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  • 💡 Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite Takes Center Stage!

💡 Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite Takes Center Stage!

$275K in Sales from This Prompt

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Plus: $275K in Sales from This Prompt

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On today's agenda: AI Chips are truly living up to the hype. Stick around and stay informed! 🎉

What are on FIREEE 🔥

💡 AI-Driven PCs: Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite Takes Center Stage!
🌐 Hybrid AI for Tomorrow: Lenovo's and NVIDIA's Blueprint
💡 Microsoft's AI Triumph; Google Cloud Wanes
🚀 EUREKA: AI's Mastery in Robot Training!
👁️ Humane AI Pin: A GPT-4 Powered Wearable Sensation?
⚡ 6 AI Quick Hits
💸 Daily AI Fundraising
🏅 Top AI tools
🎯 A Prompt for getting $275K worth of sales (By Ole Lehmann)
💼 4 AI Jobs


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Harness the Power of AI

AI’s been here. Now learn where it’s going. The AI Boot Camp from Columbia University serves as an introduction for those just entering tech, and builds on that foundation with specialized AI skills. 

This learning experience is perfect for those looking to upskill and set themselves apart. Upon completion, you will be prepared to lead AI conversations — and initiatives — to bring about key results for organizations. 

No previous programming skills are required to apply.

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💡 AI-Driven PCs: Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite Takes Center Stage!

Source: Cnet

Entering the PC chip market, Qualcomm's AI-powered Snapdragon X Elite chipset promises transformative advancements.

Key Takeaways:

  • Qualcomm's move into the PC market challenges incumbents like Intel, AMD, and Apple.

  • The company's focus on generative AI enhances tasks ranging from textual content generation to intricate graphic design.

  • With its Adreno GPU, the chipset is designed for high-performance graphics, supporting up to three UHD displays.

  • Its AI capabilities claim to outpace human reading capabilities, showcasing its immense processing power.

Why it matters: The integration of robust AI capabilities by Qualcomm underlines the evolving landscape of personal computing. As AI becomes ever more integral, the innovations by industry leaders will dictate the next wave of tech advancements, with Qualcomm staking its claim at the forefront.

🌐 Hybrid AI for Tomorrow: Lenovo's and NVIDIA's Blueprint

Source: NVIDIA

Lenovo and NVIDIA, joining forces, envisage a future where generative AI seamlessly blends with business operations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lenovo TruScale Hub ensures transparency in technology utilization.

  • Companies get a pay-as-you-go model via Lenovo’s TruScale aaS offering.

  • Kirk Skaugen, President of Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group, highlights the AI-driven future.

Why it matters: This collaboration points towards a symbiotic relationship where businesses benefit from cutting-edge AI, while the AI industry sees enhanced adoption rates. With flexible offerings like TruScale, enterprises can embrace AI at their own pace, ensuring steady progress.

💡 Microsoft's AI Triumph; Google Cloud Wanes

Source: Financial Times

AI advancements drive Microsoft's ascendancy, while Google's cloud segment shows strain.

Key takeaways:

  • Microsoft's AI ventures led to a prominent financial uptick.

  • Azure's growth revival surprises, soaring to 29% against an anticipated 27%.

  • Google, though a formidable competitor, grapples with cloud revenue setbacks.

  • Microsoft's total revenue surged to a staggering $56.5bn.

  • Alphabet's AI investments, like Gemini, aim to reshape its AI future.

Why it matters: Microsoft's strategic AI investment with OpenAI cements its pioneering role in tech. Google's challenges emphasize the crucial role of AI in shaping the future of cloud computing and tech innovation.

🚀 EUREKA: AI's Mastery in Robot Training!

Source: Tech Xplore

EUREKA, powered by NVIDIA, reshapes robotics by instructing intricate tasks.

Key takeaways:

  • A robot's ability to perform pen-spinning is a testament to EUREKA's instructional prowess.

  • Collaborators like UPenn, Caltech, and UT Austin bolstered the research's credibility.

  • The Isaac Gym framework plays a pivotal role, mirroring real-world conditions for AI training.

  • With EUREKA, robots outdid human-directed instructions in a commendable 83% of trials.

  • Versatility was evident as robots undertook diverse tasks, from drawer operations to ball play.

Why it matters: The brilliance of NVIDIA's EUREKA underscores AI's transformative role in next-gen robotics. As AI-guided robots become adept at nuanced tasks, industries, and daily life can anticipate revolutionary changes and conveniences.

👁️ Humane AI Pin: A GPT-4 Powered Wearable Sensation?

Source: The Verge

With a November launch, Humane's AI Pin, equipped with OpenAI's GPT-4, signals a wearable tech transformation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Earned a spot in Time Magazine’s elite 2023 inventions.

  • Infused with proprietary innovation and OpenAI’s GPT-4 for varied tasks.

  • Trust Light' provides a recording indicator for users.

  • Spearheaded by ex-Apple luminary Imran Chaudhri.

  • The release was postponed to November 9th from an initial October date.

  • Made appearances at renowned platforms like Paris Fashion Week.

Why it matters: The AI Pin could shape the future of AI wearables, balancing tech with trust. Its ties to Apple heavyweights and rivalries with brands like Meta spotlight its anticipated arrival

The AI Quick Hits

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💸 Daily AI Fundraising

Signos raised $20M from investors like GV and Samsung - Funds will expand its AI platform using CGMs to provide real-time glucose data for weight management.

Saudi development NEOM invests $100M in autonomous driving company Pony.ai - Join the venture to develop self-driving services and infrastructure in NEOM and MENA markets.

🏅 Top AI tools

5 Top-Upvoted AI Tools

💨 Design Studio creates chatbots with dynamic conversation flows to handle customer interactions.

🪐 helpix AI automates customer service conversations across texts, emails, social media, live chats, and WhatsApp.

🍕 AI Demo my Website previews an AI chatbot customized for your website and brand

🍁 Craftsman gives visitors fast answers with a ChatGPT bot trained on their data and easily adds the chat widget to their website for quicker support.

🎭 Enrol AI is a 24/7 AI chat tool, like having a full customer support team but cheaper.

AI eBook Generator Tools

🪁 Visme is an online tool designed to help you create interactive and visually appealing ebooks.

🎰 Bit helps you create interactive eBooks with features like real-time collaboration and document tracking.

Jasper streamlines the process of brainstorming, writing, and marketing your ebook.

🧩 Wordtune is an AI writing tool that fixes grammar, understands meaning, suggests new phrasing, and generates text.

🍁 WriteSonic is an AI writing and image generation platform, ebook writers can take all the advantages from it.

🎯 A Prompt for getting $275K worth of sales (By Ole Lehmann)

This prompt follows Russel Brunson's "Hook-Story-Offer" framework for crafting profitable sales pages within a three-minute timeframe.

To really get how this prompt works and why it's useful. Since the entire prompt is quite lengthy, check out this post for more detailed info, we mentioned it at the BONUS 5.

📚 Top 101 Ultimate AI Cheat Sheets (Daily Updating...)

Top AI infographics and cheat sheets: Tools, Courses, ChatGPT, Midjourney, Prompts,…

💼 AI Jobs

  • LinkedIn: Senior Generative AI Software Engineer — Innovation Lab (Hybrid) (Link)

  • LinkedIn: Group Head of AI & Data (Link)

  • Huzzle: Data and AI Graduate - London (Link)

  • Indeed: AI Integration Specialist (Link)

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