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  • Boosted by 25% in productivity and 40% in quality, AI is reshaping how we work.

Boosted by 25% in productivity and 40% in quality, AI is reshaping how we work.

PLUS: How to Generate Stunning AI QR Code Art

Plus: How to Generate Stunning AI QR Code Art

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🗂️ Microsoft's Major Slip: 38TB of AI Data Leaked
🚩 FBI Flags AI Exploitation by Criminals and Foreign Adversaries
🤖 Google's Colossal AI Model Set to Rival OpenAI's ChatGPT
💸 Daily AI Fundraising
🛠️ Tutorial: How to Generate Stunning AI QR Code Art
🕹️ 4 AI Tools to Elevate Your Writing
🎯 AI RESEARCH: AI increased productivity by 25% and quality by over 40%
🎁 101 Free AI Cheat Sheets 💼 4 AI Jobs

🗂️ Microsoft's Major Slip: 38TB of AI Data Leaked

Source: Cyber Kendra

In a significant security oversight, Microsoft mistakenly laid bare a colossal 38 terabytes of AI data. The breach exposed sensitive info, raising alarms over Microsoft's AI protocols.

Key Takeaways:

  • 38TB Exposure: Microsoft AI researchers unwittingly exposed 38 terabytes of critical data, which spanned over three years.

  • Data Contents: Among the revealed data were Microsoft employees’ PC backups, service passwords, secret keys, and more.

  • Security Flaw: The issue stemmed from Microsoft's AI team's usage of Azure’s “SAS tokens” which incorrectly granted full control to the entire storage account.

  • Expiration Date: The SAS token's expiry was set absurdly far, at October 6, 2051.

  • Discovery: Cloud security firm, Wiz, unearthed the problem in June 2023, informing Microsoft shortly after.

  • Prior Issues: This blunder follows another recent setback for Microsoft, where a cryptographic key theft led to email breaches linked to a group from China.

🚩 FBI Flags AI Exploitation by Criminals and Foreign Adversaries

Source: VOA

As the U.S. delves deeper into artificial intelligence benefits, FBI Director Christopher Wray warns of its misuse by criminals and overseas enemies.

Key takeaways:

  • Urgent Warning: FBI's Wray indicates that AI holds great potential for misuse, with criminals and hostile governments already capitalizing on it.

  • Double-Edged Sword: AI can be beneficial, but it also enables the creation of deepfakes, malicious software, and other threats that could compromise U.S. security.

  • FBI's Stance on AI: The agency is proactive in tracking AI misuses but remains cautious about integrating AI into its operations, stressing ethical and legal considerations.

  • Homeland Security Initiatives: While actively employing AI in its operations, the Department of Homeland Security emphasizes transparency and user privacy.

  • Growing AI Threats: From extremist uses to petty crimes, AI's misuse potential is escalating. Particularly, China's AI-enabled propaganda efforts have U.S. agencies on high alert.

  • China's Rebuttal: China dismisses allegations of its improper AI use, criticizing them as prejudiced and unfounded speculations.

🤖 Google's Colossal AI Model Set to Rival OpenAI's ChatGPT

Source: Insider

Silicon Valley buzzes with excitement as Google preps to unveil a gigantic AI model, poised to challenge OpenAI's ChatGPT. Amidst the AI boom, the industry senses a shift toward more specialized tools.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google's Challenge: Google readies its vast Gemini model, designed to contend with OpenAI's renowned GPT-4, amplifying the AI rivalry.

  • Scale of Models: While GPT-4 processed over a trillion data bits, Google's Gemini might handle even more.

  • Costly Endeavors: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman revealed that training GPT-4 had a staggering cost exceeding $100 million.

  • Model Concerns: Bias, errors, and hallucinations in these models raise eyebrows, making them potential regulatory hotspots.

  • Data Protection: Fears linger about the safety of sensitive data fed into these all-encompassing models, leading to usage bans by some firms.

  • The Future is Specialized: Dr. Ebtesam Almazrouei stresses quality over quantity, predicting a tilt towards specialized, fine-tuned LLMs tailored for specific industries.

💸 Daily AI Fundraising

Writer, the AI content generator, bags $100 million in Series B! - Valued up to $750 million, this startup now challenges major players like OpenAI's ChatGPT Enterprise and Typeface.

Helsing scores €209 million in Series B! - With backing from General Catalyst and Saab, this Swedish defense AI champ is set to boost military tech in Europe and safeguard democracies with cutting-edge software.

🛠️ Tutorial: How to Generate Stunning AI QR Code Art

AIQrArt is a platform that combines art and technology to offer unique, AI-generated QR codes. It enhances brand identity with customizable QR art, providing analytics, diverse templates, and personalization features for various industries and use cases.

1. Access aiqrart.co 

2. Choose content type such as URL, Email, SMS, Phone, and Plain text

3. Enter your link/text → Click “Generate”
→ You will get a black-white QR code, the foundation for QR art

4. Choose the category

5. Adjust preset: Reality, Anime, or Customize
→ Get creative with the preset model

6. Input prompts
→ Creative Prompt: Describe what you want, it helps the model know the feel and details of your desired artwork.
→ Negative Prompt: Describe unwanted elements.

7. Choose the export ratio and sample count based on your requirements

8. Click “SUBMIT” and wait for magic to happen

9. Impressive AI QR Code Art

🕹️ 4 AI Tools to Elevate Your Writing

ProWritingAid is an all-in-one online writing helper. It checks grammar, finds copied content, and offers writing advice. It works with Chrome, Google Docs, Scrivener, and more.

Turnitin.com is an academic platform that promotes integrity by detecting plagiarism and streamlining grading. Beyond education, copywriters can utilize it to ensure unique and original content.

QuillBot is an AI tool that rewrites and shortens text. It helps students and professionals save writing time and works on sentences to whole articles.

Grammarly offers AI-guided writing tips to everyone. It works on all devices and platforms, helping over 30 million individuals and 50,000 teams daily to improve the correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery of writing.

🎯AI RESEARCH: AI increased productivity by 25% and quality by over 40%

This study examines how 758 professionals collaborate with AI systems on complex tasks. Randomized experiments with consultants from Boston Consulting Group, found that AI increased productivity by 25% and quality by over 40% when used for suitable tasks. However, for unsuitable tasks, AI reliance decreased performance by 19 percentage points.

Key findings:

  • 25% productivity surge: Consultants using AI on fitting tasks finished 25.1% faster, completing 12.2% more tasks.

  • Over 40% quality boost: On apt tasks, AI amped up the consultant's work quality by more than 40%, as experts observed.

  • 19% accuracy dip: When AI was used inappropriately, consultant precision dropped by 19 percentage points.

  • Bottom performers shine: The less-skilled half saw a 43% AI-induced performance leap, outpacing the top half's 17%.

  • Greater idea quality, less diversity: With AI's aid, consultant ideas were rated top-notch but had lesser variation.

  • AI's double-edged sword: It can both enhance and impair, depending on the task appropriateness.

In summary, the randomized field experiments demonstrate AI can significantly boost consultant productivity and quality when used properly, but also reduce performance and idea diversity when applied incorrectly or indiscriminately. Key data charts highlight these mixed impacts.

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  • LinkedIn: Lead AI Engineer (+ full stack) - Real Estate, Private Credit; Hedge Funds (Link)

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  • BeBee: Director of AI and Intelligent Automation Sales EMEA (Link)

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