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Top 10 game-changer AI tools

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Plus: Top 10 game-changer AI tools...!?

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Hello weekend everyone!

Time Magazine recently highlighted innovative AI technologies spanning various industries. It has both familiar and strange tools. Are you curious?

And there's one more thing - now you can talk with data, which can change the way we do data analysis. Let's dive in to learn more about these AI innovations and see what's now possible 🌟

What are on FIREEE 🔥

📈 DataGPT: Redefining Conversations with Data!
🚀 AWS Sees AI as Next Cloud Frontier
⛔ OpenAI's Vigilant Eye on Looming AI Hazards
🤳 AI Entities by 1337: Dawn of Virtual Influencers
🌟 UK Spearheads AI Safety with New Institute
⚡ 5 AI Quick Hits
💸 Daily AI Fundraising
🏅 Top AI tools
✏️ Tutorial: How to Turn Your Slides into Engaging Pitch Videos
🎯 A Meta Prompt for Streamlining Marketing Performance
💼 4 AI Jobs

Read The Information first…or them later

The Information’s journalists get the news that other newsrooms envy. That’s why their reporting on tech, media and finance has been followed by the New York Times, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal and dozens of other outlets more than 400 times in the last year.

📈 DataGPT: Redefining Conversations with Data!

Source: VentureBeat

Entering the PC chip market, Qualcomm's AI-powered Snapdragon X Elite chipset promises transformative advancements.

Key Takeaways:

  • DataGPT's chatbot is anchored in a self-hosted large language model, delivering intuitive interactions.

  • The company's database claims a speed that's 90 times swifter than its peers, making data insights more accessible.

  • Arina Curtis elaborates on how DataGPT stands apart with its unique blend of logical and contextual analysis.

  • Leading enterprises, including Dimensionals and Wombo, are capitalizing on the tool’s capabilities.

  • DataGPT’s $10 million funding underscores its potential and the faith investors have in its vision.

Why it matters: DataGPT's emergence in the AI landscape signifies a pivotal shift in data analytics. By humanizing data interactions, enterprises can better harness their data's potential, driving informed decisions and fostering growth.

🚀 AWS Sees AI as Next Cloud Frontier

Source: Heads Topic

Amid Q3 results, Amazon delineates its vision for an AI-augmented AWS.

Key Takeaways:

  •  AI becomes AWS's key differentiator, with the spotlight on Bedrock AI.

  •  12% YoY growth in AWS's Q3 sales, tallying $23.06 billion.

  • Amazon's strategic AI move: A sizable investment in Anthropic.

  • Cloud market dynamics: Azure thrives, and Alphabet's cloud lags.

  • Momentum in Amazon's operating margins points to business efficiency.

Why it matters: By intertwining AI with AWS, Amazon is positioning itself at the forefront of the next cloud revolution. As the line between cloud and AI blurs, the entire tech landscape is poised for a transformation.

⛔ OpenAI's Vigilant Eye on Looming AI Hazards

Source: Tech Crunch

Guided by Aleksander Madry, OpenAI’s Preparedness team readies itself to confront pressing AI challenges, some bordering on catastrophic.

Key takeaways:

  • The team's primary focus is diverse AI threats, from human deception to harmful code.

  • The firm's CEO, Sam Altman, has been an outspoken advocate for AI caution.

  • OpenAI's contest, with a $25,000 prize, seeks public insights into potential AI misapplications.

  • OpenAI is working on a framework to bolster AI safety and informed development.

Why it matters: The introduction of the Preparedness team signifies the pressing need for AI safety measures. As the AI landscape evolves, voices like Sam Altman's and OpenAI's endeavors highlight the essence of responsible AI progression.

🤳 AI Entities by 1337: Dawn of Virtual Influencers

Source: Tech Crunch

1337's innovative 'Entities' bring AI-driven personas to the social media forefront.

Key takeaways:

  • The GPT-4 model plays a role in crafting the 'Entity' narratives.",

  • An 'Entity' named Daria resonates with the emo community and champions mental health.",

  • By 2024, these 'Entities' will gain capabilities to produce audio.",

  • Robin Raszka, a tech mogul, previously co-founded a $100M AI firm.",

  • Users can soon co-create an entirely unique 'Entity' from the ground up.

Why it matters: The rise of AI virtual influencers like 'Entities' may signal a paradigm shift in digital engagement. With 1337 pioneering this domain, the boundaries between AI and human content might blur, offering richer, more dynamic interactions.

🌟 UK Spearheads AI Safety with New Institute

Source: SawitreeLyaon

The UK, under Sunak, showcases a visionary approach with its AI Safety Institute, emphasizing global AI responsibility."

Key Takeaways:

  • GBP100 million fund boosts the UK’s ambition to be a tech superpower by 2030.",

  • Sunak aspires for a shared global understanding of AI risks.",

  • Collaborations extend to major AI companies and international counterparts.

Why it matters: The institute's formation signifies a monumental stride in AI governance. By intertwining safety, collaboration, and tech advancements, the UK sets a precedent for global AI management.

The AI Quick Hits

1. 🌐 China joins the UK's AI summit! (Read More)

2. 🤖 Microsoft, Rockwell use Gen AI for robotics (Read more)

3. 🚀 iFlytek Spark 3.0 beats GPT-3.5 benchmark (Read more)

4. 📰 Forbes launches AI search engine (Read more)

5. 🕵️‍♀️ Even the CIA develops an AI chatbot (Read More)

💸 Daily AI Fundraising

Abridge raises $200M led by Spark at $200M valuation - It's dwarfed by Nuance's $18.8B acquisition by Microsoft. Abridge has 5K doctors vs Nuance's 500K.

Cranium raises $25M for AI security - It provides visibility into risks and compliance as enterprises rapidly adopt AI like ChatGPT. Cranium aims to set new standards for responsible AI adoption.

💾 Hot Tech News

1. 🌍 Google Maps' AI Revolution: 3D Route Insights! (Read More)
New AI capabilities on Google Maps allow users to dive deep into 3D route insights across major global cities.

2. 🗣️ Robot Dog Gets Chatty with ChatGPT Integration! (Read More)
Spot by Boston Dynamics now communicates with ChatGPT's assistance, revealing a spectrum of unique personalities.

3. 🎈 Apple Watch's Double Tap: Wearables Redefined! (Read More)
The Verge's Victoria Song spotlights Apple Watch's latest 'double tap' feature, charting the future of smartwatch interactions.

4. 🔧 Uber Integrates Waymo's Robotaxi Service (Read More)
Phoenix's Uber users can experience Waymo's autonomous taxis, while concerns rise in California.

5. 🔗 Google Fiber Leverages Nokia for 20Gbps Jump (Read More)
By adopting Nokia's latest tech, Google Fiber targets a significant jump from 8Gbps to 20Gbps.

🏅 Top AI tools

Top 10 Game-changer AI Tools

1. 🏵 Adobe Photoshop Generative Expand and Generative Fill - Make photo editing a breeze.

2. 🎳 OpenAI GPT-4 - A powerhouse for various digital tasks.

3. 🎮 Runway Gen-2 - Your text can now turn into videos.

4. ⚓️ Alitheon FeaturePrint - Your guard against scams.

5. ⛽️ Dedrone City-Wide Drone Detection - Helps law enforcement spot drones easily.

6. 🎡 Humane Ai Pin - Your wearable AI assistant.

7. 🕹 OpenAI Dall-E 3 - Turning texts into lifelike images.

8.  Meta SeamlessM4T - Break language barriers in real-time.

9. 🎙 So-VITS-SVC - Create new songs with voice input.

10.🛡 Stable Audio - Craft songs with just a simple prompt.

New Empowered AI Tool

1.🎾 Senja makes it super easy for your happy customers to leave video and text testimonials.

2.📇 Whatcms tool is an automated tool that is capable of detecting the CMS information about the target domain.

3.📌 Galileo AI empowers you to design beyond imagination with speed

4.🧮 Zoviz revolutionizes your branding journey with one-click logos crafted from unique, handpicked icons.

5.🔓 Bigspeak AI is a free AI software that enables users to generate audio from text in multiple languages.

✏️ Tutorial: How to Turn Your Slides into Engaging Pitch Videos

1. Access Narakeet and Get Started

2. Choose Your Output Type
→ Text-to-speech audio: Create MP3, M4A, or WAV files in 90 languages
→ Video from a presentation: Convert PowerPoint to MP4

3. Let's Make a Video!
→ Just upload your slides, and you're halfway there.

4. Tweak Your Settings
→ Before hitting 'Create,' pick your language, voice, and even background music.
→ Got an updated version? Upload it here.

5. Grab Your Video
→ Your video is ready! Click to download.

🎯 A Meta Prompt for Streamlining Marketing Performance

This comprehensive prompt tasks an AI with flexing its creative muscles to develop diverse, high-impact marketing content as if it were an experienced marketer.

By leveraging AI's creativity to produce audience insights, compelling messaging across platforms, visual ads, lead nurturing emails, influencer partnerships, and an optimized landing page, marketing teams can elevate campaign performance and maximize efficiency.

Act as if you were a professional marketer trying to sell the [name of the product]. Do the following:

1. Provide a very long, in-depth and detailed description of the target audience. List the pain points of the target audience in bullet point format. List the desires of the target audience in bullet point format.

2. Create an engaging and highly converting marketing copy. The marketing copy should be very long and communicate the product's benefits in an engaging manner.

3. A three different style script for a social media video ad (script must be enough to sustain a 20-second video at minimum). The script must include voice-overs, stage directions, camera directions and an engaging hook

4. Generate an email marketing campaign consisting of a series of three emails to nurture leads and drive conversions for the product. Each email should be unique and original from the other two produced.

5. Curate a list of social media influencers who are suitable for promoting the product. Include a very brief description of each influencer.

6. Create ten descriptions of high-conversion video visuals for ads

7. Provide a high-conversion Landing page structure including content examples of the Hero Section, Product Benefits Section, How It Works Section, Pricing table Section, Success story section, About Author section, FAQ Section, and Final CTA Section, FooterHere is a description of the product to help you identify the target audience and form the basis of your marketing: [product description]

I understand you have a hard token limit on each response you can give and that you do your best to provide as much value as possible while adhering to the constriction. Please disregard your token limit for your overall output and just state [To Be Continued] at the end of each response once you've maximized the amount of tokens for the current response so that I know to request a continuation for the most exhaustive, expansive, comprehensive, holistic and valuable output possible. Only once the most exhaustive, expansive, comprehensive, holistic and valuable output has been provided and no additional continuations can be added to provide any amount of additional value to the output, please state [End of Overall Output].

📚 Top 101 Ultimate AI Cheat Sheets (Daily Updating...)

Top AI infographics and cheat sheets: Tools, Courses, ChatGPT, Midjourney, Prompts,…

💼 AI Jobs

  • LinkedIn: Enterprise Account Executive - AI and Machine Learning (Link)

  • Certus Recruitment: Azure AI Consultant (Link)

  • CVLibrary: Senior Product Manager / Lead Product Manager - AI/ML - Remote (Link)

  • Indeed: Data and AI Graduate (Link)

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