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  • ✨ These ChatGPT Prompts Will Blow Your Mind and Show How Amazing Your Skills Can Be

✨ These ChatGPT Prompts Will Blow Your Mind and Show How Amazing Your Skills Can Be

Make the Most of ChatGPT with These Simple Prompts

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Introduction to ChatGPT Prompts

ChatGPT can do a lot more than just answer questions. With the right prompts, it can help you dig deeper into your goals, solve tough problems, and even improve your skills. In this guide, you'll find some amazing prompts that will help you get to the next level. Whether you're trying to understand your true motivations, get expert advice, brainstorm new ideas, or master sales techniques, these prompts can make a big difference. Let's explore how you can use ChatGPT to its fullest potential!

Prompt #1: The Five Whys Technique

This is a really useful trick to get crystal clear on your true goals and reasons. It's called the Five Whys method.

The basic idea is:

  1. State the specific action you want to take

  2. Ask yourself "Why do I want to do that?"

  3. Keep asking "Why?" to the answer you give, at least five times

This forces you to dig deeper and deeper until you get to the root motivation driving your desire. Let me show you an example:


Let's say I tell you "I want to start my own business."

You: Why do you want to start your own business?

Me: To be my own boss and have more control over my life.

You: Why is that important to you?

Me: Because I don't like having others tell me what to do all the time. I want freedom.

You: Why do you want that freedom so badly?

Me: So I can spend more time with my kids and be there for their big moments.

You: Why is that so crucial for you?

Me: Because when I was young, my parents were never around. I don't want that for my own kids.

You: Why not? What's so bad about that?

Me:Β Because I know how painful it feels to grow up without your parents present. I want to break that cycle with my own family.

Aha! You see how that final "Why" reveals the deeper emotional reason behind my desire to start a business? My core motivation is to be present for my kids in a way my parents couldn't be for me.

With that level of clarity, I can build a much more specific and meaningful prompt like:

Use the Five Whys to help me get clarity on my goal. Ask me what I want to do, and keep asking 'Why?' until I say 'OK'

Following the Five Whys process lets you drill down to the real root - making your prompts more emotionally charged and allowing ChatGPT to truly understand and fulfill your deeper needs.

Prompt #2: Finding the Right Expert for the Job

Let's say you want to start a little side business selling crafts online, but you're not sure about all the legal stuff involved.

Instead of just saying "Hey ChatGPT, pretend you're a business lawyer"...here's what you do:

First, ask ChatGPT:

What types of professionals would be most qualified to advise me on starting a small online business?

It might list out:


Then you'd say:

OK, I want you to role-play as each of those roles one-by-one. Start as the Business Consultant - what advice would you give me for setting up a legit online store?

ChatGPT would give you that perspective.


Then you'd have it switch to being an accountant to cover money/tax advice.

By getting insight from all those relevant pros, you cover all your bases! You don't miss any crucial steps.

The Benefits:

  • You don't accidentally forget to consider an important angle

  • You get well-rounded, thorough guidance from multiple viewpoints

  • You're not limited by your own knowledge gaps

So don't just pick one role at random. Have ChatGPT list out the experts first, then role-play as each of them. That's how you get comprehensive, legit advice!

Prompt #3: Role-playing Multiple Personalities

This is a really cool prompt that lets you assemble your own team of brilliant minds to help with any situation!

Let's say you're trying to figure out a difficult moral dilemma you're facing. You could have ChatGPT become a few great philosophical thinkers and get their perspectives.

You'd say:

I want you to role-play as three separate people: Socrates, Immanuel Kant, and a modern ethicist. Use what you know about their teachings to respond as they might have. I need advice on an ethical issue...

Then you'd explain the dilemma, and ChatGPT would break it down from the viewpoint of each philosopher in turn.

First, you'd get input from Socrates and his beliefs. Then Kant's take based on his ethical framework. Then finally some insights from a contemporary ethicist's way of thinking.


By getting three very different perspectives from elite-level thinkers across different eras, you can deeply analyze the dilemma from multiple angles. That's way more multi-dimensional than just one person's opinion!

Other Dream Teams You Could Assemble:

  • A panel of history's greatest scientists to troubleshoot a scientific challenge

  • A diverse group of modern psychologists/therapists to advise on a personal struggle

  • Prolific writers and creators from various genres to ideate on an artistic project

The possibilities are endless when you tap into the collective wisdom of brilliant minds! Just tell ChatGPT which cast of characters you need and...meeting of the minds.

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Prompt #4: Sparking Creative Ideas with SCAMPER

You know that feeling when you're totally stuck on a problem or just need a fresh perspective? Well, there's this creative thinking technique called SCAMPER that can help spark new ideas.

SCAMPER is an acronym that stands for:

  • Substitute

  • Combine

  • Adapt

  • Modify

  • Put to another use

  • Eliminate

  • Reverse/Rearrange

The prompt goes like this:

Apply the SCAMPER method to [your problem/situation]. Go through each letter and provide creative ideas it suggests.

For example, let's say you run a small coffee shop and want to boost sales. You could say:

"Apply SCAMPER to generate new ideas for increasing coffee shop revenue."

Then ChatGPT would go through each prompt:


By working through each creative lens, you explore so many fresh angles you may have never considered! SCAMPER shakes up your thought patterns.

Other Uses:

  • Revamping an existing product

  • Solving thorny personal dilemmas

  • Sparking new creative project ideas

Just feed any situation into SCAMPER, and let ChatGPT's creative juices flow through each of those creative thinking lenses. Works like a charm!

Prompt #5: Becoming a Master Sales Closer

Have you ever struggled with overcoming objections when trying to sell something? Well, here's a killer way to work on your sales skills using ChatGPT.

Let's say you're a realtor trying to sell a house. You could set up a role-play scenario like this:

I want you to pretend you're an interested homebuyer looking at one of my listings. I'll provide the details about the home.

Give ChatGPT info like:

  • Type: Single-family home

  • Size: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

  • Price: $350,000

  • Features: Recently renovated kitchen with stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors throughout, large backyard with a deck, and a two-car garage.

  • Nearby: Close to a well-rated elementary school and a public park.



Now, I'm going to pitch you on buying this house. But I want you to raise every objection you can think of - price, location, conditions, anything. I'll have to overcome each objection to seal the deal.

Then you launch into your sales pitch, and every time ChatGPT raises a new objection, you have to handle it persuasively.


Let’s have an example:


Keep going back-and-forth until ChatGPT has no objections left. Or you can override and insist it keeps pushing back.

Why This Works:

  • Gives you reps at handling real objections

  • Simulates an actual sales interaction

  • You can adjust the difficulty level

  • No consequences for your practice attempts!

Once you get good at closing ChatGPT, you'll be a sales master closing actual prospects. Just make sure you pay it a commission!

Prompt #6: Creating Personalized Learning Plans

This prompt helps you create a tailored learning plan based on your personal goals, strengths, and areas for improvement.

How to Use It:

  1. Identify Your Learning Goal:

    • State what you want to learn or improve (e.g., "I want to learn Python programming.")

  2. Ask ChatGPT to Personalize Your Plan:

    • Provide details about your current level and specific interests within the topic.

  3. The Prompt:

    Help me create a personalized learning plan to learn [your topic]. Here are my details: [your current level, specific interests, time availability]. Include daily activities, resources, and milestones.


Help me create a personalized learning plan to learn Python programming. Here are my details: I'm a beginner, interested in data analysis, and can dedicate an hour each day to learning. Include daily activities, resources, and milestones.


  • Tailored Learning Experience:

    • Get a plan that fits your schedule and learning style.

  • Focused Progress:

    • Break down your goal into manageable daily tasks and milestones.

  • Resource Recommendations:

    • Discover the best resources for your specific needs and level.

By using this prompt, you can create a structured and effective learning plan that helps you achieve your educational goals more efficiently.


These ChatGPT prompts are like having a super-smart assistant in your pocket. By using techniques like the Five Whys, finding the right expert, role-playing with different personalities, SCAMPER for creativity, and mastering sales objections, you can tackle almost any challenge.

Whether you're starting a business, solving ethical dilemmas, or boosting your creativity, these prompts help you dig deeper and think differently. Give them a try, and you'll see how much more effective and insightful your conversations with ChatGPT can be.

Remember, the key is to be clear about your goals and ask the right questions. With these prompts, you're well on your way to making the most out of ChatGPT. Happy prompting!

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