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  • 🔄 ChatGPT Plus Sign-ups on Temporary Hold

🔄 ChatGPT Plus Sign-ups on Temporary Hold

Coming up GPT-5

Plus: Coming up GPT-5

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Great New Day!

ChatGPT has temporarily paused new Plus account sign-ups. This move aims to maintain quality service for current users, possibly aligning with strategies for the upcoming GPT-5.

While it's a setback for those eager to create new accounts, it's a step towards ensuring a better experience for everyone. Stay tuned for updates!

What are on FIREEE 🔥

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🔄 ChatGPT Plus Sign-ups on Temporary Hold
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✈️ Airbnb Expands AI Footprint with $200M for GamePlanner.AI
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Next-Level GPTs Mastery: Enhancing Your Custom GPTs with Zapier

Have you explored creating your own GPTs yet? After guiding you through the basics in Part 1, we're now ready to unveil even more amazing capabilities in Part 2.

If you're still searching for inspiration, don't worry - we've got a list of intriguing use cases to spark your creativity. Stay tuned for more and get ready to unlock the full potential of your GPTs!

⚖️ GenAI ROI: Strategy and Impact

Source: Gartner

GenAI ROI: Combining quick wins and transformative initiatives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Quick GenAI wins offer immediate but potentially diminishing returns.

  • Differentiating GenAI applications enable unique market positioning.

  • Transformative GenAI challenges existing models, offering new opportunities.

  • Investment in GenAI should consider both immediate and strategic benefits.

  • The future of GenAI depends on balancing innovation with practical ROI.

Why it matters: A balanced investment approach in GenAI is crucial for businesses to leverage AI's full potential and achieve sustainable ROI.

🔄 ChatGPT Plus Sign-ups on Temporary Hold

Source: Getty Image

Following DevDay, OpenAI pauses ChatGPT Plus subscriptions to ensure quality for current users.

Key Takeaways:

  • New ChatGPT Plus subscriptions paused by OpenAI.

  • Surge post-DevDay leads to user experience challenges.

  • Announced by CEO Sam Altman on X.

  • Open for registrations for future notifications.

  • GPT-5 requires more data, as per Altman.

Why it matters: This strategic pause by OpenAI in accepting new ChatGPT Plus subscribers is crucial for ensuring sustained quality and preparing for the next big leap in AI technology.

⚙️ GPT-5: OpenAI's New AI Horizon

Source: Ben Computer

In the wake of GPT-4, OpenAI's CEO announces the initiation of GPT-5's development.

Key Takeaways:

  • Initiation of GPT-5 development by OpenAI.

  • Emphasis on data preparation and methodology.

  • Utilization of GPTBot for data collection.

  • GPT-4 sets a benchmark for GPT-5 expectations.

  • The importance of ethical AI practices is underscored.

Why it matters: GPT-5's development signifies a new chapter in AI evolution, with OpenAI pushing the boundaries of technology while considering ethical implications.

🌦️ Google DeepMind's AI Transforms Weather Forecasting

Source: NY Post

Google's GraphCast AI model forecasts weather with unprecedented accuracy and speed.

Key Takeaways:

  • GraphCast uses GNN to analyze complex weather data and make forecasts.

  • Highly accurate in predicting weather variables across various altitudes.

  • Exceptional at forecasting extreme weather events.

  • Powered by Google Cloud TPU v4, ensuring rapid forecast generation.

  • Its application extends beyond weather prediction to climate change research.

Why it matters: GraphCast's innovative approach to weather forecasting could have far-reaching impacts on climate research and disaster preparedness.

✈️ Airbnb Expands AI Footprint with $200M for GamePlanner.AI

Acquiring AI startup GamePlanner.AI, Airbnb sets sights on enhancing travel with AI.

Key takeaways:

  • Airbnb acquired GamePlanner.AI for approximately $200 million.

  • Co-founders include Adam Cheyer, Siri's co-creator, and Siamak Hodjat.

  • GamePlanner.AI's specific functions remain unclear, with a limited public presence.

  • The acquisition aligns with Airbnb's AI-focused travel concierge vision.

Why it matters: Airbnb's acquisition of GamePlanner.AI reflects a strategic focus on AI to innovate and potentially transform the travel and hospitality sector.

🚀 Notion Integrates AI for Workspace Revolution

Source: ZDNet

Notion's new AI 'Q&A' feature propels it into an AI-first workspace era.

Key takeaways:

  • 'Q&A' AI feature in Notion aids in efficient data management.

  • Built upon advanced AI technologies for enhanced user experience.

  • Indicates Notion's commitment to becoming an AI-first company.

  • Positions Notion is a formidable competitor in digital workspaces.

Why it matters: Notion's foray into AI-driven tools signals a transformative phase in workplace technology, offering innovative solutions for data handling and business operations.

🎙️ YouTube's Clampdown on AI Music Deepfakes

Source: YouTube - AI labels will appear on videos or in descriptions, depending on the content.

YouTube implements strict rules for AI-generated impersonations of artists.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enhanced rules by YouTube for AI-generated music deep fakes.

  • Mandatory AI content labeling, with stringent criteria for the music industry.

  • YouTube's policy aims to protect artists' voices from AI mimicry.

  • The initiative marks a significant step in the legal handling of AI in music.

Why it matters: YouTube's decisive policy on AI music content underlines the critical challenge of balancing technological innovation with the protection of artists' rights.

The AI Quick Hits

1. 💡 Andreessen backs AI content platform Civitai (Read More)

2. 🤖 Google shares AI policy agenda (Read more)

3. 🔧 OpenAI tweaks Assistants and Editors (Read more)

4. 🎤 Warner Music uses AI for Piaf film (Read more)

5. ⚔️ US agency tackles weaponized AI (Read More)

6. 🏢 77% of companies begin AI journey, still early (Read More)

💸 Daily AI Fundraising

Atlas, a 3D AI platform, raises $6 million to transform game development - This Vienna-based startup, founded in 2021, uses AI to create virtual worlds quickly from images and text.

Cyble raises $30.2 million in Series B funding to improve AI in cybersecurity - Key investors include Summit Peak Ventures and King River Capital, boosting AI threat intelligence development.

💾 Hot Tech News

1. 🔋 2025 Camry: Toyota's Hybrid-Only Strategy (Read More)
Toyota takes a major eco step, making the 2025 Camry solely hybrid-powered.

2. 🌟 Eko's AI Stethoscopes Transform Heart Diagnostics (Read More)
Eko's innovative AI stethoscopes achieve double accuracy in detecting heart murmurs compared to analog devices.

3. 🔍 AI Stethoscope's Breakthrough in Maternal Heart Care (Read More)
AI stethoscope outperforms standard EKG in detecting heart disease during and after pregnancy.

4. 🌐 AI Enhancing Team Dynamics in Tech Industry (Read More)
AI aids tech professionals in achieving deeper work engagement and efficiency.

5. 💡 Hennepin's $41 Million Microsoft Tech Pact (Read More)
Hennepin County invests $41 million in technology services from Microsoft through 2026.

🏅 Top AI tools

Top 5 AI Tools for Mind Mapping

1. 🌟 Gitmind is free brainstorming software for idea collaboration, fostering creative thinking and wisdom-sharing.

2. 🚀 Whimsical AI makes flowcharts, mind maps, and sticky notes quickly. Pick a type, enter a prompt, and visualize your ideas on a board.

3. 🎉 Edrawmind is a lightning-fast mind map creation. Spark creativity with AI-generated ideas and revolutionize content production with AI tools.

4. 🌺 Chatmind, by the Xmind Team, is an AI-powered mind mapping tool with GPT-4 chat. Create mind maps easily and quickly for free.

5. 🍕 MindMeister is an online tool for collaborative mind mapping. It helps students connect ideas and information, making it easier to understand topics.

New Empowered AI Tool

6. 🎈 Zaplify is a tool that helps B2B sales teams build better relationships with prospects and turn them into leads.

7. 📚 Superdwell is an online platform for interior design. It provides a free room designer tool and personalized AI-driven design services.

8. 🎸 CAMOO is your solution to expensive manual typing. It transforms thoughts, voice, files, websites, or anything into content effortlessly.

9. 🌞 Pseudoface is an AI filter app. It lets faceless creators replace their real faces with lifelike AI-generated ones. It offers anonymity while promoting self and income growth.

10. 📷 Thumbmachine, powered by AI, simplifies YouTube thumbnail creation. It offers customizable styles and quick design, perfect for professional thumbnails, social media, and marketing.

✏️ The Top 10 GPTs to Boost Your Productivity

This handy tool lets you change any file - like photos, videos, music, and documents - into another format. It can handle single files or batches. It also supports ZIP files and gives you a link to download the converted files.

Get quick stock and crypto chart analysis for trading. This gives useful info to trading pros.

Makes beautiful websites and hosts them for you.

A coding wizard that can build a website with one sentence. Made for a new age of creativity.

Put in a Spotify link to a song, playlist, user or artist to get cool insights. Press "M" to see the menu.

Transforms drawings into different art styles and describes them.

Creates recipes with nutrition info and photos.

Writes award-worthy movie and TV scripts. Ask for images too!

Makes logo designs for you.

A product coach that shares best practices from top experts.

🎯 A Prompt to Create Realistic Mockup by DALL-E 3

[Product] design with ["text on the lable" lable. Features [describe style, color, object]. A mockup image, realistic look, like an actual product, simple background.

A phone case with this prompt


💼 AI Jobs

  • cfdx: AI Researcher (Link)

  • King's College London: Research Associate in Artificial Intelligence for Social Good AI UK Project (Link)

  • Citi: Director of Engineering – Gen AI platform (Link)

  • Harnham: Head of AI / NLP (Link)

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