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🔥 Unlock a $297 AI Mastery Replay for FREE + Meta's "Code Llama"

PLUS: Hugging Face Secures $235M Investment, Google Pixel’s Next Big Splash

Plus: Discover Free AI Course Generators & Ultimate Cheat Sheets

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Do you still recall our 1st Zoom Meeting on 'The Art of Prompting! Unleash the Raw Power of ChatGPT' led by the Prompt Guru, Stu Jordan? Normally, access to such a program with Stu would come with a price tag of $297. But, because you're a cherished member of our community, you can revisit this enlightening session for FREE.

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Missed out on the live session or looking for a refresher? Fear not! We've made sure everything you need is right at your fingertips:

What are on FIREEE 🔥
🖥️ Meta Introduces "Code Llama," a Revolutionary AI-Powered Code Generator
📸 Google Pixel’s Next Big Splash: Smart Camera Tricks Powered by AI!
💵 Hugging Face Secures $235M Investment: AI's Open-Source Powerhouse Surges!
🔥 Cal Fire Ups Its Game with AI to Spot Wildfires Before They Rage!
🧠 InfoTrack Teams Up with AWS & ChatGPT to Revamp Conveyancing with Tech Magic!
🚫 Major News Outlets Shut the Door on OpenAI's Web Crawler
🛠️ 5 Free AI Sites to Generate Custom Online Courses 🎁 1 Free AI Cheat Sheets 💼 4 AI Jobs

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Source: Tech Crunch

Meta has just launched an innovative AI model named "Code Llama," capable of generating, explaining, and debugging code across multiple languages. Positioned as a trailblazer in the code generation sphere, this tool mirrors the essence of Meta's forward-thinking vision.

Key takeaways:

  • Meta's Code Llama can generate, explain, and troubleshoot code in various languages, like Python, Java, and C++.

  • This AI model can complete tasks akin to popular tools like GitHub Copilot and Amazon CodeWhisperer.

  • Training methodologies for Code Llama leveraged extensive datasets, emphasizing the correlation between code and natural language.

  • While exciting, potential risks include the generation of insecure or copyrighted code. Meta acknowledges the importance of safety testing before deploying Code Llama applications.

Source: Android Authority

Attention Pixel fans! Google may be gearing up to level up your group photo experience. How? By introducing dazzling AI features that promise to polish group photos and make every shot insta-worthy!

Key takeaways:

  • AI for Group Photos: Google's Pixel phones might soon use AI to enhance group photos, ensuring everyone looks their best.

  • Merging Techniques: With the phone's AI, users can merge the best shots, making sure every individual in a group photo shines.

  • Creative AI Editing Tools: Pixel's new features could allow users to change backgrounds, outfits, and nearly everything in a picture, likely connected to the upcoming Magic Editor tool.

  • Lightning-Fast Camera Launch: Never miss a moment! The Pixel's camera might launch faster, ensuring you capture game-winning moments or spontaneous events swiftly.

  • Pixel 8 Series Expectations: These groundbreaking AI features are anticipated to debut with the Pixel 8 series.

  • Offline AI Tool: Google might also be introducing an offline summarization feature for its Recorder app.

Source: The Register

Hugging Face, a prominent name in the AI sector, just clinched a massive $235 million in funding, backed by tech giants and even Hollywood's Ashton Kutcher. The company, a haven for AI models and datasets, is set for an even brighter future.

Key takeaways:

  • $235 million funding: Hugging Face gains significant investment from tech giants such as Google, Amazon, and Salesforce Ventures.

  • Open AI models: These are rising in popularity, granting greater control and cost-effectiveness to organizations versus traditional black-box models.

  • Hundreds of thousands of models: Hugging Face's platform is a diverse repository for AI models and datasets provided by a myriad of developers.

  • BLOOM: Beyond merely hosting, Hugging Face has introduced its own influential AI model, further solidifying its presence in the AI space.

Source: Internet

Firefighters in California are now getting a tech-savvy boost! With the power of AI, Cal Fire is detecting wildfires faster, thanks to a network of high-definition cameras that keep a watchful eye over the state.

Key takeaways:

  • AI-Powered Detection: Cal Fire employs AI models to spot early signs of wildfires through 1,039 HD cameras. The AI has already spotted 77 fires before 911 calls.

  • Traditional Vs. Modern: Previously, human-monitored cameras were used to detect fires. The AI addition has sped up response times and caught fires at manageable stages.

  • Challenges Faced: The AI system, though promising, has its hitches. It confuses other elements like fog and dust for smoke. Human intervention remains essential to confirm AI alerts.

  • Skeptical Views: Not everyone is on board. Experienced operators like Andrew Emerick question the AI's nuanced understanding of certain fires.

  • Broad Coverage: The AI evaluates billions of megapixels every minute, covering about 90% of California's fire-prone areas.

  • Expansion and Other Methods: Started in June, the AI initiative will soon be operational in all 21 Cal Fire command centers. Traditional fire detection methods, including spy satellites and drones, continue to play a role.

  • Impact Assessment: The real success, says Neal Driscoll, will be the unnoticed fires - those extinguished when they are still tiny.

Source: todaysconveyancer

Want your property paperwork to zip through without errors? InfoTrack's got your back! They're buddying up with Amazon and ChatGPT to make conveyancing faster and flawless.

Key takeaways:

  • InfoTrack's Edge: Already known for requisition rates that are 30% better than the rest, InfoTrack's goal is perfecting the digital AP1 form completion process.

  • Requisition Challenges: Inconsistencies between TR1s, TP1s, Charges, and submitted AP1s cause unwanted requisitions and, therefore, delays.

  • Tech Marvel: Using Amazon's Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tech, InfoTrack reads documents uploaded and pairs it with ChatGPT's prowess to auto-fill the AP1 form.

  • Highlighting Discrepancies: Before submitting, any mismatches are flagged to conveyancers, who can then review and make necessary corrections.

  • Double Bonanza: The collaboration not only populates AP1 forms in a jiffy but also spots potential errors, dodging thousands of requisitions.

  • Louise Edwardes Speaks: The Head of Product at InfoTrack celebrates the partnership, emphasizing the speed and precision it brings to conveyancers' work.

Source: The Guardian

Some of the world's biggest news agencies, including the New York Times and CNN, have told OpenAI's GPTBot to stay off their content. Let's dive in and see why these media giants are playing hard to get.

Key takeaways:

  • Blocking the Bot: Renowned outlets like CNN, Reuters, and the New York Times have stopped GPTBot, OpenAI's web crawler, from scanning their webpages.

  • Why the Block?: Language models like ChatGPT rely on vast data, but the murky waters of copyrighted content raise concerns, leading to such blockages.

  • Robots.txt Reveals: Publishers use the robots.txt files to dictate which crawlers can visit their pages. Recent checks showed OpenAI's GPTBot being denied access.

  • CNN & Reuters Weigh In: While CNN confirmed the block, Reuters emphasized its commitment to safeguarding its copyrighted content.

  • Updated Policies: The New York Times recently made its stance clearer by updating its terms, prohibiting content scraping for AI training without permission.

  • AI and Copyright Debate: News agencies worldwide grapple with AI's role in news production and how their content is used for AI training.

  • Calls for AI Regulation: Some outlets, like Agence France-Presse, demand clearer AI regulations, particularly transparency in AI training data and copyrighted material usage.

🛠️ 5 Free AI Sites to Generate Custom Online Courses

1. Skillflow (Web): Simple, Step-by-Step Online Courses Generated by AI

Skillflow offers a dynamic learning experience with GPT-4 generated courses based on your 50-character prompt. Dive into each unit for fresh content, and test your grasp with quizzes. A game-changer for proactive learners!

2. CourseGen (Web): Best-Looking, Minimalist GPT Course Generator

CourseGen delivers a sleek GPT-driven course experience. Prioritizing minimalism, it presents all material neatly without quizzes. With a cool Dark Mode and a clear index layout, it's perfect for those seeking swift, text-centric online learning.

3. Coursable (Web): Customizable AI-Generated Courses, With Videos

Coursable enhances AI course creation with adjustable complexity settings and concise lessons. Instead of lengthy texts, it integrates external reads and top YouTube videos, blending AI with human insights. Though its mobile-first design feels cramped on desktops, it offers handy PDF exports and sharing.

4. 101 School (Web): Library of Free AI-Generated Online Courses

101 School offers a vast library of categorized GPT-generated courses in a user-friendly three-pane format. While courses lack video, the ChatGPT window facilitates tests, exercises, and further reading. Users can pace their learning with periodic emails and track progress by registering a free account.

5. StudyRaid (Web): AI-Generated Courses That Feel Like Regular Online Courses

StudyRaid impresses with its college-course feel and diverse AI-generated content. Users can pick from varied categories, navigate freely between units, and benefit from AI-summarized key points. Optional quizzes, unit exams, and an interactive AI tutor enhance the learning experience, while a direct 'Ask' feature provides quick ChatGPT access.

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