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  • 🎨 March 2024: Best Selling AI Art Trends and Ideas to Increase Your Profits using Midjourney

🎨 March 2024: Best Selling AI Art Trends and Ideas to Increase Your Profits using Midjourney

March Magic: Top AI Art Trends to Boost Your Sales

March 2024: Best Selling AI Art Trends and Ideas to Increase Your Profits using Midjourney


In the world of digital art, AI-generated pieces are making waves, offering new opportunities for both artists and art lovers. Many creators are using tools like Midjourney to craft and sell their unique artwork and their print-on-demand items (t-shirts, hoodies, posters, cards, etc.). Staying up-to-date with what's popular each month is key for these artists. This March, I will share with you the trending topics and styles to sell on Etsy.

About Etsy

Are you someone who loves unique, handmade items? Do you have a passion for crafting and want to sell your creations? Or maybe you're looking for a special gift that stands out from the rest. If so, Etsy is the place for you.

What is Etsy?

Besides Amazon and eBay, Etsy is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. It’s an online marketplace where people from all over the world connect to buy and sell unique goods. Whether you're a buyer looking for something special or a seller wanting to share your craft with others, Etsy provides a platform for creative individuals to showcase their work.

Selling on Etsy

For artists, crafters, and vintage collectors, Etsy offers a great opportunity to turn your hobby into a business. Setting up a shop on Etsy is straightforward, and it allows you to reach millions of customers looking for something special. You have control over your shop's look, what you sell, and how you present your items. Plus, Etsy's community of sellers and resources can help guide you in making your business successful.

In conclusion, Etsy is more than just an online marketplace; it's a community of people who value creativity, craftsmanship, and uniqueness. Whether you're in search of the perfect gift, looking to decorate your home with one-of-a-kind items, or hoping to turn your creative passion into a business, Etsy is the place to be.

1. International Women’s Day (March 8)

Every year, we celebrate a big event that honors what women achieve and supports their power. Pictures showing women from different backgrounds doing well in their jobs, or images that talk about fairness between men and women and the strong connection among women, are expected to be well-liked during this time.

Here are some ideas from me:

Empower & Celebrate: Diverse Women in Bold Colors

Text "International Women’s Day". Illustration celebrating women's achievements with diverse women in various careers. Use bold colors like pink and gold. Add symbols of strength and equality, like a raised fist or scales of justice, to show empowerment and unity. Make it vibrant and inspiring to highlight women's diversity and strength. --v 6.0

Global Tapestry: Women's Unity & Diversity

Illustrate women from various cultures and countries as interconnected threads in a global tapestry, emphasizing the strength that comes from unity and diversity. This could include traditional attire, modern work uniforms, and symbols of women's roles across different societies, woven together with elements of nature and technology to represent the interconnectedness of all aspects of women's lives. --v 6.0

Nature & Women: Strength and Beauty

Draw parallels between the beauty, strength, and resilience of nature with those of women. Use floral motifs, the earth, or the universe as a backdrop to a powerful message celebrating women's unique ability to create, nurture, and transform. --v 6.0

These are some shops on Etsy that sell Happy Women's Day posters. You can take a look and get ideas from them.

2. St. Patrick’s Day (March 17)

St. Patrick’s Day is a big celebration in Ireland and for Irish people all over the world. It's known for fun decorations, parades, and special foods and drinks. Pictures showing Irish symbols, leprechauns, shamrocks, and people having a great time at St. Patrick’s Day parties are popular.

Here are some ideas that you can refer to:

Old-School St. Patrick's Day Poster

text "St. Patrick’s Day". a poster with a vintage feel, using classic typography and illustrations of iconic Irish symbols like harps, shamrocks, and Celtic knots. Add a touch of nostalgia with sepia tones, softened with splashes of green. --v 6.0

St. Patrick's Fun in a Big Shamrock

text "St. Patrick’s Day", a giant shamrock filled with various scenes of people celebrating St. Patrick's Day – dancing, playing music, enjoying traditional Irish foods, and participating in games. Use vibrant greens and golds to make the poster pop. --v 6.0

Green City: St. Patrick's Day Party

text "St. Patrick’s Day", a whimsical cityscape where all the buildings, trees, and streets are shades of green. Add people dressed in green, with leprechauns and pots of gold scattered throughout, celebrating under a rainbow. --v 6.0

These are some shops on Etsy that sell St. Patrick’s Day posters, cards,... You can take a look and get ideas from them.

3. Spring Awakening

As March rolls in, so does the start of spring for many of us around the world. This time of year is all about the beauty of blooming flowers, the joy of spending time outside in the fresh air, and the light, refreshing feel of homes opened up to the new season. Everyone's looking for pictures that show off these spring vibes, from gardens full of flowers to people having fun in the park or even cozy, sunlit corners of a clean and airy room.

Here are some ideas that you can refer to:

Spring Picnic Fun in the Park

a poster showcasing a stylish picnic scene set in a lush, green park. Illustrate a picnic blanket laid out with sandwiches, fruits, juices, and a basket, inviting viewers to enjoy the simple pleasures of outdoor dining in spring. Include playful elements like a frisbee or a book to suggest leisure activities. --v 6.0 

Winter to Spring: A Beautiful Change

Illustrate the transition from winter to spring with a series of images or graphics that show melting snow revealing green grass, buds turning into blossoms, and people shedding heavy coats for light jackets. This visual representation of change can be both beautiful and inspiring. --v 6.0

Spring Picnic: Sunshine and Cherry Blossoms

a poster that embodies the joy of spring with a focus on renewal and outdoor life. Center the design around a vibrant, sunlit scene of a family or group of friends enjoying a picnic under blooming cherry trees. Incorporate elements that symbolize spring's arrival, such as flowers in full bloom, a basket filled with fresh fruits and pastries, and a colorful kite flying in the background. Use a palette of soft pastels to enhance the feeling of warmth and freshness. --v 6.0

Here are some shops on Etsy that sell spring vibe posters. You can take a look and get ideas from them.

4. Green Living: Help Our Planet

Caring for the Earth is getting more popular, and it's not stopping. People love pictures that show ways to be kind to the planet. Like using energy from the sun, bringing your own bags to the store, helping clean up beaches, or the beauty of big, green woods.

Here are some ideas that you can refer to:

Go Green: Choose to Reuse

a vibrant, eye-catching poster featuring stylish reusable shopping bags, water bottles, and coffee cups against a backdrop of a clutter-free ocean or earth. --v 6.0

Green Travel: Good for You and the Planet

Illustrate different modes of green transportation, such as electric cars, bicycles, and walking, moving along a green path through a vibrant city. Highlight the message, "Move Sustainably: For Health, For Earth." --v 6.0

Here are some shops on Etsy that sell green living posters. You can take a look and get ideas from them.

5. Happy Minds: Calm and Fun Times

People are paying more attention to mental health now. Pictures showing happy thoughts, calm activities like meditation or yoga, and fun times outdoors are really liked. Imagine someone meditating, enjoying nature, doing yoga, or just having a good laugh.

Here are some ideas that you can refer to:

Unplug to Connect: Life Beyond Screens

Illustrate the concept of taking a break from screens and technology to enjoy real-life moments. The poster could show a smartphone with nature scenes, books, and sports equipment flowing out of it, encouraging viewers to disconnect to reconnect with themselves and their surroundings. Use bright, contrasting colors to draw attention to the activities outside the digital world. --v 6.0

Yoga for Everyone: Harmony and Joy

a vibrant and colorful poster featuring people of diverse backgrounds and body types practicing different yoga poses. Each figure could be overlaying a background of abstract, soothing colors that flow into one another, representing harmony and balance. Incorporate small, joyful elements like birds or butterflies to symbolize freedom and happiness. --v 6.0

Here are some shops on Etsy that you can take a look at and get ideas from:


So, there you have it! These ideas for AI art trends in March 2024 are all about celebrating special days, enjoying the fresh vibes of spring, taking care of our planet, and focusing on our mental well-being. Whether it's showing the power of women, the fun of St. Patrick's Day, the beauty of spring awakening, living green, or finding joy and calm in our busy lives, there's something for everyone to create and share on Etsy. Remember, what people love changes, so keeping up with these trends can help you make cool art that others are excited to buy. Let's get creative and make some art that stands out!

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