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🌍 AI's Lower Carbon Footprint

AI Can Now Read Emotions

Plus: Top 100 AI Companies

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What a fresh new day!

We're excited to tell you about the AI 100 list. It's full of cool startups solving big problems around the world. Plus, a fun fact: AI in writing and art is much greener than human efforts. Ready to know more and see what’s new?

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🚀 The AI 100: 2024's Top AI Companies
🌍 AI's Lower Carbon Footprint
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🚀 The AI 100: 2024's Top AI Companies

Source: CB Insights

The 8th annual AI 100 list encompasses a wide array of startups tackling global challenges.

Key Takeaways:

  • 16 countries are represented in the AI 100.

  • Over $28B has been raised by these companies since 2020.

  • 68% of early-stage startups focus on a variety of solutions.

  • 19 unicorns with valuations over $1B.

  • Sakana AI has the highest valuation per employee.

Why it matters: Sakana AI's efficiency highlights the potential for lean, impactful AI enterprises in the current market.


🌍 AI's Lower Carbon Footprint

Source: On the report

Studies show AI's carbon emissions in writing and art are drastically lower than human output.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI systems like ChatGPT emit significantly less CO2 than humans.

  • DALL-E 2 illustration AI is also more carbon-efficient.

  • AI emits 130 to 1,500 times less CO2 for writing per page.

  • Illustration AI emits 310 to 2,900 times less CO2 per image.

  • The study suggests collaboration between AI and humans.

  • Focus on sustainable consumption and climate action.

Why it matters: AI's lower carbon footprint in creative industries supports sustainable technology use and climate goals.




  • Samsung is not replacing Bixby with Google's Gemini; it's enhancing it with AI.

  • The Galaxy S24 will feature Bixby with improved AI functions.

  • Generative AI will make Bixby more conversational and smarter.

  • The Galaxy S24 integrates Gemini Nano, but Bixby remains key.

  • Galaxy S24's AI features extend to last year's models via the One UI 6.1 update.

  • Read AI expands beyond video call summaries.

  • New features connect to Gmail, Outlook, and Slack.

  • $21 million in funding supports Read AI's expansion.

  • Charges a $15 to $30 monthly fee for its service.

  • Generative AI powers Read AI's summarization.

  • Nvidia and Super Micro Computer shares surged, creating new billionaires.

  • OpenAI is valued at over $80 billion after Microsoft's investment.

  • AMD's CEO, Lisa Su, became a billionaire due to a 120% rise in share price.

  • AI startups raised nearly $50 billion in funding last year.

  • Sam Altman's wealth is tied to venture investments, not OpenAI equity.

  • GPT-4 excels in persuasion, notably with personalized data.

  • Hume AI introduces AVI for real-time emotion tracking in conversations.

  • Facial expression tracking enhances AI's emotional comprehension.

  • OpenAI postpones Voice Engine model release for societal resilience reinforcement.

  • The Xbox AI chatbot aids in supporting queries and game refunds.

  • Expanded testing hints at future-wide release.

  • Chatbot connects to Xbox support documents for accurate assistance.

  • Microsoft confirms the chatbot's existence and testing.


Luminance, a legal tech firm, raised $40 million to grow in the U.S., driven by AI's rising popularity. With a valuation above $100 million, it targets the legal sector's specific AI needs.


  1. 🐇 CodeRabbit automates code review tool with contextual feedback

  2. 🧩 IntelSwift is a customer service automation with AI.

  3. 🍀 Repeto helps study anything from papers to textbooks and makes the experience perfect with AI.

  4. Fynk enables them to create, review, track, sign, and analyze contracts at scale

  5. 📍 Greatcontent is a platform that offers technology for human and AI-based content creation, and industry knowledge


1. ⛽ AI gas station now has robot chefs (Read more)

2. 💡 New nuclear plants can't fix AI's power issue (Read more)

3. 🤝 Carlin's estate ends AI lawsuit with podcasters (Read more)

4. 🌈 Exploring how AI represents queer individuals (Read more)

5. 📬 Amazon gives startups AI model credits with no cost (Read more)


SWE-agent makes AI like GPT-4 into helpers for software engineering. They can fix problems in real projects on GitHub.

In a big test, SWE-agent fixed about 12.29% of problems, doing the best so far on this test.


How To Do Inpainting in DALL-E 3

  1. Start by clicking on your picture, then click “Select” mode.

  2. Pick the part you want to change and talk to DALL-E to make changes.

  3. To save your work, click the Save button in the top-right corner.

Here are some easy tips:

  • In the top-left corner, you can make the selection tool bigger or smaller to easily pick the part you want to change. It's best to pick a big area around the part for better changes.

  • Use the Undo and Redo buttons above the picture to fix mistakes, or hit Clear Selection to start all over.

  • You can add, take away, or change parts of your picture.

  • If your picture already has text, DALL-E won't let you add more (I tried many times and it didn't work), but you can change the text.


The 'Pixar-22 Storyteller' Prompt for Your Unforgettable Pitch

You're tasked with creating an engaging pitch for your business, aiming to capture attention, inspire action, and stand out in a crowded market.

Here's some background context on me and my online business:

The goal of the pitch is to [DEFINE YOUR PITCH OBJECTIVE].

Here's a basic outline of what I'm thinking for the pitch:

Let's apply Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling to enhance your pitch, with examples tailored to your business:
1. Show passion in overcoming challenges, not just successes.
2. Focus on what grabs your audience, not just what's fun to write.
3. Themes emerge at the end. Start with your story, refine later.
4. Simplify your message. "Once upon a time there was __. Every day, __. Until one day ___. And because of that ___. Until finally ___."
5. Streamline and focus your pitch. Less is more.
6. Highlight your unique challenges and how you're addressing them.
7. Start with the end in mind. What's your call to action?
8. Complete and share your pitch, even if it's not perfect.
9. Think outside the box. What wouldn't you normally include in a pitch?
10. Analyze pitches you admire. Incorporate what resonates with you.
11. Writing it down makes it real and editable.
12. Avoid the first, second, and even third ideas. Aim for originality.
13. Characters (you or your product) need strong viewpoints.
14. Why does your story need to be told? Find the passion.
15. Empathize with your characters' situations to build believability.
16. What are the stakes? Why should we care?
17. No effort is wasted. Unused ideas can inspire future projects.
18. Focus on testing ideas over endless refining.
19. Use coincidences to create problems, not solve them.
20. Rework a disliked pitch into something compelling.
21. Relate personally to your pitch. Authenticity sells.
22. Find the core of your pitch. What's the most concise way to tell it?

Now, by integrating these principles with specifics from your business, you'll craft not just a good pitch, but an unforgettable one that resonates deeply with your audience.


  • Kapa.ai: Applied AI Engineer (RAG) (Link)

  • numi: Group Product Manager, Consumer & AI (Link)

  • NearTech Search: AI / Machine Learning Engineer (Link)

  • Honda Motor Europe: AI/ML Researcher (Link)

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