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🚀 AI's Impact on Stock Forecasts

AI Clickbait Nears Extinction Edge

Plus: AI Clickbait Nears Extinction Edge

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Good morning!

Let’s kick off your day with a groundbreaking open letter challenging AI firms on risk assessments. And there's more: OpenAI has just shared their personal take on Elon's lawsuit. Ready to dive in?

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🚀 AI's Impact on Stock Forecasts
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How Large Language Model Applications are Built in 2024

One of the best tactics for building applications with LLMs is to use a vector database and RAG - Retrieval Augmented Generation.

This is where you take the user’s input prompt and then search through a vector database for similar text. Then, you take the matching passages (from the vector database) and the user’s prompt and enter that into your LLM (GPT-4, LLaMA, whatever) to generate text output.

Using Retrieval Augmented Generation has huge benefits. It can improve GPT-4 answers by 50%, even on data GPT-4 was trained on. Additionally, companies like Notion also use Retrieval Augmented Generation to personalize answers, so it can do things like question-answering on all your past notes.

Ram Sriharsha is the CTO of Pinecone (one of the most popular vector databases) and he wrote a great blog post about

  • How vector databases work

  • Why companies like Notion use Pinecone

  • How Pinecone built their serverless architecture

And more.


🛡️ Call for AI Safety Research Freedom

Source: A Safe Harbor for AI Evaluation and Red Teaming

An open letter and paper challenge AI companies to permit independent risk assessment.

Key Takeaways:

  • 100+ leading figures endorse AI research liberties.

  • Red teaming legal protections are necessary for safety.

  • Company policies on content impede necessary tests.

  • Midjourney's stance reflects broader industry reluctance.

  • Bug bounty programs don't cover safety risks.

  • Transparency in policy enforcement is lacking.

Why it matters: Enhancing AI model safety requires freeing up research, crucial for advancing AI responsibly.


🚀 AI's Impact on Stock Forecasts

Source: Hanane D

In response to criticism, Google halts Gemini's AI imagery for historical accuracy fixes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Data fetching through finance, Alpha Vantage APIs.

  • News aggregation via APIs and scraping.

  • Sentiment analysis for market trends.

  • Comparison of GPT-4-Turbo and Mistral Large.

  • LLMs provide valuable insights into financial trends.

  • Not precise in short-term price predictions.

Why it matters: LLMs offer a novel lens for financial trend analysis.




  • Organizational change is key to unlocking generative AI benefits.

  • Pacific Telecom's gen AI journey offers valuable insights.

  • QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey points to strategic gen AI integration.

  • Importance of skills upskilling and centralized gen AI standards.

  • GitHub shows a surge in gen AI projects, signaling the technology's evolution.

  • Data quality and architecture for scale are critical for effective gen AI deployment.

  • Resource demands for AGI were underestimated initially.

  • Elon Musk's changing proposals and funding withdrawal.

  • Rejection of for-profit control to maintain mission focus.

  • Musk suggests merging with Tesla and eventually exiting.

  • Real-world applications of OpenAI's AI underline its mission.

  • Google's latest update aims to cleanse search results of SEO spam and low-quality content.

  • Focus on combating expired domain abuse and AI-generated spam, with obituary spam also in scope.

  • 40% expected reduction in spam, highlighting Jennifer Kutz's statements on AI content policies.

  • The update also addresses site reputation abuse, ensuring sites cannot leverage their standing to host low-quality third-party content.


Multiverse in Spain raises $27M to enhance quantum software for AI, aiming to simplify complex calculations. Their CompactifAI product promises to shrink AI models by 80%, boosting efficiency.

Overjet, an AI dental platform, just got $53 million, making it the biggest AI dental investment. This helps dentists work better and diagnose accurately.


  1. ↪️ Tolgee is an autonomous translation platform that utilizes AI technology to streamline the localization process.

  2. 💭 DreamGen is an AI role-play and story-writing website that allows users to create and interact with characters

  3. 🏠 Paintit tailors design for every room, reflecting your unique lifestyle.

  4.  Viddyoze creates incredible videos on autopilot with the best AI video generator in seconds

  5. 🍞 Breadcrumb turns your data into personalized interactive views.


1. 🌟 Madonna leads with AI in Entertainment (Read more)

2. 📉 Trust in AI Declines Globally (Read more)

3. AI discovers flying 'Murmurations' in Elliptic Curves (Read more)

4. 🔒 Cyber chiefs cautiously try AI, watch for rules (Read more)

5. 🗨️ Amazon's Rufus chatbot is okay but not perfect (Read more)

6. 🔍 Nobody knows how AI works (Read more)


Create Your Own Copilot GPTs

If you have Copilot Pro, there's a new thing called “Create Copilot GPTs”. It's coming out for some users now and lets you make your own GPTs quickly by telling it what you need and giving it a document with information.

  • Start with Microsoft Copilot

  • First, click on “See all Copilot GPTs” on the right side.

  • Choose any GPT you like or make your own by clicking Create a new Copilot GPT.

  • To make your own GPT, start with a catchy name and then describe what it does in simple words.

  • Microsoft suggests using easy English and avoiding hard words or special terms.

  • If you know a lot about GPTs and want to set one up yourself, go straight to “Configure” instead of “Create”. This lets you make GPTs without using the guide."


Permutation Prompts: Creating Multiple Combinations Fast

Using lists of choices in braces {} with commas in your prompt lets you make many versions with different combinations.

If you want to include a “,” in braces that do not act as a separator, place a backslash \ just before it.

Product Photography, {[Item 1 description], [Item 2 description], [Item 3 description},[Item 4 description} photographed from above to highlight texture and color contrast, on a [background description].

Product Photography, {[Whole roasted turkey chicken, garnished with fresh herbs and lemons], [Sliced turkey breast arranged neatly with a side of cranberry sauce], [Turkey drumsticks served with roasted vegetables and gravy]} photographed from above to highlight texture and color contrast, on a clean, white background.


  • City of London School: AI Research Graduate Assistant (Link)

  • PwC: Digital Audit - Senior Associate - Gen AI Pod (Link)

  • Hitachi Careers: Senior AI Consultant (Link)

  • Dell Corporation Limited: Services Solutions Principal for Data, Data Science, AI/GenAI and ML (Link)

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