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  • 👀 MUST-SEE: OpenAI's New Enterprise Plan Revealed

👀 MUST-SEE: OpenAI's New Enterprise Plan Revealed

EXTRA: Is ChatGPT Really Taking Over? New Poll Reveals Surprising Insights!, Uber Eats' New AI Chatbot Will Tell You What to Order!

Plus: Tutorial on Using the Visla Plugin for Engaging Social Videos, 5 AI Tools for Video Generator.

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🆕 ChatGPT Enterprise Launches Next-Level AI for Your Business!
📈 Is ChatGPT Really Taking Over? New Poll Reveals Surprising Insights!
🤖 The Race to Tame AI: Can Policy Keep Up With The Machine?
💻 Microsoft’s Bing Chat Now Plays Nice with Chrome!
🛩️ AI to Help Protect Washington, DC Skies Soon!
🥞 Hungry? Uber Eats' New AI Chatbot Will Tell You What to Order!
🛠️ Tutorial on Using the Visla Plugin for Engaging Social Videos
🕹️ 5 AI Tools for Video Generator🎁 2 Free AI Cheat Sheets 💼 4 AI Jobs

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🆕 ChatGPT Enterprise Launches Next-Level AI for Your Business!

Source: Tech Crunch

Ready for the future of business communication? OpenAI brings you ChatGPT Enterprise, a turbocharged, ultra-private version of the chatbot you already love. It writes emails, analyzes data, and even crafts workflows—all with a business edge!

Key Takeaways:

  • Viral Success: ChatGPT, already one of the fastest-growing consumer apps, jumps into the corporate world with its new Enterprise edition. OpenAI claims it's being used by teams in more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies.

  • Enhanced Features: Not just your regular chatbot! ChatGPT Enterprise offers "enterprise-grade" privacy, data analysis, and customization options. It's now on par with Microsoft's Bing Chat Enterprise.

  • Admin Console: Companies can manage employee usage via a new admin console. This includes features like single sign-on, domain verification, and a usage statistics dashboard.

  • Advanced Data Analysis: This is not your basic chatbot! With Advanced Data Analysis, it can sift through complex data, create charts, and even solve math problems. Previously, this feature was only for ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

  • Priority Access to GPT-4: ChatGPT Enterprise has the edge with priority access to OpenAI's GPT-4 model, boasting double the performance speed and a more expansive context window for more coherent and relevant conversations.

  • Monetary Goals: OpenAI has big financial targets. After spending a whopping $540 million last year on ChatGPT's development, they aim to increase their revenue to $200 million this year and $1 billion the next.

📈 Is ChatGPT Really Taking Over? New Poll Reveals Surprising Insights!

Source: Tech Crunch

ChatGPT has been the talk of the tech world, but how many people are really using it? A fresh Pew poll spills the tea on the real numbers and public opinion. Are we on the brink of an AI revolution, or is it just hype?

Key takeaways:

  • Only 18% of Americans have used ChatGPT: A Pew Research poll shows that ChatGPT isn't as widespread as you might think. Usage varies among age groups and educational levels.

  • Youth and Education Factor: The demographic most likely to have used ChatGPT includes men, people aged 18-29, and those with a college education. Among these groups, usage jumps to 30-40%.

  • More for Fun than Work: The majority of people use ChatGPT for entertainment or learning rather than for professional tasks. Queries like "Tell me a fairy tale" outnumber work-related questions.

  • Limited Job Impact Expected: Despite the buzz, only 19% of employed people who've heard of ChatGPT think it will significantly affect their jobs. Meanwhile, 27% expect zero impact.

  • Sector-Specific Opinions: People in the tech, education, and finance sectors are more optimistic about ChatGPT affecting their industries. Workers in hospitality and construction? Not so much.

🤖 The Race to Tame AI: Can Policy Keep Up With The Machine?

Source: Illustration by Alec Lund

As AI leaps into a new era of innovation, policymakers and experts wrestle with its double-edged potential. Can the rule of law sprint to keep pace with artificial intelligence's gallop? This scintillating piece unpacks the unfolding drama.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tech Leaders Urge Pause: Top tech figures have called for a six-month halt in AI development to focus on safety standards. The pause is set to end next month.

  • FTC Investigates OpenAI: The Federal Trade Commission is probing OpenAI for possible consumer harm, following issues like AI-generated "hallucinations" and misleading data.

  • EU's Artificial Intelligence Act: The European Union aims to set a global precedent with its upcoming Artificial Intelligence Act, setting the stage for international AI regulations.

  • U.S. AI Bill of Rights: The White House has unveiled a "Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights," targeting privacy, discrimination, and unauthorized use of AI-generated content.

  • Expert Opinions from Arizona State: Researchers suggest pursuing agile "soft law" approaches, international cooperation, and educational efforts to better manage AI risks and benefits.

  • Fair Compensation and Jobs: The article delves into the ethical and economic implications of AI, highlighting the need for just compensation models and discussing the technology's impact on job security.

💻 Microsoft’s Bing Chat Now Plays Nice with Chrome!

Source: AndroidPolice

IBM's Chief Tech Officer, Xie Dong, discusses the financial challenges of maintaining ChatGPT-like AI models while highlighting their groundbreaking potential. Can these AI giants strike a balance?

Key takeaways:

  • Xie Dong's Concerns: While ChatGPT and similar models spark excitement, they're financially demanding for many enterprises.

  • Staggering Expenses: OpenAI's ChatGPT potentially costs around $700,000 daily to operate due to high operational demands.

  • Cost Drivers: The immense costs stem from training these models using numerous graphics processing units (GPUs).

  • AI's Bright Future: Despite financial hurdles, ChatGPT is seen as the dawn of generative AI, with vast potential for innovation.

  • IBM's AI Approach: Instead of solely developing ChatGPT-like models, IBM is exploring foundation models that cater to diverse tasks.

  • Generative AI’s Growth: IBM projects the generative AI market to be worth $8 billion by 2030, with 85 million job opportunities.

  • Ethical AI Development: Xie emphasizes the need for regulatory compliance, data protection, and ensuring model reliability for ethical AI progress.

🛩️ AI to Help Protect Washington, DC Skies Soon!

Source: BBN Times

Hey, guess what? Robots in the sky are becoming a thing! The Pentagon is spending big bucks on AI tech to keep a sharp eye on Washington, DC's skies. It's like having a super-smart watchdog up there!

Key Takeaways:

  • Big Investment: The Pentagon is shelling out $100 million for an AI-powered monitoring system to keep Washington, DC's skies safe.

  • Teleidoscope Tech: Los Angeles-based company Teleidoscope developed the new AI system. It can track drones, cars, and even people on the move!

  • Operational Soon: Get ready because this high-tech system will start working before the end of 2023, says the Pentagon.

  • Human-AI Teamwork: The AI system isn't going solo; it helps human operators by showing them things they might miss, making them an even better team.

  • Major Upgrade: According to the Pentagon, this new system will be ten times better than the current one set up after the 9/11 attacks.

  • Future Applications: This is just the beginning! The tech might be used later to guard other places, like air bases or ships, says the USA's Defense Innovation Unit.

🥞 Hungry? Uber Eats' New AI Chatbot Will Tell You What to Order!

Source: Tech Crunch

Uber Eats is cooking up something new—an AI chatbot to help you decide what to munch on! This smart assistant will get to know your budget and taste buds, making ordering food easier and quicker than ever. Stay tuned to find out when this nifty tool will go live.

Key takeaways:

  • Uber Eats is Building an AI Chatbot: According to a Bloomberg report, Uber Eats is developing an AI chatbot that will suggest food based on your budget and preferences.

  • Unearthed by Steve Moser: Developer Steve Moser found the chatbot's code hidden inside the Uber Eats app.

  • Official Launch Unknown: Uber has yet to announce when this chatbot will be made available to the public.

  • CEO Confirmation: Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber's CEO, did mention that the company is developing an AI chatbot, but did not provide specific details.

  • Joining the AI Club: With this move, Uber Eats joins other food delivery services like DoorDash and Instacart, who are also integrating AI technologies into their platforms.

  • Trend of AI in Delivery Apps: The adoption of AI is becoming commonplace in delivery apps, promising to make the customer experience more personalized and efficient.

🛠️ Tutorial on Using the Visla Plugin for Engaging Social Videos

Visla Plugin

With Visla, you've got a convenient plugin for crafting short videos using available stock footage. Ideal for making presentations, jazzing up your social media, or even personal projects, Visla is like having a mini film studio ready whenever you are.

1. Install the Visla ChatGPT Plugin

→ Activate plugins in ChatGPT's Beta settings

→ Search for and install the Visla plugin in the plugin store

2. Use Visla to Plan and Generate a Video

→ With the Visla plugin enabled in ChatGPT 4, type out the following prompt: Prompt: “I want to use Vista plugin to create a video to [Insert Topic]”

3. Generate the video and download

Visla will now generate the video and present you with the link. You can now choose to export the video and download for free.

4. Save your Video

Enter the 6-digit Code given by prompt and download video. Here is the result.

🕹️ 5 AI Tools for Video Generator

The Kreadoai tool helps you make videos in different languages using AI. You just type or use words to create videos with characters, whether they're real or virtual. This gives creators the power of AI to make their videos.

DeepBrain AI's AI Studios is a great platform for making AI avatar videos with ChatGPT. Just write your script and you'll get really lifelike AI videos with avatars and ChatGPT for your business.

Lumen5 brings together advanced artificial intelligence along with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, working hand in hand to support you in crafting top-notch video content within just a matter of minutes.

Elai.io is dedicated to supporting companies in the process of generating compelling educational and marketing video content. Its unique approach involves bringing real human presence into these videos, and all of this is accomplished starting from the simplest of text inputs.

Genmo opens the door to a world of fantastical video creation, all thanks to the power of AI. You can immerse yourself further by discovering a diverse array of videos curated by the vibrant Genmo community, adding an extra layer of excitement to your video journey.

📚 Top 85 Ultimate AI Cheat Sheets (Daily Updating...)

Top AI infographics and cheat sheets: Tools, Courses, ChatGPT, Midjourney, Prompts,…

💼 AI Jobs

  • LinkedIn: Research Scientist (PhD), AI Speech (London) (Link)

  • Google: MSc Artificial Intelligence (Link)

  • Google: AI Programmer Intern (Link)

  • Careermap: Senior Data Scientist - Sustainable Investments & AI (Fully Remote) (Link)

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