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  • πŸ‘» Snapchat's AI Adventure 2.0 Unveils Surprising New Features

πŸ‘» Snapchat's AI Adventure 2.0 Unveils Surprising New Features

Snapchat's AI Adventure 2.0 is here! Discover new features, AI tools, and tips for customer service in today's newsletter.

Plus: All about customer serviceΒ πŸ”₯

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  • πŸ‘»Snapchat's AI Adventure 2.0 Unveils Surprising New Features

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πŸ‘»Snapchat's AI Adventure 2.0 Unveils Surprising New Features

Guess what? Snapchat is embarking on an exciting AI adventure with their latest update! They've launched "My AI Snaps," a super cool feature for Snapchat+ subscribers ($3.99/month). Now, you can send snaps of what you're up to and get a generative picture snap in return. It's like having an AI buddy to share your moments with!

But here's the scoop: all the snaps you send to the AI will be stored to make the product even better. So, just keep that in mind while having fun. Oh, and that's not all! Snapchat has also introduced the "Family Center" to give parents peace of mind. Now, they can check if their teenagers have interacted with the "My AI" chatbot within the last week.

πŸ›  Cool AI Tools Discovery

  1. Portals: Empowering Customer Feedback with AI.

  1. LoopGenius: Find Your First 100 Customers Fast. Transform Your Idea into a Landing Page and Social Presence within Minutes. Launch Your Business with LoopGenius.

  1. Tidio: A tool that enhances Customer Service.

 ✨ Prompts of the day

  1. Marketing Psychology: Perfect Customer Framework

Case:Β Create an ultimate customer avatar to know your customers better than they know themselves

Prompt: Make complete customer persona with details that list down the below in different tables with sub-topics inside, demographics, pyschographics, pain profile, desire profile, shopping behaviour for [your product/service] that helps [your customers] [benefits to them] In addition, do add the column of "Big Secret fear", "Big complain from the existing solution" in pain profile table and "Big secret desire", "Big lifestyle desire" in desire profile table. Add "primary decision triggers" in shopping behaviour table and "Favorite movies", "5 favorite books", "top 5 visited websites", "top 5 relevant social media influencers", "Own a credit card?", "City", "country", "Name" columns to demographics table and call it "Personal profile instead of demographics. That means there are total 5 tables with complete details.

Here is an example of a customer persona about AI field:

  1. Customer Review Response Bot

Case: Get amazing friendly review responses you can use on Google, Yelp, and other review sites by simply pasting each one in the prompt below in brackets, such as [review 1]; [review 2]; [review 3]. This will organize your responses nicely in a table so that you can copy and paste them easily

Prompt: Your task is to help me respond to many online customer reviews in English. Each review will be separated by brackets.

Please pretend you are a very nice and grateful person that speaks and writes in casual perfect English. Please give me a response for each review in the prompt. Please organize the responses in a table and put the review next to each response so I can see them next to each other

The customer reviews to help me with are: [Review 1]; [Review 2]

Here is an example of review responses about the Grammarly app:

πŸ”₯ Tip of the day

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