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  • 🌏 The Hidden Cost of AI: A Power-Hungry Future?

🌏 The Hidden Cost of AI: A Power-Hungry Future?

Let's try on some Adobe Firefly's new features

Plus: Let's try on some of Adobe Firefly's new features

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Welcome bright Thursday!

All of us know that AI is changing the game in so many areas, even in our day-to-day lives. But hey, nothing comes for free, right? A new study has got us thinking about the "cost" of using AI. Curious? It’s below

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🌏 The Hidden Cost of AI: A Power-Hungry Future?
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🌏 The Hidden Cost of AI: A Power-Hungry Future?

Source: Kevin Okemwa | Windows Central

A new study warns that the fast-growing world of generative AI could soon be eating up as much electricity as a small country! But there's a twist: it all depends on some big 'ifs.'

Key Takeaways:

  • Generative AI's Power Appetite: A study projects that generative AI could consume 85-134 terawatt-hours of electricity annually by 2027.

  • Cooling Costs Water: AI data centers use significant amounts of water for cooling. One bottle per chat query, in fact.

  • OpenAI's Spending: OpenAI spends up to $700,000 daily to run its AI chatbot, ChatGPT.

  • User Decline: ChatGPT and Microsoft's Bing Chat are seeing a decline in user base and market share.

  • Chip Shortage: NVIDIA is struggling to meet the demand for AI chips, slowing down AI tech growth.

  • Microsoft's Plan: Microsoft is set to launch its own AI chip next month to counteract these challenges.

Why It Matters:

The enormous amount of energy and water that generative AI could consume raises serious environmental concerns. If the growth of AI isn't managed responsibly, we could be looking at a future where technological progress comes at the cost of environmental sustainability. So next time you chat with an AI, remember: it's not "free." It's a reminder that we need to find a balance between innovation and conservation.

💨 Character AI Unveils Group Chat: Talk to Einstein and Zeus!

Source: Tech Crunch

Ever wanted to chat with Einstein, Marie Curie, or even mythological gods like Zeus? Character.AI, a hot startup, introduces group chat where you can invite such AI companions to chat along with your friends!

Key takeaways:

  • AI Group Chat: Character.AI launches a feature for group chats with AI characters like Einstein and Zeus.

  • Human + AI Mix: The chats can include both humans and AI characters for fun or focused discussions.

  • Not Free: The feature is first available for $9.99/month for c.ai+ subscribers to gather feedback.

  • Rising Popularity: Nearly 30 million global users, catching up to ChatGPT in the U.S.

  • In-App Revenue: Lifetime gross in-app revenue is $1.3 million.

  • Platform Availability: Initially only on iOS and Android, but will later roll out to the web.

Why It Matters: This feature takes chat experiences to a new level, blending education and entertainment. It's not free, highlighting the push for profitable AI. As AI grows in our lives, ethical questions loom.

👥 Mistral Unveils Free Powerful AI Model for All!

Source: Techwar

The French AI startup, Mistral, announces its first model, Mistral 7B. This promising and high-performance model is free for all users, providing powerful AI capabilities without any cost.

Key Takeaways:

  • Billie: Meta's new AI chatbot modeled after Kendall Jenner is eerily realistic.

  • Celebrity Lineup: 27 more celeb AIs, including Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton, are on the way.

  • Costly Likeness: Each celebrity got between $1 million and $5 million for their digital clone.

  • Platform Availability: Interact with these AIs on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram.

  • Specializations: Each AI will have a specific role, like "big sis" or "sports debater."

  • Public Reaction: Billie's Instagram account amassed 98,000 followers, but some find it "scary."

💸 Daily AI Fundraising

Munich startup Orbem has raised €30 million in Series A funding and claims 20 million successful scans! - Which is revolutionizing the poultry industry with AI-based egg-scanning tech.

Anysphere raised $8 million in seed funding to improve its "AI-native" software development tool, Cursor - This boost, led by OpenAI’s Startup Fund, aims to make coding faster and more creative. Total funding now hits $11 million.

🏅 New AI-Empowered Tools

🧊 Planoly - Manage several accounts in one place

☎️ Balbix - Automate Your Cybersecurity Posture

🍭 Rizzlabs - Improve your dating experience by generating engaging openers for dating bios and delivering tailored responses

🧩 SceneXplain - Leading AI solution for image captions and video summaries

🍂 Typefully - Leading AI solution for image captions and video summaries

🛠️ Tutorial: Replace Background and Create Text Effect in A Second

A. Generative fill

1. Access Adobe Firefly
→ There are 6 new features for Adobe Firefly 2
→ Click “Generative fill” to try it on

2. Upload the image you want to edit.

3. Make your selection
→ You can insert, remove, or modify your content
→ For example, select the background to remove it.

4. The image now has a transparent background, with the main subject still intact.
→ Add a prompt to change the background.

5. Here’s what you get. Easy, right?

B. Text Effect

1. Give request
→ Type or paste the text you want to edit.
→ Enter a prompt describing the effect you want

2. Here’s what you get with 4 versions

3. Adjust the settings on the right to fine-tune the effect.

4. When you're happy, export the final text effect.

🕹️ 4 Generative AI Tools for the Best Image

Leonardo.ai is an AI tool for creating stunning game assets and image generator. It features pre-trained AI models that can generate production-ready assets with unique styles based on user prompts.

Recraft is a tool that uses AI to help you make and change different kinds of art like vector images, icons, 3D pictures, and drawings. You can use these for your website, printed materials, or ads. It's free to use and you can even use the art for business.

All you have to do is type in a few words, and Starry AI will turn them into a beautiful piece of art for you. Normally, creating art with AI is a complicated task that needs special skills.

Dream by Wombo is an AI-powered art creation platform. It allows users to create unique artwork by entering a prompt and choosing an art style. The AI then turns the idea into a painting within seconds.

🎯 A Prompt for Successfully Pitching Your Business Idea

Example Prompt

You're pitching an investor for [product] that helps [user] [product function]. Explain the problem [product] solves and how it benefits, and share your plans for scaling the platform.

Detailed Prompt

You're pitching to an investor for a new blockchain-based platform that helps SME companies reduce costs and increase revenue through its core product. Explain the problem the platform solves, how it benefits SME companies, and share your plans for scaling the platform.

Here’s what I got

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💼 AI Jobs

  • Linkedin: AI Research Scientist – Structural Biology (Link)

  • Linkedin: Transforming Collections: AI Software Development Technician (Link)

  • Indeed: AI Solutions Analyst (Link)

  • Indeed: Generative AI - Senior Technical Product Owner - Codified Controls (Link)

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Do you think students should be allowed to use ChatGPT and other AI tools in school?

We're diving into a hot topic today: the role of AI in education. Could tools like ChatGPT be the future of learning, or are there hurdles we need to clear first? Your opinion matters, so let's hear it! 🎙️

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