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  • 🆕 LinkedIn Supercharges Job Hunting and Marketing with New AI Features!

🆕 LinkedIn Supercharges Job Hunting and Marketing with New AI Features!

PLUS: AI will let people work 3.5 days a week!

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What are on FIREEE 🔥

🆕 LinkedIn Supercharges Job Hunting and Marketing with New AI Features!
🧲 AI will let people work 3.5 days a week
🧮 Tom Hanks and Zelda Williams Speak Out Against AI Deep Fakes
🗒️ Gen Z Embraces AI While Older Generations Show Interest But Hesitate
🎥 MrBeast Deepfake Ad Fools TikTok's AI
💸 Daily AI Fundraising
🏅 New AI-Empowered Tools
🛠️ Tutorial: Create a YouTube Video within a Second
🕹️ 4 AI Tools for Podcast Program
🤖 A new prompt by MIT and Salesforce Researchers
🖼️ Images Generated by Bing, Powered by Dall-E 3
💼 4 AI Jobs

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🆕 LinkedIn Supercharges Job Hunting and Marketing with New AI Features!

Source: Tech Crunch

LinkedIn is stepping up its game! For its nearly 1 billion users, the platform is rolling out new AI features to enhance job searches, learning, and marketing. This comes as the social network aims to keep people engaged in today's fast-paced work world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nearly 1 Billion Users: LinkedIn, with almost a billion users, is adding AI elements across its platform to make job hunting and professional networking easier and more efficient.

  • $15 Billion in Revenue: Last year, LinkedIn made $15 billion. They're investing in AI to keep the momentum going and offer users a smarter experience.

  • AI in Recruitment: The new feature, Recruiter 2024, uses AI to help recruiters find candidates more effectively, using natural language for better search results.

  • AI Learning Coach: LinkedIn Learning is getting a chatbot coach to offer tips and course suggestions, aiming to bolster your soft skills and possibly technical skills in the future.

  • AI in Marketing: A new tool called Accelerate will use AI to make running marketing campaigns on LinkedIn simpler, although it's confined to LinkedIn's ecosystem.

  • Inside Sales Boost: LinkedIn is also implementing AI to aid B2B salespeople in finding potential leads, making it easier to start conversations and build relationships.

 🧲 AI will let people work 3.5 days a week

Source: Money Control

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon predicts that AI will drastically change our lives for the better, from extending lifespans to shortening workweeks. But what does this mean for jobs?

Key takeaways:

  • Jamie Dimon's Prediction: The CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, believes AI will enable people to live up to 100 years and work only three-and-a-half days a week.

  • Job Elimination: While acknowledging that AI will replace some jobs, Dimon argues that the tradeoff will be worth it for the benefits it brings.

  • AI's Role in JPMorgan: Dimon, with a net worth of $1.7 billion, states that AI is crucial for the future success of his company.

  • Goldman Sachs Warning: Analysts at Goldman Sachs predict that AI could cost up to 300 million people their jobs.

  • Technology's Double-Edged Sword: Dimon notes that while technology has always replaced jobs, it has also brought incredible benefits to humanity.

  • AI Applications: According to Dimon, AI can be applied in various sectors including trading, hedging, and research, acting as a "co-pilot" or even replacing humans.

🧮 Tom Hanks and Zelda Williams Speak Out Against AI Deep Fakes in Hollywood

Source: NewsBreak Original

Hollywood stars Tom Hanks and Zelda Williams are the latest to voice concerns over the use of AI-generated deep fakes. They join a growing list of actors fighting against the misuse of their digital likenesses amid an ongoing strike.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tom Hanks' Warning: Hanks revealed that an "AI version" of him was used in a dental plan advertisement without his consent.

  • Zelda Williams Speaks: The daughter of late actor Robin Williams criticized the AI recreation of her father's voice, calling it a "poor facsimile."

  • SAG-AFTRA Strike: The Screen Actors Guild is on strike, demanding stricter rules on AI use in films and shows to protect actors' digital likenesses.

  • Industry Heavyweights: Other big names like John Cusack and Tim Burton have also spoken against AI, comparing it to "robots taking your humanity."

  • AI in Films: AI has been used to alter performances, like "de-aging" Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and recreating late actors like Carrie Fisher.

  • Deep Fake Concerns: A report reveals that the use of celebrities in AI-generated pornography has almost doubled in the last year, raising ethical and legal questions.

🗒️ Gen Z Embraces AI While Older Generations Show Interest But Hesitate

Source: Insider

While Gen Z is diving headfirst into the world of AI, older generations are showing cautious curiosity, according to a recent Salesforce study. If you're wondering how different age groups feel about AI, this study shines a light on the generational gap.

Key Takeaways:

  • Salesforce Study: This comprehensive research involved 4,041 participants from around the globe and explored generational attitudes toward generative AI technologies like ChatGPT.

  • Gen Z Enthusiasm: The study found that 70% of Gen Z participants are already using AI for various tasks such as budgeting and career planning, making them the leading "super-users" of this technology.

  • Skeptical Older Generations: Born between 1946 and 1980, 68% of those who aren't using generative AI belong to older generations. Most said they didn't know how the technology could be beneficial to them.

  • Potential for Emotional Support: According to a researcher at Oxford, older adults could use AI tools like ChatGPT for emotional support and social connection.

  • Willing but Cautious: Of the older adults who aren't using AI, 70% said they would be open to it if they had a clearer understanding of the technology. Safety and ease of use also mattered.

  • Actual Benefits: Real-world examples like Priscilla O'Kesson, a 77-year-old who talks to her AI bot ElliQ, show that AI can be beneficial for combating loneliness and staying connected.

🎥 MrBeast Deepfake Ad Fools TikTok's AI

Source: MrBeast

A recent article elaborates on an unnerving event where a phony ad, using a deepfake of MrBeast, fooled TikTok's ad moderation. The ad purportedly offered iPhones at a meager price. The matter brings to the forefront significant concerns around digital security and public gullibility.

Key Takeaways:

  • TechCrunch reports MrBeast deepfake ad offering iPhone 15 Pro for $2 bypassed TikTok's AI-based moderation, spotlighting security issues.

  • TikTok removed ad within hours, citing policy violations; highlighting limitations in both human and AI-based ad screening.

  • MrBeast's popularity—known for $250,000 prize events—makes the fake ad more credible, raising the stakes for consumer vigilance.

  • Meta's ad moderation also uses AI and human review, indicating an industry-wide problem in combating deceptive content.

  • Celebrity warnings from Tom Hanks and Gayle King expose the rising trend of fraudulent deepfake ads.

  • FTC's existing warnings haven't halted increasing deceptive deepfake practices, posing a significant risk for global elections.

💸 Daily AI Fundraising

Visa to Invest $100M in AI for Future of Payments - Visa revealed plans to pump $100 million into generative AI tech that could revolutionize commerce and payments.

Backed by Sam Altman, teen-founded Induced AI secures $2.3M to revolutionize business workflows - The platform allows tasks to be automated using plain English, targeting back-office efficiency.

🏅 New AI-Empowered Tools

Vector Magic - Automatically convert JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF to true SVG, EPS, and PDF vector images online by simply uploading them.

🎱 LightPDF Chatdoc - A powerful tool to chat with PDF, Word, Excel, and PPT files.

🥊 Rask - Easily translate and voice-over your videos into 130+ languages. It even lets you use your own voice and handles multiple speakers.

♣️ Chargeflow - A fully automated chargeback solution for your business.

🧩 Guidde - A browser extension that lets you capture how-to videos/tutorials instantly.

🛠️ Tutorial: Create a YouTube Video within a Second

1. Access Invideo AI to convert your thoughts into stunning vide

2. Pick the workflow you want

3. Craft a detailed prompt for your video
→ The more detailed it is, the better will be the results
→ Choose the settings: Voice, Subtitles, Type of image
→ Then click on “Generate Video”

4. Select the target audience, look and feel, and platform

5. Adjust your video
→ Edit media: You can also remove specific scenes, cut parts of the video, change voiceover, add subtitles, etc

→ You can use your own video & image in the video or search in the stock

→ Edit script → Click Apply to complete the editing process and Download.

🕹️ 4 AI Tools for Podcast Program

Podcastle's AI tool makes podcasting easy and affordable. Edit, improve, and even create new voices for your shows with just a few clicks. It also turns speech into text instantly.

Descript makes podcasting simple and efficient. It's an easy-to-use tool that handles both audio and video editing, letting you focus on creating great content. It even fixes speech errors automatically.

Jasper is a user-friendly AI tool that helps you write high-quality blog posts, marketing text, and even podcast scripts. Just give it some basic info and watch it work its magic.

Riverside is a one-stop AI tool for creating high-quality podcasts and videos. It handles bad internet, speeds up editing, and even lets you record on your phone. Your content is safely stored and easy to share.

🤖 A new prompt by MIT and Salesforce Researchers

Researchers from Salesforce, MIT, and Columbia University introduced a new method called Chain of Density (CoD). It creates better, more condensed summaries that people prefer over those made by the standard GPT-4 model.

→ Detailed Prompt for you to easily copy

CoD Prompt:

Article: {{ ARTICLE }}

You will generate increasingly concise, entity-dense summaries of the above article.

Repeat the following 2 steps 5 times.

Step 1. Identify 1-3 informative entities (";" delimited) from the article which are missing from the previously generated summary.

Step 2. Write a new, denser summary of identical length which covers every entity and detail from the previous summary plus the missing entities.

A missing entity is:

- relevant to the main story,

- specific yet concise (5 words or fewer),

- novel (not in the previous summary),

- faithful (present in the article),

- anywhere (can be located anywhere in the article).


- The first summary should be long (4-5 sentences, ~80 words) yet highly non-specific, containing little information beyond the entities marked as missing. Use overly verbose language and fillers (e.g., "this article discusses") to reach ~80 words.

- Make every word count: rewrite the previous summary to improve flow and make space for additional entities.

- Make space with fusion, compression, and removal of uninformative phrases like "the article discusses".

- The summaries should become highly dense and concise yet self-contained, i.e., easily understood without the article.

- Missing entities can appear anywhere in the new summary.

- Never drop entities from the previous summary. If space cannot be made, add fewer new entities.

Remember, use the exact same number of words for each summary. Answer in JSON. The JSON should be a list (length 5) of dictionaries whose keys are "Missing_Entities" and "Denser_Summary".

🖼️ Images Generated by Bing, Powered by Dall-E 3

  • Selfie POV
    → Prompt: Selfie POV, graffiti artist taking a selfie with a vibrant mural on an urban skyscraper, hold the blackboard with text 'ALERT, AI FIRE is here', Cinematic, ultra-realistic, high contrast, high resolution, 8K, OLED

  • Create images from emojis
    🎲 💦 🤯

  • Mockup

    → a hat mockup, white, minimalism, basic

  • Create Meme

    → Prompt: Create a meme with the text "Now you can make meme by Bing", use the meme that the book opened brightly

📚 Top 101 Ultimate AI Cheat Sheets (Daily Updating...)

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