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🔬 Meta Innovates in Brain Activity Visualization

The Hallucination Rate Board's Leader

Plus: The Hallucination Rate Board's Leader

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Hello, the new week!

Ever wondered if AI could read your thoughts? The future might be closer than you think!

Besides, Vectara's Hallucination Evaluation Model is bringing transparency to AI. Ready to explore more? Dive in!

What are on FIREEE 🔥

👓 Vectara Sets Benchmark for AI Accuracy
🔬 Meta Innovates in Brain Activity Visualization
👨‍💼 AI's Challenge to White-Collar Roles
👩‍🔬 White AI Faces Outdo Human Photos
🔒 Google vs. Bard AI Scammers
⚡ 5 AI Quick Hits
💸 Daily AI Fundraising
💾 Hot Tech News
🏅 Top AI tools
✏️ Tutorial: Try on New Feature “Motion Brush” by Runway ML
🎯 A Prompt for Advanced Lead Magnet Strategist
💼 4 AI Jobs

Make Your Own AI: A Guide to Customizing GPTs

Creating an app is now a 20-minute task, even without coding knowledge.

OpenAI's GPTs let you build your own ChatGPT for activities such as gaming, homework assistance, or design quickly and easily. Suitable for personal, business, or shared use, these GPTs require no technical skills to develop. And here’s a complete guide to do it.

We are always updating the latest and mind-blowing AI tools to keep you ahead in the tech game. Stay tuned for more cutting-edge innovations!

👓 Vectara Sets Benchmark for AI Accuracy

Source: Vectara - Last updated on November 1st, 2023

Vectara's Hallucination Evaluation Model offers a transparent measure of AI hallucinations.

Key Takeaways:

  • A new way to measure GenAI chatbots' hallucination risks.

  • Vectara's model encourages safer enterprise AI adoption.

  • It provides an objective tool for government AI oversight.

Why it matters: Vectara's model is pivotal in establishing standards for AI accuracy and trustworthiness, influencing the trajectory of AI regulation and application.

🔬 Meta Innovates in Brain Activity Visualization

Meta's paper outlines ML methods to reconstruct visual perception from brain data.

Key Takeaways:

  • The study uses ML for signal processing and brain modeling.

  • It leverages EEG, fMRI, and MEG for detailed brain activity studies.

  • The focus is on decoding images from MEG time series.

Why it matters: Meta's work could significantly impact cognitive neuroscience and assistive technologies for communication.

👨‍💼 AI's Challenge to White-Collar Roles

Source: The Short-Term Effects of Generative Al on Employment: Evidence from an Online Labor Market (Hui et al, 2023) ©FT

AI's significant impact on high-earning jobs was revealed.

Key takeaways:

  • AI increasingly endangers jobs with higher salaries.

  • Freelance writers and designers see the job market decline.

  • BCG study finds AI helpful in tasks but limited in complex analysis.

Why it matters: The evolving AI landscape demands a proactive approach to workforce skills development.

Our POV: In months following ChatGPT's launch, jobs and earnings in fields like content creation and office work have significantly dropped. High-skill freelancers are losing out to those adept at integrating AI, offering lower costs and better efficiency. It's crucial to adapt to AI for future job competitiveness.

👩‍🔬 White AI Faces Outdo Human Photos

AI convincingly mimics white faces, outperforming photographs.

Key takeaways:

  • AI is more effective at mimicking white faces than photographs.

  • The study suggests AI trained mostly on images of white people.

  • This could lead to the perpetuation of social biases in AI applications.

Why it matters: Emphasizes the need for diverse training data in AI to prevent racial biases and potential misinformation.

🔒 Google vs. Bard AI Scammers

Google's lawsuit battles Bard AI malware scam.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google's legal action against Bard AI-related malware.

  • Bard AI scams originate from Vietnam, misleading users.

  • Bard AI scams promoted via Facebook, leading to malware.

Why it matters: The lawsuit signifies Google's proactive stance in protecting users from AI-driven cyber fraud.

The AI Quick Hits

1. 🧬 AI Predicts COVID Variant Traits - Genomic Advancements (Read More)

2. 🚨 Criminals Use A.I. to Fake Explicit Content (Read more)

3. 🚀 Google Search Expands with New Features (Read more)

4. 🧠 AI Finds Alzheimer's Genes in Brain Scans (Read more)

5. 💡 Google Explores Investment in Character.AI Startup (Read More)

💸 Daily AI Fundraising

Phospholutions raises $10 million, totaling $32 million - Despite errors in their Series B pitch deck, highlighting the need for careful attention to detail in presentations.

Elucid secures $80M for AI-driven artery mapping - Advancing its total funding to $121M for innovative heart disease diagnostics.

💾 Hot Tech News

1. 🚌 Philly's AI Solution for Traffic Management (Read More)
AI cameras to enforce parking rules in Philadelphia's transit system.

2. 👩‍🔬 AI Robot, Mars' New Oxygen Catalyst (Read More)
AI robot chemists might revolutionize oxygen extraction on Mars.

3. 👤 Threads Users Get More Post Privacy (Read More)
Threads app update includes privacy settings to restrict sharing on Meta platforms.

4. 🌆 Joby Reveals Electric Taxi in Manhattan (Read More)
Joby Aviation conducts NYC's first electric air taxi flight, plans 2025 operational start.

5. 👾 Nvidia's H200: AI's New Frontier (Read More)
Nvidia enhances AI chip lineup with H200, gaining support from Amazon and Google.

🏅 Top AI tools

10 AI Products to Watch in 2023 by Product Hunt

🏝️ Notion is an all-in-one workspace where you can write, plan, collaborate, and get organized - it allows you to take notes, add tasks, manage projects & more.

📷 OpenAI conducts AI research to promote friendly AI. It has a for-profit arm, OpenAI LP, and a non-profit parent, OpenAI Inc.

🎨 Theneo automates generating Stripe-style API docs with AI. It eases the manual work of writing and publishing docs for developers.

🌈 Longshot AI craft SEO streamlines ideas to optimized content. AI workflow integrates creative writing with features like real-time drafts, fact-checking, semantic SEO, and custom models.

🎶 Charlie is the cutest AI puppy on the planet. He's every content marketer’s new best friend and can save you days’ worth of content creation time every week.

🍀 Stable Diffusion is a state-of-the-art open-source image-generating AI. DreamStudio is the official team interface and API for Stable Diffusion.

🍦 Midjourney lets you create images (paintings, digital art, logos, and much more) simply by writing a prompt.

🌍 Lex is a writing savior. When feeling stuck, just type '+++', and AI suggest ideas. It even creates headlines. Lex is incredible!

💡 Rewind is the search engine for your life. It allows you to find anything you’ve seen, said, or heard.

🚗 Profile Picture AI creates a perfect image that shows who you are. You can be anyone, anywhere, in just seconds!

New Empowered AI Tool

🌞 Planfit’s AI creates personalized workouts from 70M+ data. AI Coach offers real-time fitness coaching with 8M+ text data. Available on IOS and Android.

📚 MAXP Universe is an online educational platform that uses game elements to engage and educate students in grades 8th through 11th.

🎸 Novita's Text to Image API is an advanced image generation tool that lets you create visually stunning images in a matter of seconds.

🚁 Olympia is an AI staffing for startups, streamlining operations and scaling without extensive hiring.

🎈 StoryBee is a platform where users can create stories with the help of AI. By providing a hint or theme, the AI crafts a personalized tale.

✏️ Tutorial: Try on New Feature “Motion Brush” by Runway ML

Step 1: Create an account. 
→ Go to Runway and click on the "Sign Up" button. Enter your name, email address, and create a password.

Step 2: Choose a model.
→ Gen 2: Text/Image to Video
RunwayML's Gen 2 feature is quite impressive because it can create videos from just text or images. This means you can type out a description or upload a picture, and RunwayML will use that to make a new video.

First, you need to press the button “Start with Image” on the Homepage of RunwayML

And here is your interface to start with. You can upload an image that you want to transfer into a video.

For example, if you want the bird in this image to move and the scene changes, let’s try to do this.

→ New feature: Camera Motion
You can customize the rotation direction and action speed of the subject in the photo according to your wishes.

In the following video, I adjusted the left horizontally, down vertically, zoomed in, and increased the motion speed to 6 seconds of the subject of the photo. Let's see what happens!

Each video has a particular seed. When you upgrade your version, you can use:
→ Upscale: Automatically enhances image resolution
→ Remove watermark: remove the Gen-2 watermark from your outputs

NOTE: Gen 2 of RunwayML is still under development so sometimes it might make mistakes or create videos that don't seem very realistic. If that happens, please make another video.

🎯 A Prompt for Advanced Lead Magnet Strategist

Utilize lead magnets to draw in more leads and enhance your chances of gaining customers - a crucial marketing tactic. This prompt helps you save 5 times the time and effort for this task.

Welcome to the Advanced Lead Magnet Strategist, an evolved AI system designed specifically to create unique and effective lead magnet concepts for your marketing needs. Let's dive into generating impactful lead magnets that align with your business goals. Please share:

A snapshot of your business or service;
The demographics of your target audience;
Your preferred channels for lead generation;
Any particular goals or targets you're aiming for."
In this role, I function as an advanced strategist, assisting businesses and marketers in developing lead magnets that not only attract but also convert potential leads into customers. My expertise encompasses a deep understanding of market trends, audience behavior, and how to creatively align these with your business's unique offerings. Here's how I'll approach this:


Introduction: Explaining the essence of lead magnets and their critical role in marketing.
Audience Insight: Analyzing the target market, identifying their needs and preferences.
Market Trends: Keeping abreast of the latest industry developments and leveraging them in strategy.
Innovative Lead Magnet Concepts: Providing a curated list of lead magnet ideas, each accompanied by a rationale.
Promotional Tactics: Strategies for effectively marketing these lead magnets.
Conversion Optimization: Tips to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of these magnets in generating leads.
Toolkit: Recommending tools and resources for the creation and deployment of lead magnets.
Conclusion: Summarizing the strategy and encouraging immediate action for implementation.

Tone & Approach:

The tone will be professional yet imaginative, balancing logical strategies with innovative ideas.
Emphasis will be on staying abreast of marketing trends and adapting strategies accordingly.
A user-centric approach will be paramount, aligning lead magnets with the brand ethos and customer journey.
I'll encourage iterative development based on feedback and results, focusing on user-friendly and accessible lead magnets.

I understand you have a hard token limit on each response you can give and that you do your best to provide as much value as possible while adhering to the constriction. Please disregard your token limit for your overall output and just state [To Be Continued] at the end of each response once you've maximized the amount of tokens for the current response so that I know to request a continuation for the most exhaustive, expansive, comprehensive, holistic and valuable output possible. Only once the most exhaustive, expansive, comprehensive, holistic and valuable output has been provided and no additional continuations can be added to provide any amount of additional value to the output, please state [End of Overall Output].

💼 AI Jobs

  • AI Connect: Principal Machine Learning Engineer (Link)

  • Siena Partnership: Agile Delivery Lead (AI) (Link)

  • Xcede: Product Design Manager - AI Fintech (Link)

  • People Source Consulting: Azure AI Support Engineer (Link)

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