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  • ⌚ From Phone Screen to Wristband: Motorola's Vision!

⌚ From Phone Screen to Wristband: Motorola's Vision!

Microsoft *Stole* Google's Market Share

Plus: Microsoft Took Market Share from Google

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What are on FIREEE 🔥

💡 Meta Unveiled: AI Breakthroughs and the Dawn of the Metaverse!
⌚ From Phone Screen to Wristband: Motorola's Vision!
🔍 Microsoft Q1: Azure Shines, AI on Horizon
🤖 GPT's Future: Gates Shares His View
🌍 China's AI Mastery: A Global Game Changer?
⚡ 9 AI Quick Hits
💸 Daily AI Fundraising
💾 Hot Tech News
🏅 Top AI tools
🎯 A Prompt to Craft a Perfect Outline
💼 4 AI Jobs


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💡 Meta Unveiled: AI Breakthroughs and the Dawn of the Metaverse!

Source: Getty Image

Through its Q3 results, Meta reveals user metrics and its endeavors in the AI domain, metaverse innovations, and the success of its platforms.

Key Takeaways:

  • 3.9 billion users now engage with Meta's diverse applications monthly.

  • Quest 3, showcased at Connect, emerges as a mixed reality marvel alongside the new Ray-Ban Meta glasses.

  • Meta launches its versatile AI assistant, Meta AI, across its communication platforms.

  • Instagram's Reels sees a 40% jump in user interaction, establishing its vital role.

  • Meta's commitment to the metaverse is evidenced by the Quest 3 headset and advanced Ray-Ban Meta eyewear.

Why it matters: Meta's strategic focus on AI and the burgeoning metaverse realm underscores its ambition to craft an interconnected digital universe. Its investments and innovations hint at a future where virtual and physical realities seamlessly merge.

Our POV: Is AI the core value of big tech like Meta? They are investing most of their money in it. AI determines which “areas” grow and which fall behind. As AI speeds up, many companies find it hard to keep pace.

⌚ From Phone Screen to Wristband: Motorola's Vision!

Source: Cnet

Motorola's latest concept blurs the line between smartphones and wearable accessories.

Key Takeaways:

  • Motorola's 'adaptive display' hints at an exciting, flexible future for smartphones.

  • The transformed device promises a condensed Android experience on a 4.6-inch screen.

  • Past tech shows like CES have highlighted similar visions by brands like Samsung.

  • The idea of flexible screens dates back decades, with Lenovo's 2016 concept being a recent example.

  • Commercial realization of such concepts might take time due to inherent challenges.

Why it matters: Innovations like Motorola's can potentially disrupt the tech industry by merging phones with wearables. The fusion of these domains could herald a new era, but practical challenges persist.

🔍 Microsoft Q1: Azure Shines, AI on Horizon

Source: CNBC

Azure's revenue surge pushes Microsoft ahead in Q1, while the tech community awaits an AI game-changer.

Key takeaways:

  • Q1 results boasted an earnings per share of $2.99, outdoing predictions.",

  • Azure’s Intelligent Cloud segment achieved $24.26 billion in revenue.",

  • Anticipation builds for Microsoft’s AI service, 365 Copilot, set to launch in November.",

  • Analyst sentiments are bolstered by Microsoft executives' positive outlook on market share.

Why it matters: Azure’s success underscores cloud computing's pivotal role in modern business. Coupled with the impending launch of AI Copilot, Microsoft is primed to redefine workplace productivity through AI.

🤖 GPT's Future: Gates Shares His View

Source: Getty Image

Generative AI's potential and its future are discussed by Bill Gates.

Key takeaways:

  • Gates speculates on GPT's technological peak.

  • Recognizes GPT-2 to GPT-4's evolutionary leap.

  • Questions if GPT-5 will surpass its predecessor.

  • Sees impending AI advancements with cost savings.

  • AI to revolutionize mobile health consultations.

Why it matters: As AI technology progresses, insights from influential figures like Gates can shape its trajectory. Highlighting AI's potential in mobile health showcases its wide-ranging societal benefits.

🌍 China's AI Mastery: A Global Game Changer?

Source: Getty Image

China's persistent AI endeavors hint at its ambition to pioneer the global tech frontier.

Key Takeaways:

  • The U.N.-agency states China had over 40% of AI applications globally.",

  • Chinese startups like Baichuan and Zhipu gain approval for public AI services.",

  • Alibaba and Google launch LLMs for diverse services like image generation.",

  • AI models, such as Baidu's Ernie 4.0, challenge established tech models."

Why it matters: China's methodical AI push might herald a new tech epoch, with potential impacts on global tech innovations, partnerships, and geopolitical dynamics.

The AI Quick Hits

1. 🎟️ Meta's Reality Labs Loses $3.7B: Tough Quarter (Read More)

2. 🤖 Only 26% of SMBs Use AI in Marketing (Read more)

3. 📸 Amazon AI Boosts Product Pictures (Read more)

4. 🔐 ChatGPT Might Expose Database Secrets! (Read more)

5. 🖋️ Grammarly AI: Your Personal Writing Style! (Read More)

6. 💥 X launches audio and video calls (Read More)

7. 🪁 White House announces AI order soon (Read More)

8. 🧶 Intel helps build AI chat apps (Read More)

9. 📄 Leak: UK scales back AI research plans (Read More)

💸 Daily AI Fundraising

AI software startup Moreh raised $22M in Series B, total $30M - Aim to optimize and create AI models compatible with frameworks like PyTorch, enabling GPUs to run models without code changes.

AI startup CentML raised $27M, total $30.5M - To streamline machine learning models, reduce costs, and improve performance on limited AI chips.

💾 Hot Tech News

1. 📱 Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Unveiled by Qualcomm (Readmore)
At the Snapdragon Summit, Qualcomm launches Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, soon to power flagships like the OnePlus 12 and Realme GT5 Pro.

2. 🍎 AirPods 2.0: Apple's Sound Revolution! (Readmore)
Apple has plans underway to refresh its AirPods, promising updated designs and superior audio by 2025.

3. 🔋 Xpeng's Leap: Europe Welcomes EV Tech! (Readmore)
Xpeng sets sights on a European introduction of its Navigation Guided Pilot by the end of 2024, focusing on local requirements.

4. 🎶 Qualcomm's Big Audio Shift: Beyond Bluetooth (Readmore)
Moving beyond traditional Bluetooth, Qualcomm's S7 series aims to deliver unmatched wireless audio quality using Wi-Fi.

5. 🚀 Snapdragon 2023: Honor Introduces Eye-Tracking 6! (Readmore)
At Snapdragon Summit, Honor debuts its Magic 6 phone, allowing eye-controlled app access.

🏅 Top AI tools

5 Top-Upvoted DEV AI Tools

🩸 Lastmile brings ideas to life with no-fuss AI that lets you focus only on building, all in one place.

🌑 ClickVote is an open-source infrastructure tool to seamlessly integrate likes, upvotes, and reviews components into your application.

❄️ Nuxt UI makes beautiful responsive web apps easy with customizable components for Nuxt.

🌊 Lakera Guard API quickly secures LLM apps against attacks and toxic language. Simple integration for devs.

🏉 Middleware (YC W23) is a full-stack cloud observability platform that boosts operational efficiency by monitoring infrastructure, logs, APM, and more.

AI Tools for Self-Improvement

🪀 Looria finds the best products that fit your needs and budget.

🎳 Deepen remembers and evolves with you over time; understanding your unique story.

🪇 MediSearch is a search engine that provides direct science-based answers to medical questions.

🪗 Woebot is a personal mental health ally powered by AI that helps individuals get back to feeling like themselves.

🛞 MyMind saves images, bookmarks, notes, quotes, or text

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📚 Top 101 Ultimate AI Cheat Sheets (Daily Updating...)

Top AI infographics and cheat sheets: Tools, Courses, ChatGPT, Midjourney, Prompts,…

💼 AI Jobs

  • LinkedIn: Senior Project Manager AI - London (Link)

  • LinkedIn: Researcher - AI / Blockchain (Link)

  • Indeed: AI Engineer Academy - UK (Link)

  • Indeed: Computational Geneticist with AI Focus (Link)

💡A Quick Poll: AI's Superhuman Persuasion

Do you agree with Sam Altman's prediction about AI's potential for superhuman persuasion before achieving general intelligence?

Sam Altman suggests AI might gain superior persuasion before general intelligence. This could lead to unexpected and potentially bizarre outcomes🗣️

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