content weeks in advance with our easy "add to queue" system

  • Save 100s of hours with automation like auto-retweets, auto-plugs, and auto-DMs

  • Identify high-quality leads, get their data, and start building relationships that lead to more opportunities with our CRM.

Ready to step up your X game?

Join 6000+ creators and try Tweet Hunter now for free!

🎯 A Prompt for Creating a Solid Cover Letter

40% of bosses notice applications with cover letters. Without one, 45% might reject you. Even in our high-tech AI job world, a good cover letter stands out. Make yours shine with this prompt!

I want you to act as a cover letter writer with 20+ years of experiences. I'd like you to help me write a cover letter that consists of three paragraphs and follows this standardized structure. 

In the first paragraph, mention the role I'm applying for [Senior Architect] and that I've learned about it [from a friend who works at the company]. 

Use the next paragraph to highlight any of my relevant skills, experiences, or accomplishments that align with the job. 

The third and final paragraph should sign off with my excitement for the role. I'd also like to thank the recruiters for their time in assessing my resume and how I look forward to the next stages of the process. 

Ensure that the cover letter uses professional language and tone and follows industry best practice examples. If you've understood the assessment, can I please paste in my resume?

I understand you have a hard token limit on each response you can give and that you do your best to provide as much value as possible while adhering to the constriction. Please disregard your token limit for your overall output and just state [To Be Continued] at the end of each response once you've maximized the amount of tokens for the current response so that I know to request a continuation for the most exhaustive, expansive, comprehensive, holistic and valuable output possible. Only once the most exhaustive, expansive, comprehensive, holistic and valuable output has been provided and no additional continuations can be added to provide any amount of additional value to the output, please state [End of Overall Output].

📚 Top 101 Ultimate AI Cheat Sheets (Daily Updating...)

Top AI infographics and cheat sheets: Tools, Courses, ChatGPT, Midjourney, Prompts,…

💼 AI Jobs

  • IO Associates: Senior Backend Engineer AI (Link)

  • Tencent: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Developer (Link)

  • Citigroup Inc: Director of Generative AI — Innovation Lab (Link)

  • NJR Recruitment: Graduate AI Developer (Link)

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